Love, love me do – you know I love you


This week has been absolutely bonkers.

And I am knackered.


Some big news:

Today is my last day at my current job. My new position starts July 22nd.

This means I have three weeks of relaxation time (with that fab chap of a husband of mine!), before starting what is, for all intents and purposes, my dream job.


Also, speaking of Marc, five years ago today this happened:

Official Wedding 271

It was a very good day.

That morning he wrote to me:

I am waiting to see you for the first time again. (It will always be for the first time, every time I see you.)

I love you, until the end of the world.

And I wrote to him:



I love you with so much of my heart, that none is left to protest.

Tonight we are flying away to New York for my sister Kate’s wedding to her brilliant fiance. I already refer to my soon-to-be sister in-law Mel as my sister (and have so for years!), so I couldn’t be more excited for this marriage if I tried.

What can I say?

I really love love.

I do.

So let me end by reiterating how much I adore all of you beautiful bloggers. Your words, your passions, your love – it makes the world sparkle.

And remember:

We love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. – Nietzsche

Official Wedding 268

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35 thoughts on “Love, love me do – you know I love you”

  1. Congrats – Way to Go On Landing Your DREAM Job – cannot wait to hear more about it! Happy Anniversary – Beautiful Couple:) Happy Celebration for your sister’s Wedding too! Happy Weekend – Have Fun – Relax a bit too:)

  2. So many things to celebrate, my own heart is bursting over in central Illinois FOR YOU! Stellar new job, anniversary celebration with a fantastic fella, sister’s wedding. What fun!!

    1. Meep, thank you! Ah, how I wish we could go for a stroll to chat! There are too many things about which I wish we could chat about!

      I shall craft an e-mail to end all e-mails…!!!

  3. How time flies! Happy anniversary my darlings! You are so very beautiful together!!!
    Love you both.

  4. Gah! Congratulations on your promotion, I’m so excited to hear you’ll be working your dream job!
    You’re a brilliantly beautiful bride. I’m sure throughout the five years you’ve been together, your husband has seen you as such. I pray you are together until the end of time with all the love in the world to give each other!
    And, have a safe travel to the good ol’ US of A. I hope your family is enjoying good health and that your visit brightens their lives.

    1. Thank you! I am so ridiculously excited too. I took a big leap putting in my notice at my current job, but it really paid off. It’s scary looking into the unknown, but sticking with your gut has got to be the most important thing. :)

      My sister will make an equally stunning bride – I cannot wait to fete her big day!

      Thank you as always for your lovely, lovely words. You bring light to my life! x

      1. My goodness, I need to have more people like you in my life! From what I can ascertain, you’re tenacious and indefatigable; you will fit into your new job swimmingly.
        Also, thank you for such a sweet comment in my picture a few days ago. You brighten my day:)

  5. First, lovely, lovely photos of your wedding. You look beautiful, and, like me, your dress and veil are classics. You won’t look back in 10 or 20 years and know what year or decade you married because your look is timeless and therefore, always current.

    Second, I’m confused on the family tree. How is Mel our soon-to-be sister-in-law? Is that your sister Kate’s brilliant fiance’s sister? (I need a diagram for these things, preferably in the tree format. I’m a visual person. 1+1=?? 1 cookie + 1 cookie = 2 cookies for my tum, yum! See?)

    Third, I hope you have framed and hung the words you and your husband wrote to each other on our wedding day or at least have them tucked away safely. My husband and I each wrote letters to each other, exchanged them via our “messengers” (my maid of honor, his best man), and after the wedding…after the reception…after the honeymoon…to this day, the letters are lost forever. We have yet to find them. It breaks my heart. I’m sentimental, so it really evokes tears when I think about those letters being lost. But I remind myself that the best prize, the best memory I could ever have is that I married my true love and best friend.

    Safe and happy travels!

    1. First – thank you so much! I really did love my dress and veil. I hope if I ever have a daughter, if she’d like, she could wear it, if and when she decided to get married.

      Second – it’s a little less confusing when I explain that my sister married a woman. Mel = Melanie. So Mel has pretty much been my sister in-law for years, and years already, now it’s just a little bit more official!

      Third – That is SUCH a good idea. We have them packed away with all of our wedding stuff (guest book, extra favours, etc.) but I really love the idea of framing our vows. Thank you for this!

      And I am so happy to read that you also adventure together through life with your soul mate. Knowing and learning of other such loves makes me happier than I can say!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Those are crazy beautiful wedding pictures! You are so lucky to have found your soul mate. That doesn’t always happen.

    And safe travels. If you are in NYC this weekend only I probably won’t be able to meet up with you, unfortunately… But I hope you have a fantastic trip and that the weather agrees… We’ve been having some crazy rain lately.

    Be well!

    1. The rain! There was literally a wall of rain! Coming right towards us! I’ve never seen that before (only heard rain coming from affair whilst inside a tent camping.)

      You know what? Next time we will have a righteous meet up! This week was just so darn busy with wedding stuff and running around trying to see everything.

      And thank you! I often think I am the luckiest girl in the world. :)

  7. new job, dream job … wha da hey? will it be similar to what you had been doin’? toadullee diffrunt? (yeah, i suspect you’ll lettuce know, gradually)

    1. Very similar to my old job, but for an organization I care about so, so very much. I will definitely be letting you cool cats know more, especially once I’ve started. :)

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