Such leafy goodness

This past week I have been spending as much time outside as humanly possible.

With limited days left until I start my new job, I am trying to use my remaining vacation to the most of its potential.

(And goodness knows there is quite a bit of that!)

I’ve gotten so much sun over the past two weeks that a friend asked me today if I’d gone tanning.


Good grief.

On Tuesday, we went hiking up at Buntzen Lake this past Wednesday and it was glorious.

Here are some snaps:

IMG_20130709_092634 - Copy

IMG_20130709_103011 - Copy

IMG_20130709_103058 - Copy

IMG_20130709_104502 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105234 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105709 - Copy

IMG_20130709_105800 - Copy

IMG_20130709_110258 - Copy

IMG_20130709_110557 - CopyLast night I did my first comedy gig in over a month, and tonight I’m performing at another Vancouver venue.

Video to come soon, my preciouses!

Happy Friday to you all.

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21 thoughts on “Such leafy goodness”

      1. when i typed that, jewelleye twelv, i thot i had a weekend cumminup. been “out at the wellsite” ever since. but maybe THIS FREE WEEKEND i’ll get out. (no photos yet, ‘cept of another inane bike trip to a “resort town” which is, axually, scary.

  1. What is the new job?? I missed a post while I was on vacation when you made the big announcement so I went back to read and it says it’s your dream job…I’m so happy for you! I love all of these pics but the first is my favorite because it looks like the tree has eyes and a mouth and is going to gobble you up unexpectedly!

    1. I will be managing the marketing and communications for Big Sisters here in BC. !! I can’t quite believe it myself.

      And that is exactly what I think when I see that photo! Love it. :)

  2. great pics, cape town is gorgeous, but pales in comparison. I have to admit that I stole the one of the trees and lake for my desktop, will put it back if you insist…..please don’t insist……..

    1. I would so love to travel to Cape Town one day! My husband has been for a school trip in grade ten. He loved it!

      And I love that you made that photo your desktop! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

      1. cape town is truly beautiful, but I have a thing with trees and that pic blew me away, so thank you! please feel free to post more of the same, and I’ll try and return the favour and post some cape town one’s

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