Just beyond the garden gate

A little over five years ago, in front of friends and family, Marc and I pledged each other our troth. Our celebration took place at Minter Gardens, an absolutely amazing space just outside of Vancouver.

Here, plants and flowers of such a wide variety create a kaleidoscope of colours vibrant and breathtaking.

It’s a beauty that will make your head spin.

It was the perfect place for us to publicly proclaim our love for one another, celebrate with our phenomenal guests, and dance the night away.

So you can imagine how sad I was to learn that on the 14th of this month, these incredible gardens will be closing to the public.

Closing forever.

It would seem that we no longer live in a world where people visit gardens as a weekend trip, or family getaway.


In an attempt to say our own goodbyes to this special place, Marc and I drove out to Agassiz last Saturday and spent a few hours wandering about.

It poured like the dickens as we strolled along the different paths, our umbrellas gently knocking each other, our coats slick with rain.

Afterwards, we warmed up in the cafeteria, sipping mushroom soup and milky tea, while our hearts went out to the wedding party congregating at the gardens’ entrance.

The bride and groom had obviously gambled on an end of summer West Coast outdoor wedding.

But a little rain isn’t anything a lifetime of love can’t cure.



IMG_20130928_123927 - CopyQuote.










IMG_20130928_125110Love, redux.


‘If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

You said it man


The story of my life.

My darlings, I am so sorry that I haven’t been writing much of late. All I can do is blame LIFE, because, alas, sometimes LIFE takes over. But please believe me when I say I will be back to business (or is black? to the future?!) in no time flat.

And so many things happened today!

Bob Rae is leaving Canadian politics after a 35-year run. James Gandolfini has sadly passed away at the much too early age of fifty-one. Parliament has wrapped up for the summer, as has the Charbonneau Commission (a public inquiry into potential corruption in the management of public construction contracts in Quebec. Montreal’s current mayor was arrested yesterday in possible connection to these proceedings.) Jurrasic Park 4 may finally (FINALLY!) be happening, and in a few short hours we just might have new NBA champions.

Thing be a brewin’ round these here parts…

Oh yes indeed.

Straight to the point

Some snaps from around the block:



Smelling the flowers.

IMG_20130504_110118Morrocan eats.

IMG_20130504_194030Business cat.


Saturday morning.


I think I forgot to mention it earlier, but last Thursday I was a presenter at Rain City Chronicles. I told the story of my bonkers journey down the wedding aisle. It was a fabulous night of story and song, and I feel super honoured to have had the chance to contribute to this great Vancouver arts event.

In family news, this past weekend my sister came to town for an (all too brief) visit. I was so excited because on Friday she finally got to come see one of my gigs. It was the first time that she and her betrothed got to see me on stage, doing my joke thing.

I also got to interview her last night on Vancouver Co-op Radio. If you want to listen to the show, you can do so here.

This week it is much of the same – stand-up tomorrow and Wednesday, some volunteer work, and hopefully many opportunities to run about in the sunshine.

What about you all?

For my part, I hope all of you are awash in beauty and light.


I don’t mean to repeat myself

I feel as though

I am viewing the world

through a poor staid crystal

which at the moment

blocks out every frequency I can utter.

A block in my mind,

and I feel like you may feel

like I’m being corny

if I tell you I miss you again,

but I cannot think of any way to say it differently.


What is your favorite kind of flower. 

I will draw you a picture of it with my kindergarden skills,

and fold it flat as a frog flattened lily.


So stray not from the heights,

for I will enfold you with the stars.