Ready to tie the knot

Lord help us.





Ah, love.

So many people, who mean so very much to me, are getting married this summer!

Tomorrow I celebrate the marriage of my amazing sister in-law (also Vanessa!) and her fabulous fiancé Joe.

It’s going to be a day of magic and marvel, of love, laughter, and light.

(I am also pretty excited to be emceeing the reception – all the jokes and witticisms are belong to me! Plus I just can’t wait to lead a toast to the happy couple.)

So in celebration of all the nuptials that currently make up my life, I encourage you all to give your special someone a extra tight hug, an extra long kiss, and just let them know how brilliant it is to have them in your life.

Because what, if nothing else except love, makes this world go round?

Happy Friday to you all!


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Vanessa Woznow

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15 thoughts on “Ready to tie the knot”

      1. hey! when i get married again, i’ll call you! or better yet, when “betty” gits hitcht again … or if my kids (sonnyboy&friend bought a house together — so can the need for a wedding emcee be far behind?) …

  1. one of these daze yoove just got to drop out of the circuit and have a day with no fun, whatsoever. really. yoove been having so much fun, and life, and presence of consciousness, et. al. that i’m afraid you may (well, this is just a little (small) worry) that you’ll lose perspective. come live (or, axually, it’s kind of like “dying”) one of my daze! then “fun” will seem like that distant shimmering mountain …

    1. One of these days I need to drop out of the circuit and have a day when I don’t have to do anything! (and then I might not have any fun too!).

      We’ll for sure have to do a switch. That way I finally get to see Colorado!

      1. if you do, i hope you have “your” luck, instead of “my” luck. with my luck, you’d end up seeing the rarely-photographed HALF of colorawdough which could be given back to kansas!

  2. Are you sure that love is really what makes the earth revolve on its axis? I mean, aren’t there other things like the sun’s gravity and stuff? I think I saw that in the movie “The Green Lantern”. It’s very educational like that.

    Enjoy your emceeing spotlight!

    1. Lol! It is definitely something we need to look into…maybe we could do a joint post-doc on the subject?

      And the night was a blast! I really love doing stuff like that. :)

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