Let’s get together and feel alright

My life currently revolves around three things:

1. Running.

Scotiabank half-marathon this weekend! I’ve raised almost $1,200 and it’s going to be an absolute hoot of a run.

Sub 1:30 or bust!

2. Bring up the Bodies (by the AMAZING Hilary Mantel)

This woman is an absolute genius. She makes me want to create beauty.



Are you dudes watching this!?

IT’S SO GOOD. (Although mega, mega stress-inducing.)

Also, the whole world needs more Mandy Patinkin.

Meanwhile, around the apple orchard:

Oh hi there.


Delicious treats.


Godzilla-fied New Westminter.IMG_20130617_184405

Close cribbage games.

Post-talk flowers.IMG_20130617_184527

So blue haroo, and pip pip, and all that my good chaps.

I hope this week is filled with all the good things.

And more.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

24 thoughts on “Let’s get together and feel alright”

  1. 3 little birds?
    i wish … (life revolves) … staving off vehicular and home-machine (e.g., computer printer! b’s weed-eater) breakdown … d(e)riving to/frum werk …hey! at least your life duzznt
    (w)reevolve around werk. the treets look good! my bruthur luvs cribbage. but thanx for the heartfelt wishes! I KNOW (@ least 4 the short term) things’ll get better.

  2. I just want to paint that cribbage board teal and hang it on my wall! Woo hoo for your upcoming race and impending PR in the making. I’m curious, do you listen to tunes while racing or take to the open road? Do you wear a watch? Regular timer or Garmin? What is your preffered pre-race meal the night before? As a fellow runner, these are the things I’m curious about!!

    1. Now I want to do that too!

      I used to listen to music, but now I run without. The ipod was great for keeping time, because I would base my progress on what song was on when! Now, as I don’t wear a watch, I just have to go by how I’m feeling.

      My faaaaavourite pre-race meal is butternut squash ravioli, with green salad, and a sourdough bun. And some apple cake for dessert. :)

      What about you?

      1. Oh yum, I want to join you for dinner before my next race! Salad and a veggie dish made with quinoa are my go-tos, usually followed by a popsicle.

        I do not train nor do I race with tunes. You express it well – going by how you’re feeling. If I’m tuned into tunes, then I’m not tuned into my running. I also really enjoy cheering people on as they pass me in a race, and no earbuds makes one more approachable. From time to time, I’ll employ my ipod on long, slow runs (mostly to catch up on missed podcasts.)

        1. Veggie + quinoa sound fab to me!

          I also really like the idea of podcasts on long runs. Once I get a working ipod/whathaveyou again I will definitely do that!

  3. “Sub 1:30 or bust”: does this mean after a minute and 30 seconds of running that you stop running and take the subway or eat a submarine sandwich? Because, honestly, when it comes to running at all, that’s what I would do.

    1. HRH reminds me of something I AM GOING TO DO. i see those “13.1” or “26.2” stickers on cars, in car windows, and … I want to buy one of those and put the decimal point so it reads: “1.31” or “2.62”. so, if anyone (especially a “13.1” or a “26.2” person) stops and asks about it, it’ll be like “oh yeah, i completed a one POINT 3 mile run, whew! it was tough!” (or, i entered and finished a 1/10 marathon! i was so tired!”)

  4. I had a choice between downloading “Wolf Hall” and “Restoration” — IDK why, but I chose the latter. It’s fine, so far, but I immediately had a case of “buyer’s remorse” — I know now that I should have downloaded “Wolf Hall” — damn the fact that I know so little about Charles II and thought “Restoration” would pique my interest in his reign (so far — not so much)!

    Have you read “The End of Your Life Book Club”? I just finished it and thought it was great — so much so that I am in the middle of writing a post about it. Look at Me! Becoming a book blogger! Seriously, though, it may have changed my life.

    Okay, I’ve decided, life is too short for regrets — I’m downloading “Wolf Hall”, too. Who says I can’t have it all?

      1. I started reading it last night —- I love it.

        I posted my first ever book blog today — not exactly an orthodox or a typical “book review”, but it’s me.

  5. I hear a rumor that Homeland is shooting in Raleigh now? High five for home towns! I am ashamed to admit, though, that I don’t even know what the show is about :( Yikes.

    Seriously, when I get home in two weeks, I am going to bug the crap outta you about this whole running thing. It has to start sometime. I’m getting old, man. Getting old.

    1. You are hilarious! I am excited to talk running with you. :) ALSO WATCH HOMELAND. Don’t worry about now knowing about it – just dive right in! x

      1. Oh no. Thank you so much for telling me to watch it. It’s a very good thing I’m on break because that show is freaking ADDICTIVE! I can’t stop! It’s so suspenseful.

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