The sights and sounds of summer

A little funny stuff.

Buying rugs at Ikea. NOT THIS ONE.
Wayne and I, having a laugh.
Wayne and I, having a laugh.

A little nature stuff.




IMG_20130712_104213 - Copy

A little art stuff.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends painted in a NY subway.

A little food stuff.

Sometimes I think the ice cream is but a conduit for the ever-important sprinkle.
Sometimes I think the ice cream is but a conduit for the ever-important sprinkle.

A little cloud stuff.

Badger cloud!
Badger cloud!

A little love stuff.

Up to noooooo good.
Up to noooooo good.

We’re off adventuring in Oregon, soaking up all the sun and Shakespeare we can handle.

I will be back to being a normal bloggess before long, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s theme:


Also, I had an absolute hoot last night hosting The Storytelling Show, and if you would like to listen in, the archived episode can be found here.

(Just be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the page.)

Big love to all you fab cats, and all of those whom you hold dear.

I adore every single one of you!

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16 thoughts on “The sights and sounds of summer”

    1. Midsummer was the highlight of our trip this year. Bottom near but made me wet my pants!

      So glad to hear that Lady Macbeth was as wicked as could be! :)

  1. I hope you’re having fun in Oregon! I just told my husband that I want to go there and to Washington for our 10th anniversary next year! Why didn’t you buy that rug??? I actually am quite taken by it but I don’t know where I would put it or else that would be going in my shopping cart pronto! Also, I can’t believe that is a painting of Pooh. It looks just like a photograph. Amazing! And lastly….you and Marc make one dashing couple!

    1. We had a total blast! It’s one of our fave trips to make. :) I will buy you that rug for your anniversary! And you will totally love Washington. The Pacific Northwest is a total beaut of a place. Hauntingly so!

      And I know!? Isn’t it incredible? I had to touch it to believe it was a painting.

      And thanks. :) I like us too!

  2. fun stuff! why not that rug? ikea is pretty civilized for us high-desert lowbrow folks. i been werkin’ too much — but! tomorrow not only can i possibly haz cheezburger (eh…) i hope to be able to take pixures of and mingle with BABY PERCHERON HORSES! if so, i will post.
    oh: you goin’ to/near/thru’ portland? call my daughter (5032461569) and ask (a) how eddie’s dewwin (b) how “obie-won” is comin’ along.

    1. Well, it was hard to walk away from that rug, but in the end we didn’t want Nymeria to get jealous of another animal in our lives. Also, if you’ve ever been to an Ikea on a Sat/Sun afternoon, you wouldn’t think it too civilized then! What a madhouse.

      And bummer! We only briefly stopped in Portland on our way down. Another time!

  3. Before I scrolled far enough to see the caption of the cloud picture, I gazed and gazed and thought, “Looks like a kangaroo. Or a turtle.” Neither of those even remotely look like each other and neither of them look like a badger as you so dubbed the cloud’s shape. *rolling my eyes at myself*

    1. Please forgive if my noun/verb agreement is askew. I sometimes write as I speak (“slangly” or “lazy slang”), so may I should have written “Neither of those even remotely lookS like each other and neither of them lookS like a badger…”. I will not sweat the fact that I cannot simply edit my original response but must instead write a reply to my own response. This makes it seem as if I’m having a conversation with myself, and on someone else’s blog, oh my. It is definitely time for tea and a hit of something in it that might possibly remedy this entire situation.

    2. But I think that is nothing to be chastised for! Clouds shapes are totally up for our interpretation, and I can most definitely see turtle in that shape. Sometimes I feel like a school girl with how much I love to stare at them!

  4. Again, I re-read, and I’ve found yet another error: “…so mayBE I should have…” NOT “…so may I should have…”. Unfortunately, I cannot blame that on my persnicketiness of my own noun/verb agreement in my writing. Instead, I blame it on my inability to stop myself from clicking the damn “Post Comment” button before proofing my writing. Thank GOD for editors. Perhaps I’ll leave out the tea altogether and just have a hit of the liquor by itself.

    1. Haha! Oh my goodness, I am actually laughing out loud. Too funny, especially your last line.

      And please, really think nothing of it. Compared to some of the mistakes I’ve made, grammatically or otherwise (I’ve had some pretty epic typos in my day!) your post was positively error free. :)

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