Looking back, but moving forward

Holy smokes.

In three days’ time it will be 2014.

How did that happen?

All’s I got to say is: WHERE ARE THE FLYING CARS YO.

(Am I right, or what?)

If my life isn’t like an episode of The Jetsons in the next year or two, I am going to be very, very disappointed.

Also I cannot really believe that it’s been fourteen years since we rang in the millennium and everyone ripped their heads clean of hair, worrying about whether or not they had enough canned food and water to outlast the Y2K apocalypse.

(Remember the insane fear mongering that just ran rampant on every news channel leading up to the ball drop that year? PLANES WERE GOING TO JUST BE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY AND ALL THE COMPUTERS WERE GOING TO BLOW UP BECAUSE NO ONE KNEW WHERE TO PUT THE EXTRA ZERO!)

Good grief.

Actually, I remember that New Years as if it was just yesterday.

What I wore: a delicate, pink slip of a dress, that cinched at my waist and fell just below my knees.

Who I celebrated with: My then best-friend Mira who was – and still is – an amazing violinist, my little sister, and her best friend Emily.

Where we were: The Hard Rock Café Vancouver’s all ages party. (We were fourteen and twelve years old, respectively.)

What we did: Ate dinner, drank fake-champagne, and danced will all the other kiddos who were too grown-up (in their minds) to spend another December 31st with their parents, but too young to actually party like those grown-ups with whom they refused to, well, party.

Mira and I bussed back to her parent’s house around 1am, and as we crammed in with many other revelers I remember thinking “THIS is what it feels like to be an adult!”

And heck, if taking public transit with a bunch of intoxicated weirdos a grown-up makes, that I definitely have achieved this title ten-fold over the years.

Achieved this in SPADES.

As we teeter on the cusp of 2014, let’s look back on the year that was blogger-style:

2013 – An Overview

In January Marc and I flew back from Halifax after spending nine days there over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

I wrote about a light hearted piece about my weird relationship with body hair and it became one of my most popular and stumbled upon blog posts.


In February I performed at the Vancouver Comedy Festival, turned twenty-eight, and that mad man to whom I have pledged my troth and I entered the Amazing Race.

Come March, we ran away for a weekend and I wrote about learning how to drive.

In April this happened, and I won $500 in a comedy competition. Writing about Ray Bradbury saw my second foray into the world of Freshly Pressed, which was super awesome and totally unexpected. I came seventh in the Sunshine Coast Half-Marathon and talked about all the ways in which I have grown-up on the outside, but not on the inside.

May meant talking about all of the things that scare me (irrational and not) and writing some fiction about my days as a love-struck eighteen year old. We also covered politics, and all of the things I like to do by myself.

In June I quit my old job, and procured a new one (alias Dream Job). I ran the Scotiabank half-marathon and raised $1,135 for Big Sisters, celebrated five years of marriage to my one true love, and flew away to New York for my big sister’s wedding.

In July I talked about the importance of taking risks and wearing less make-up. Marc and I hike A LOT.


August came and went in the blink of an eye. I hardly had time to write a blog post or three what with the two weddings I was in (bridesmaid x2 and MC x2), the other weddings I attended, the insanity of a new job, and doing all of the comedy (upwards of five shows per week!)

It was enough just trying to keep my head on straight.

In September I tried to get back in the grove of things, writing about great friends, and the importance of Terry Fox (as a Canadian, runner, and just, well, human being.)



We also visited the place we got married one last time before the gardens closed forever.

Oh, and I made this.

In November I fell in love with Helen Mirren and kick some butt in the Fall Classic 10k. I also aired my beefs with Love Actually.


December has brought so many things I haven’t even had the chance to write about, but I think this sums it up pretty darn well.

And to top it off, two photos that never stop making me smile and laugh:



A million thank yous for sticking with me friends.

I so very much look forward to another year of blogging – you inspire me, make me laugh, and leave the best comments a gal could ask for.

Happiest of New Year’s to you all!

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

18 thoughts on “Looking back, but moving forward”

  1. I have apparently missed quite a lot of your blog posts this year (I blame my recently one year old The Heir) but not to worry; I’m all caught up now. Looking forward to another year of fun blog posts to read.

  2. Gah! I know it’s been ages since my last comment, yet still, as I have rooted you on from the first, I continue to love hearing your experiences – love reading your heart and passion for the people and places closest to you.
    I pray your 2014 perverbial ball will drop like a bomb of awesomeness :) though I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way!
    You’re beautiful through and through, happy New Year!

    1. Ahhhh, my amazing, beautiful friend! Thank you so much. :) You never, ever fail to put a huge smile on my face, and your words warm my heart like mad! Let us continue to bask in the beauty of this world, and take on adventures with aplomb (and daring!) Happy 2014!! xx

  3. Hmmm (‘things that (or izzit witch?) may cue go’) hmmm. Yeah, YOU WILL top ’13 in ’14. ‘cause o’ yer momentum and energy and judicious use of time and perspective and seeming indefatigable-ness.
    I “was there” with and for you for a lot of that – especially the running, the comedy, the trips ‘back east’, the luvvuvvyerlife, and the reflexions back to double-aught:
     Yeah: b ‘n mee wuzz (were) a bunch more popular then – rachel’s boyfren at the time brought over special “2000” glasses! And his whole gang came over and rattled the basement with a loud guitar jam and our neighbors came over (same age as my parents, so my parents had contemporaries to contemporalize or not with, and verse-vice-a), both my brothers and their families (includes my bruthur and his wife whom we don’t’ talk to anymore, I still remember them lookin’ grumpy ‘cause they were at our place instead of someplace else), other good non-neighbor non-family friends, fireworks, everyone talkin’ loudly and shouting OUTSIDE and of course we knew the planes wouldn’t fall frum the sky, but heck, let them worry!
    2013 in spite of consistent PWs in running, I had a “win” (MMS Desert 10k champ) – the slowest winning time (and oldest winner) ever! (it was muddy); and I was 2nd in the N Rim (Black Canyon) 8k, which was not run at the Black Canyon; B ‘n me co-did a triathlon (I still get tired thinkin’ about it); and I’ve returned to a regular rotation doing my “senior citizen hobby” (I think). “performed” the national anthem for an estimated 500 people at a sports event; played live with B and our former band a few times not including a solo-medley performance at the same venue; but other than that – we “maintained an even strain” (to borrow from Rite Stuph).
    Last werd: YOU Vanessa deer inspire many in large part due to your frequent excellent probing illustrated (well, yer pixures) ruminations and descriptions and reports of life past/present/and whatever the other thing is. Thanggsx !

      1. Downers for sure! Holy smokes, sometimes I feel like a bit of a fraud, what with how hard I work to include the most positive things happening in my life here on the blog, but then, they really do outnumber the bad, so I never can think too hard about that for long.

        I just don’t want to get too gloomy around these here parts! :)


      First – I totally wish I could have been at that new years party! What a blast! (Sorry about your brother and your wife though – that’s a bit of a bummer. Or a good thing, maybe?).

      Second – CONGRATS on the runs sir!! That is so awesome. :) You always talk about your PWs but seriously man, you are friggin doing it, and doing it well. I hope to be running as much (and in such beautiful areas at that) as I continue down this madcap lane of life, and the fact that you and Betty take on seriously cool endeavors like triathlons (and together at that!) makes my heart so happy, and inspires me to try new things.

      Third – you performed the national anthem! WHAT! That is the coolest! (Did I miss this? Or was it in a life-craziness induced haze that I read about it and somehow it feel out of my head?) Irrespective, that is so, so cool. What is your bands name? I love it!

      And finally – thanks you! Seriously, my cheeks are a’burning. Your comment really means so very much to me, and how often you take the time to read my posts and then leave a fabulous comment (in your strange, yet brilliant form of english) is seriously so lovely and something I am always, always happy to spot in my wordpress notification box.

      CHEERS TO YOU Mr. R!

    1. Good grief I need to get better at responding to comments. I sometimes don’t even know where the day (let alone week!) disappears to. Sheesh!

      Wishing you the most brilliant of years my wonderful friend – filled with adventures a’plenty, great travels, amazing food, fabulous drink, and all the time with your greatest someone. <3

      Happy new year!!

  4. Lady, I know I’ve said this to you a dozen times, but just in case, here it goes one more time: I live vicariously through you! What do I remember of the past four New Year’s Eves–me in pajamas, holding a tepid glass of flat champagne and wishing I were sunbathing in some exotic beach in Costa Rica. Sigh. Please Lord, let this year be a better one! PLEASE! ha! Happy New Year, my friend! :)

    1. Bella! You never, ever fail to put such a huge, loony grin on my face. I am glad that I can do for you, what you have so often done for me! Your writing is beautiful and honest and refreshing and funny as all get out.

      I wish for you all of the love and magic possible in 2014! (And some bubbly champagne too!) xx

    1. I too am looking forward to another year. Glad too that I can read about all the magic happening in your neck of the woods – you are never ever short of inspiration my friend! x

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