You must be joking

Some snaps from around the pond of late:


Begbie, a nine week old Boston terrier puppy, chewing on my coat.


The beauty cat, surveying her territory.


Rocky road cupcakes.



Cappuccino and apricot torte.

On stage at the Rio Theatre last Friday night.



Remember when I told you last month about that contest that I won, and how I had moved on to the finals being held this month?

Well, I ended up winning the finals!

They were held last Friday, and I took home first prize, and $500! Amaaaaazing!

I pretty much have the BEST FRIENDS OF LIFE, many of whom came out and cheered me on, which means the absolute world to me. I’m just happy that I could put on a good show – for not only them, but for everyone!

So buckle up kids, because I really feel like this train is leaving the station.


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23 thoughts on “You must be joking”

  1. OH Vanessa!!! I am so happy for you! That is in your terms “Amazeballs”!!! I say that term in my head all of the time now when I see something…well…amazeballs! Did you get a puppy??? Also, I keep meaning to ask you if any of your performances are on YouTube or anywhere that I can view them?

    1. Lol! Amazeballs is right! And thank you so much! I don’t have any videos up at the moment, but I am hoping to have Marc film me this week so I can get a fresh vid up ASAP. :)

      And I wish Bebgie was my puppy! She is the new store dog of a lovely little shop that I like to frequent!

  2. i dont’ know weather to bee happy or sad for you. sad, as YOU WILL HAVE to quit whatever that other job you have been doing. iffit hazzn’t happend awlreddy, you will wake up and pinch yerself ’cause how much better can it (i still don’t know what “it” is) get? i think it can, and will, get better, by the way.
    do you make that/those cappuccinos? was that $$$ canadian or USA? oh: HOW GOES THE APPLICATION TO THE GREAT RACE CANADA ???
    was that dog in the same house same time as Nymeria? (i’ll Millie “she” has a cute goatee. he’ll be pist, duzzn’t madder, regardless, anyway, don’t feel bad).
    rocky road cupcakes? shouldn’t they be illegal?

    1. All it good time, all in good time! Haha! And seriously Mr. R. thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! They seriously make my little heart smile. :)

      I so, so wish that I had made that cappuccino (I used to make them like that!). All dollars in CDN$. I haven’t made it to the greenback just yet! Nothing so far re: Amazing Race. They don’t know what they’re missing!

      And I would so love to bring a little dog friend into our house, but Nymeria is a total basket case when it comes to other animals. I don’t know what would happen first – death to the interloper, or her demise by heart attack.

      And they should be illegal! Icing AND marshmallows? I DIE.

  3. Sweeeeet! Congradulations you crazy cat, you! When are we going to get to see some of these award winning standup routines?
    I hope you had a beautiful weekend and that beauty finds you everyday this week.

    1. Thank you so much! :) I really need to get some videos up, I’m always such a nutter at shows, and I never remember to get anyone to tape them. Soon I promise!

      And I wish for all the magic to you and yours! Happy Wednesday!

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