Oh the horror!

Hello you fab chaps!

Did any of you get up to anything for Halloween this weekend?

Now, I know that All Hallows Eve isn’t actually happening until this Thursday, but common practice dictates that if this spooky night falls on any day other than Friday or Saturday, you celebrate on the Saturday before.

So in this vein, Marc and I, along with our terrific friends, got together on the 26th, donned our best fancy dress, and traipsed around New Westminster all night long.

It was a hilarious time and I finally, FINALLY, wore a different costume other than the one I’ve been sporting for the past eight years.

I tell ya, I really have got the market on 1920’s golfer cornered.

Cornered but good.

Marc, on the other hand, is an absolute costume maverick and has been putting together awesome showings since the first Halloween we spent together.

This year, he decided that he would dress as Chtulhu (that terrifying Lovelockian beast) and he sewed the majority of his costume from a child’s centipede costume.


Check it out:


Now, I thought long and hard about what I would do for my costume.

A tiny little part of me always thinks that I should take advantage of (in the immortal words of Tina Fey) “a girl’s one night a year when she’s allowed to dress as slutty as she wants and no one can say anything about it.”

But this is never, ever going to happen, so I instead, I gravitate away from sexy and towards TERRIFYING.

Which is why I decided to dress like this:


And then proceeded to do this:






Even just looking at these photos gives me the willies.

Have you all watched The Ring?

This movie scared me so badly that I had to sleep with my mum the night that I watched it in the theatre.

And I was seventeen years old!

For the entirety of Saturday night I couldn’t even look at myself in the bathroom mirror, for fear of my own reflection.

Also, I’ve learned that nothing beats running about in a dirty, ripped nighty on one of the coldest nights of the year.

Aaaannnddd…I’m not even sure if that is sarcasm or not.

But seriously, I had to wrap myself in a wool blanket each time we ventured outside.

Thank goodness I didn’t decide to go for full authenticity and forgo shoes for the evening.


But Marc and I weren’t the only ones who put some sweet effort into our costumes – the rest of our group looked epically fantastic.

We had our Top Gear hunks:


And Sean and Ed from Sean of the Dead:


We spent the evening bar hoping around town, drinking sangria, and marvelling at all the other costumed fools and ghouls skulking about the night.

Highlights included a group rendition of The Monster Mash, a lindy-hop jam session between myself and Sean at the Heritage Grill, a late-night showing of Slither, and all the mini-chocolate bars you could possibly imagine.

This morning we all reconvened and enjoyed a late-afternoon lunch down at the Quay, marvelling at the amazing late-October sunshine in all of its glory.

We truly are incredibly lucky to live in such an amazing beautiful place.


And having the chance to run about together in costume isn’t anything to sniff about either.

(Although if you’re doing it in a nighty, I’d definitely recommend brining some tissues.)

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16 thoughts on “Oh the horror!”

  1. Lady, you had me rolling on the floor with “The Ring” photos! You are hysterical! And the rest of the costumes are simply wonderful! Oh, to be young again! The closest I get to dressing up for Halloween is throwing on a fake wig and putting on blue eyeshadow! ha! :)

    1. Haha, thanks!! We had SO much fun that night. Although I totally froze my butt off outside. Totally worth it though!

      And hey, the wig and eyeshadow combo is nothing to sniff at! I love it. :)

  2. You guys are so CREATIVE and you are SO SCARY!!! I just watched the movie Mama – lets just say once was enough for me – ha! Happy Week – Happy Halloween My Spooky, Scary Friend:)

  3. that ClTuthu thi ( < — hither-2 invizzzabul script ) “that CLTHUTHU thing” – wonderfully daftedly scarily in the mood of the time! (I’m luckY? i didn’t see the (w)ring). Betty is in the H’o’ween mood a lot of the time, espeshulee now – and already wuzza mummy at one of her group functions – and plans to continue in the mood in Portland beginninging tamarrow. me(ep)? I’ll stay inside and sulk more than skulk, but i am a fairly accomplished skulker. We weren’t zombeez at the zombie run this year, having recruited ourselves to assist with the “timing.” (yeah, WHY would one TIME a zomby run? the object being to dash and dart thru’ with at least some of your brains!)ng

    1. In your opinion should i do the zombie run? I really, really want to, but do you think it’s worth it?

      How was Betty’s trip to Portland? How are you fab chaps doing?


      1. YOU should slither and dash thru the zombeez! @ leest wunts.
        we are in portland, no baby, yet. betty sez she’ll stay ’til the event, witsch meens either losing $$$return air fare (we hope to trade with minimal $$ loss). yeah, if you try (heh, just try …) to ketchup, you’ll know wha gwan, or not.

  4. I just really want to hang out with you and your husband! You’re a riot, as well as such a beautiful woman. One day when my love and I are in you neck of the woods, we MUST spend some time together:)

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