Such leafy goodness

This past week I have been spending as much time outside as humanly possible.

With limited days left until I start my new job, I am trying to use my remaining vacation to the most of its potential.

(And goodness knows there is quite a bit of that!)

I’ve gotten so much sun over the past two weeks that a friend asked me today if I’d gone tanning.


Good grief.

On Tuesday, we went hiking up at Buntzen Lake this past Wednesday and it was glorious.

Here are some snaps:

IMG_20130709_092634 - Copy

IMG_20130709_103011 - Copy

IMG_20130709_103058 - Copy

IMG_20130709_104502 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105234 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105709 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105800 - Copy

IMG_20130709_110258 - Copy

IMG_20130709_110557 - CopyLast night I did my first comedy gig in over a month, and tonight I’m performing at another Vancouver venue.

Video to come soon, my preciouses!

Happy Friday to you all.