Live Out There Exclusive: We’re off to the (trail) races!

While lately I haven’t had much time to sit down and write about my life here at Rant and Roll, I have been enjoying blogging at Live Out There. There, I about my life as an outdoorswoman and all of the ways I like to move my body in the wide world yonder.

What with my first trail race of the season coming up, I thought it fun to write about all of the reasons that I love running in the forest – and why you too should hit the trails! I’ve also included points on what to expect and how to prepare:

Last spring, after years of running on pavement, sidewalks, and urban parks, I tied up my laces, drove over to North Vancouver, and for the first time, ran Lynn Canyon. I had been to the park many, many times before, but only ever to hike Lynn Peak and its surrounding trails.

The impetus for this change? I had finally gotten Instagram (completely late to the party, yes) and the majority of the people I began following were trail runners (and very weirdly, stills from the show, Frasier.) Their beautiful captures (the runners, not Frasier) reminded me that we human beings should be running in the wilderness every chance that we can get.

Sure, there are many great reasons to race about our cities, but the unfettered beauty, quiet and calm afforded to us in the great outdoors – well, you really can’t do any better than that.

My first run was transformative. As I galloped up root-spackled switchbacks and bombed down steep wooden stairs I remember thinking, “I WANT TO DO THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!”

Read on here.

Live Out There Exclusive: “Hiking on the Sunshine Coast”

I love the Sunshine Coast.

It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and inherently centering places I have ever been, and I am lucky enough to have very generous parents-in-law who let Marc and I spend time up at their beautiful cabin in this area of B.C.

Even better? The hiking is amazing. Over at Live Out There, I have waxed long and eloquent about how much I love this (literal) neck of the woods.

The Sunshine Coast is one of the best places to hike in British Columbia. From Sechelt to Powell River, the possibilities for exploring the outdoors are many and varied. I first ventured up this way thirteen years ago with my now husband for our first weekend getaway. Some of my favourite things I remember about those three days were the fantastic hikes we did whilst there.

The best part about this area is that there is something for everyone: easy trails for the beginner hiker, mid-length routes for the more advanced, and multi-day overnights for the truly adventurous.

Read on for more!

I want you to take me out

Kids, I am absolutely knackered.

I don’t think I could do any more running about even if I tried.

(Spoiler alert: I will most likely be trying.)

So what’s been going down on this side of the cosmic kitchen?

Work, and more work. Some comedy action. Doing some speaking engagements, and celebrating my rad chums and their days of birth.

I’m just trying to keep my hair free of fire, whilst enjoying these long-lasting summer days with the mad man that I have married.


What the what!

Seriously guys, Walter White is the absolute WORST.

And in the interim:

Post-wedding sunsets.

IMG_20130822_202304Bootleg chocolate bars.

Titan = Snickers
Meteor = Mars

Park adventures.

IMG_20130825_151303North Korean poems for children.



Board game victories.IMG_20130827_222116All of the soccer (shenanigans).



IMG_20130901_162039Post-date rainbow.


Happy Monday you brainiacs!

Take care of yourselves, y’hear?

The sights and sounds of summer

A little funny stuff.

Buying rugs at Ikea. NOT THIS ONE.
Wayne and I, having a laugh.
Wayne and I, having a laugh.

A little nature stuff.




IMG_20130712_104213 - Copy

A little art stuff.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends painted in a NY subway.

A little food stuff.

Sometimes I think the ice cream is but a conduit for the ever-important sprinkle.
Sometimes I think the ice cream is but a conduit for the ever-important sprinkle.

A little cloud stuff.

Badger cloud!
Badger cloud!

A little love stuff.

Up to noooooo good.
Up to noooooo good.

We’re off adventuring in Oregon, soaking up all the sun and Shakespeare we can handle.

I will be back to being a normal bloggess before long, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s theme:


Also, I had an absolute hoot last night hosting The Storytelling Show, and if you would like to listen in, the archived episode can be found here.

(Just be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the page.)

Big love to all you fab cats, and all of those whom you hold dear.

I adore every single one of you!

Such leafy goodness

This past week I have been spending as much time outside as humanly possible.

With limited days left until I start my new job, I am trying to use my remaining vacation to the most of its potential.

(And goodness knows there is quite a bit of that!)

I’ve gotten so much sun over the past two weeks that a friend asked me today if I’d gone tanning.


Good grief.

On Tuesday, we went hiking up at Buntzen Lake this past Wednesday and it was glorious.

Here are some snaps:

IMG_20130709_092634 - Copy

IMG_20130709_103011 - Copy

IMG_20130709_103058 - Copy

IMG_20130709_104502 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105234 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105709 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105800 - Copy

IMG_20130709_110258 - Copy

IMG_20130709_110557 - CopyLast night I did my first comedy gig in over a month, and tonight I’m performing at another Vancouver venue.

Video to come soon, my preciouses!

Happy Friday to you all.