Beautiful British Columbia: Welcome to Octogust

My favourite term for an extended summer is Babye Leto (Бабье лето) – a Russian turn of phrase that translates to “Old Ladies’ Summer.”

How amazing is that? It just conjures up the bloody best imagery.

I can see it now: a gaggle of giggling grandmas, sunning their legs, sipping mimosas, adjusting their sunglasses, remarking every so often on the heat, or, you know, KIDS THESE DAYS.

And believe me when I say that out here on the West Coast of Canada the elderly babushkas have been having an absolute field day weather-wise.

Today for instance, the mercury is hovering around 20 degrees centigrade, the sky burns a deep, cerulean blue, and the trees either glow soft reds, oranges, and yellows or simmer deep purples, greens, and browns.

It is autumn perfection.

M and I have been bopping about the lower mainland, spending as much time outside as possible – going for runs, playing tennis (in shorts and t-shirts!), taking long walks down by the water, and venturing out for late night dinner dates.


I cannot think of a better way of spending a long weekend.

Here are some snaps from our adventures of late:

Into the woods.


Red head.


Down by the bay.

Sun cat.


I hope you all had a stunningly beautiful weekend, filled with sun, love, and laughter.

And if not, I recommend moving to BC.

It’s pretty rad round these parts.

And pretty pretty too.

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Vanessa Woznow

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17 thoughts on “Beautiful British Columbia: Welcome to Octogust”

  1. That first photo with the burls all over the tree, love it!! Actually… love them all. Such AMAZING weather in these parts, it’s unbelievable and I’m so glad you and M are enjoying them to the fullest! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. :) Hugs!!

  2. Is that a scarf inside the black handbag or the lining? Cause it is amazing! Love the colours and the print. :)
    I wish you all in the Northern Hemisphere would finish up with summer and send it on it’s way to us! It’s blinking freezing in The Rat today. Bring on Spain and some heat…these babushka bones need thawing out! :)
    Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!

    1. Just the lining, but I too think it’s gorgeous :) Hmmm, I don’t want to let go of the heat, but I’m definitely into sharing! Ooer, Spain so soon. It’s going to be wonderful!

      1. How about you personally deliver the warm weather to Australia?! I’ll let you keep it until I return from Spain then you can drop it around one day. :)

  3. Ditto that on the BC weather (I’m just a few hours away from you). I can hardly believe the wonderful autumn we’re having. I just got back from a round of golf where I got sunburned. A sunburn in October…gotta love it.

    Great pics and a great post as always, Ethel.

    1. A sunburn!! That’s totally bonkers, but really awesome at the same time. Today I walked around doing my errands in a sundress. !!!

      Glad that you are enjoying the beautiful weather good sir! And thanks!

  4. Lady, these shots are great! They really give us an idea of what the weather and the sights are like in your part of the world. I’m enjoying what’s left of the sun here. Before the grayness, the wind, and the cold sets in, I mean. Although, I must confess I like cold weather clothes; scarves and coats and polar fleece hoodies! :)

    1. Thank you Ms. Bella! Alas, the rains have arrived with a vengeance, and all semblance of summer has faded away!

      But I too like winter clothing – there’s nothing quite like the comfort of fleece!

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