Hey Kids!

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My name is Vanessa Woznow and I am a thirty year old Canuck who, for much of her life, has divided her time between the two Canadian coastlines.

Currently, I make my home out west, with my brilliant husband Marc, and our beauty cat Nymeria.

I live my life through my many, and all encompassing passions.  And it is my passion – for politics, literature, sports, fashion, media, social justice, humour, history, pop culture, and of course, the written word – that brings life to this here blog spot!

Well, that and my mad love for ducks. And men in three piece suits.

Either way, I promise to do my very best to entertain – looking at issues close to my heart, whether serious or silly. And please always feel free to join the discussion.

Rant and Roll is all about dissection and destruction and creation and imagination.

About me

When I first started Rant and Roll, I used Ethel the Dean as my pen name, or nom de plume in the parlance of our times. I received this nickname a couple summers ago at work, and it seemed like the closest thing to a crime fighting moniker I was apt to get.  Plus, as Hunter S. Thompson once said, “nothing beats having good references.”

Feel free to let me know what you think!  Follow me on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, leave a comment, or send me an e-mail at: ethelthedean (at) gmail (dot) com.

100 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey if you ever bring your guns to the Toronto area, let me know, come visit my studio for workout (I have a blog here as well..theloftfitnessstudio.wordpress.com)

    Keep channeling your great energy!



  2. hi! loving what ive read so far!
    new to the blog thing. check out my blog (i had to make a pitch right;).although me thinks u may not be lauging after reading mine ;)
    looking fwd to ur posts :)

    1. Thanks runningwithoutsocks! It would seem that we have many things in common and share many of the same loves.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  3. Hi Ethel nom de plume,

    I love your quirky blog and I want to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award, even if this is old news to you and regardless of how many awards you may have.

    Please see http://loungelassie.wordpress.com for the rules. There aren’t very many…


    Madeleine and Gingersnap! (the dogs)
    and Linda (Mama L.)

    1. Thank you very much Ms. Mama L! I am honoured! You’ve brought a big smile to this quirky bloggess’ face :)

      I’ll do my best to spread the love. I’m really looking forward to checking out more of your blog!

      1. You are very welcome, and you certainly deserve it. Your blog is delightful! Keep up the good work!

        You wouldn’t happen to know how to declog a Boraxo-clogged drain, would you?

  4. Ringu and all related movies are absolutely terrifying. The first time I watched the Ring I couldn’t sleep well for weeks. Haha, oh well. You definitely must share on how you got your nickname. :)

    1. Wow, thank you Ms. Erica! I am very honoured :) And let me say that I enjoy your blog very, VERY much. In fact, you never fail to crack me up.

      Oh and congrats on your freshly pressed! It`s a bit of a whirlwind is it not?

  5. Hey there! I’m so glad I came across an interesting blog like yours! Its unique in its own way! I’ll be following your blog for more of this kinda stuff, hoping the same from you! :-)


  6. kawntin yoo to be Mprssd w/ the kwantitty & the kwallittee uv yer postations. i have previously suggested that mayhaps your ‘blog(s)’ is but the tip of the iceberg of yore gnawvellz-in-progress? ah’m in a slubburbuv denver. hot. muggy. outsighed a hawk is calling! crayzee suburbbin neybore-hood: last trip we saw deer running up the street, previously foxes jumping over fences.

    1. That sounds amazing! Those are two of my favourite animals :)

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment – the blog is definitely a work in progress – just getting myself writing regularly will hopefully lead to more things in the future…

  7. i frequently click on “press here & all of your wildest dreams will come true” and there’s a “confirmatory” message stating that an email will be sent to me confirming this… and about ONE DOZEN TIMES there is no email! so this is kinda frustrating but i do hafta wander awn over and check from time to time without whatever messages one may get when one is subscribed or following. anyone else have this sort of non-experience?

  8. I love what I have read so far. Thanks for visiting my blog, so that I was able to find yours! As you may have figured out, I love a good rant! I’ll be back!

    1. Thanks lady! I would be remiss if I didn’t make it known that I really dig your stuff too – plus you play field hockey which makes you a bad-ass, and I want to make sure my team is stacked come the zombie apocalypse.

      1. I did play field hockey, but that’s a picture of my kid on my About page, kind of following in her mother’s footsteps. I was a goalie, she’s a defender. And I am definitely more badass than she will ever be! LOL!

        I am currently in the middle of constructing a post about the Zombie Apocalyse! LOL.

  9. you know, don’t you? that current wizdumb holds that the ZAWMBEEE APOCALYPSE will occur concurrently (and jointly) with the ROBOT REBELLION. whose side will you (and me, and we) be on?

      1. guns? vs. robots?

        un (w)relaytid: i doant wunna KLOGGUPPYERR site with azzz minny kawmintz azzeye dew. email me at … doowahdiddee2@aol.com (orig. doowah gawt spamd & neither i nor ineffexual AOL can undo it) to alleviate wp.com cloggation. unless, of course

  10. peanut shells yooozyooo ullee aren’t that slippery. (yood make a crunching sound when walking across my awphyss). so how’s that kawntribyoot to yer neck almost braking?

  11. you have set sum sort uv wreckord for not being (visibly or whateaver) here of recent. i hope we hear about it, whatever it is, or isn’t, whenever.

  12. sorry about my (w)rambling (azz yoozYooUhl) comment on the whirled cup post — but … well, if i had to read light orange type on blooish-lite purpull BKGRND, i wouldn’t pass the color-blind part of the driver test. NOW, the kwestyun izz: anybody else having trubbull viewing? oar izzit just me?

  13. i would FAIL the driver’s license exam for colour deafenedness, or lack of touchee-pheelee iffit were the colour combination i see. (helps if i read the combo in A DARK ROOM). however, from yore passed XXXpeeree-entcezz, you have sojourned down Orygun weigh, yew dewwin that soon? (like, as in the next week? “kid” are runnin’ the H2C and we are beeBee sittidenizens)

    1. Does it still look weird? I have no idea as to why this is happening! Makes me a little sad too, because I love the new layout so much.

      P.S. How are you sir? I am heading over to ye olde blog now to catch up with your mad life happenings.

      1. oh, you won’t like it. i’m doing and thinking and feeling absolutely nothing so i have to make stuff up. some of the made-up stuff hopefully looks and smells and sounds like real life ?

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    1. ooh! ooh! adan, come help me! and i can help give your site a boost also!!

      (axually cousins or shadows or clones of adan visit me all the time saying stuff like that. they never promise to do what i CRAVE: to make my site WEIRDER)

  15. got a … ¿wee urd? email from “you” (or a robot posing as you) a few weeks back wondering iffi wuzz dead, or a knot. knot, yes. dead? eventually! i lament that you’re apparently dead to posting! but presumably all else is fab-you-more!

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