I am the luckiest girl in the world




IMG_20131225_084122Friends. (Twins!)





IMG_20131225_083900Christmas sunrises.







Happiest of Christmases to you all!

I wish for you all the brilliance and joy this bonkers world can offer.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

13 thoughts on “I am the luckiest girl in the world”

  1. Life is good. And contentment is a virtual.
    It takes mindfulness to know and enjoy what one likes.
    Particularly with life’s simple pleasures.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  2. rPrawblee knot azz long azz the last (wreesponsss), hereby: 1. Dat phat naranja catt: I will send up a pix virtually ident, eye, cal, but no sister. Thinkinuv callin the foto to be uploaded ORANGE FOOTBALL CAT.
    2. verrry skinnny tree. i/we should comment? Espeshulee iffen when you see our “bush” (an old old X-ukkah traw-extra-dixion. 3. Uh, whut? I am back on a (n official) league as a goalie again! (it’s been, eh, over six years since I was a ‘regular’). Main reason why is that this current (unofficial) league puts more MMM fa siss on phunn, rather than that ‘win’ thing.

    1. The skinniest tree! But it was a living tree, and now it lives out on our patio. We are such weirdos but are doing our darndest to keep it alive!

      Omg, that cat is too crazy. It’s such a football cat (and a cranky one to boot too!) His name is Fidel Cat-stro. (Good grief!)

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