So many balls in the air

So lately Marc and I have been watching a ton of World Cup soccer. This of course means that we’ve been hurtling back and forth from one crisis to the next, wrapped up as we are in the drama and beauty of this incredible sport.

(Seriously, I’m still not sure that I took a single breath during the last five minutes of the Belgium/USA game this afternoon. And I definitely didn’t sit down for the last ten.)

Because just when you think that a team has sealed the deal – KABLAM-O!

The soccer gods are right there to wipe any and all of your silly pre-conceived notions of victory straight from your mind.

(Or any silly, victory-assumed smiles straight from your face.)

Simple mortal! You thought it would be that easy? HAH!


But one of the great things about soccer (and there are many great things), is its constant inconsistency. The fact that you are never guaranteed a victory until those final three whistles is the very thing that makes it so thrilling.

Anything can happen.

And it often does.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a little heart-pounding, “will they, won’t they?” action is just the thing one needs.

It adds a real spice to your otherwise vanilla afternoon.

The only real downside to this, is when a massive dump of paprika manifests itself in multiple late-in-injury-time Swiss crossbar deflections.

At that point I could really do with less drama and more equalizing goal scoring.

But I digress.

(And fully acquiesce to the fact that if there is anyone out there who really deserves to win a World Cup, it’s Lionel Messi. FO SHO.)

A few other notes about the beautiful game:

1. The Heat.

Watching athletes careen about a massive soccer field in the excruciating Brazilian heat immediately negates any excuse I might have for not strapping on my running shoes and heading outside.

I mean, these dudes are sweating. There is absolutely no reason that I cannot slip on a sweet pair of sunglasses and just go out and give ‘er.



2. ABS.

Oh my goodness gracious.

That’s all I have to say about that.

(Oh, and I also like all of those blogs that just post pictures of the players hugging. Hugging each other.)


3. Costa Rica.

I nearly burst a blood vessel cheering for these fellas over Greece.

(Or Hellas, if you’re really into rhyme schemes.)

(Because let’s face it, who isn’t?)

Sometimes, you just need to root for the underdog. Especially when said underdog played the majority of the game a man down and has a goalie who dances like he’s got a colony of ants down his trousers in an effort to confuse and intimidate his opponents come penalty shots.

Because that – that is just excellent.

So well played sir.

And hard won boys.

4. Mexico’s Coach.

Is a Digimon character.


Nuff said.

5. The jerseys.

They are awesome this year! What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on a Belgian-Swiss combo.

(If there are any enterprising and generous readers out there who may now be thinking “care-package”, I take a woman’s small. And thank you!)

I am also partial to how the fit of these shirts really highlights item #2 on this list.



Okay, now that I have officially outed myself as a creeper McCreeperson, I am wont to bid you goodnight.

But before I do, I must ask –

Are any of you World Cup mad? And who is your team of choice?

I’ll try my very best not to sit down with you for the next ninety minutes that they play.

But breathe – that I’ll have to do.

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Vanessa Woznow

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7 thoughts on “So many balls in the air”

  1. A truly delicious post, Vanessa! You are watching for all the ABSolute reasons I am watching. Being an embittered Scot, I support ABE (anybody but England) and am still hoping those magicians from Brazil take it all the way home. Love to you and Marc. Lunch sometime soon? Greemo xx

    1. Thank you Greemo! So glad you enjoyed it. :)

      I love that you are an ABE supporter – I myself don’t know who to cheer for any more now that the Swiss have been defeated. I think I’ll just go with my instincts as we get down to the final match.

      And yes! I don’t work downtown anymore so we’ll have to figure out a good weekend to meet up!

  2. i did not and could not read your post. light orange words on (what is the name of that blewisch colour?) — are you weeding out the colour-blind or easily-cornfused by weird color combnation readers? have i stumbled onto the twilight zone X files blog while your (previously, somewhat) normal blog is elsewhere! aaadchhkehg;?!?

  3. but(t) (!) : uv coarse: b ‘n me watched quite a bit of the futbol mundial ourselves — the latest being this past weekend while vizzidding “sonny boy” up in steembote spurrings — we rooted for coasta wreeka, uv course, and hoped brazil wouldn’t advance. (perhaps we should have rooted against USA, would that have helped them?)

  4. I’m hooked to it, as well! Lee was sharing a few stats with me the other day, and the one that stuck out the most was that the forwards, on average, run a 10k within a single game. And we both know they’re not just penguin-trotting on that field! In my heart of hearts, I love watching a well played game. This means I have little team loyalty, but I’m for Germany this Sunday. How about you?

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