I want you to take me out

Kids, I am absolutely knackered.

I don’t think I could do any more running about even if I tried.

(Spoiler alert: I will most likely be trying.)

So what’s been going down on this side of the cosmic kitchen?

Work, and more work. Some comedy action. Doing some speaking engagements, and celebrating my rad chums and their days of birth.

I’m just trying to keep my hair free of fire, whilst enjoying these long-lasting summer days with the mad man that I have married.


What the what!

Seriously guys, Walter White is the absolute WORST.

And in the interim:

Post-wedding sunsets.

IMG_20130822_202304Bootleg chocolate bars.

Titan = Snickers
Meteor = Mars

Park adventures.

IMG_20130825_151303North Korean poems for children.



Board game victories.IMG_20130827_222116All of the soccer (shenanigans).



IMG_20130901_162039Post-date rainbow.


Happy Monday you brainiacs!

Take care of yourselves, y’hear?

Published by

Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

8 thoughts on “I want you to take me out”

  1. whut phunn! whats the nat’l park? the board game? (kinda like “go”?) and those choc bars ain’t frum around here! (but i gotta stash, too. at my old age, it’s sorta weird that i’m bee coming such a choc-o-holic …

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