You said it man


The story of my life.

My darlings, I am so sorry that I haven’t been writing much of late. All I can do is blame LIFE, because, alas, sometimes LIFE takes over. But please believe me when I say I will be back to business (or is black? to the future?!) in no time flat.

And so many things happened today!

Bob Rae is leaving Canadian politics after a 35-year run. James Gandolfini has sadly passed away at the much too early age of fifty-one. Parliament has wrapped up for the summer, as has the Charbonneau Commission (a public inquiry into potential corruption in the management of public construction contracts in Quebec. Montreal’s current mayor was arrested yesterday in possible connection to these proceedings.) Jurrasic Park 4 may finally (FINALLY!) be happening, and in a few short hours we just might have new NBA champions.

Thing be a brewin’ round these here parts…

Oh yes indeed.

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20 thoughts on “You said it man”

  1. James Gandolfini passed away??? I have GOT to start reading the news. *feverishly ending my comment so I may Google James Gandolfini*

  2. I’m shocked at your failure to report that The Mets lost —- again! They had an amazing day yesterday and so, of course, today they got back to “business as usual”. As luck would have it, this gal enjoys the combination of familiar routines and bad habits!

    We have to confirm our NYC get-together soon —- July is fast approaching!

      1. July 1st, which is a Monday, would be the best day for me, but I can always switch things around if that’s not good for you. :)

          1. Coffee will not be nearly long enough :) Let’s do lunch, shall we?

            You are staying in Brooklyn, right? (This will help me in determining which part of the city will work best for you.)

          2. In Brooklyn yes, but mobile! EEE, excited!

            p.s. I didn’t get your facebook message? WHAT OTHER VANESSA WOZNOW IS THERE!?

  3. nope, crazy like an AMOEBA. a phatchulating wun.
    ‘betty’ misses mr. gandolfini and hopes the media is wrong (a la samuel clements: “rumours of my demise …”)
    YOU’RE backing off on writing frequency? i’m lucky to get once a week (and have brushed off a couple “old” ones no-one read back when, to re-post as new so hardly anybody won’t read ’em again)

    1. You know…I think sometimes about doing that. I didn’t have too many followers at the outset of this blog, so maybe a little re-mix is in action for the earlier (unknown) hits?

      I wish Mr. G wasn’t gone…he seemed like such a good egg in a batch of less-sos (Hollywood.)

  4. Vanessa, methinks that after the demise of Tony Soprano, the world shall never be the same! When I heard the news (my sister, another avid Soprano fan sobbing on the other line), I was shocked. He was so young! Ah, how true that only the good die young!

  5. Vanessa, I envy your proximity to that flower stand. Did you watch the game last night? What do you think of Mr. TattyTatTat of the Heat? His neck creeps me out.

    1. This flower stand often makes my day. The man who runs it is too cool for school.

      The game last night totally broke my heart. I love Tim Duncan (I call him Father Time Duncan) and to see him lost – ahhhh, especially to that Dwyane Wade…Boo-urns!

      Methinks TattyTatTat missed his true calling running the “Duck Hunt” booth at the state carnival.

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