Beautiful British Columbia: Welcome to Octogust

My favourite term for an extended summer is Babye Leto (Бабье лето) – a Russian turn of phrase that translates to “Old Ladies’ Summer.”

How amazing is that? It just conjures up the bloody best imagery.

I can see it now: a gaggle of giggling grandmas, sunning their legs, sipping mimosas, adjusting their sunglasses, remarking every so often on the heat, or, you know, KIDS THESE DAYS.

And believe me when I say that out here on the West Coast of Canada the elderly babushkas have been having an absolute field day weather-wise.

Today for instance, the mercury is hovering around 20 degrees centigrade, the sky burns a deep, cerulean blue, and the trees either glow soft reds, oranges, and yellows or simmer deep purples, greens, and browns.

It is autumn perfection.

M and I have been bopping about the lower mainland, spending as much time outside as possible – going for runs, playing tennis (in shorts and t-shirts!), taking long walks down by the water, and venturing out for late night dinner dates.


I cannot think of a better way of spending a long weekend.

Here are some snaps from our adventures of late:

Into the woods.


Red head.


Down by the bay.

Sun cat.


I hope you all had a stunningly beautiful weekend, filled with sun, love, and laughter.

And if not, I recommend moving to BC.

It’s pretty rad round these parts.

And pretty pretty too.

Snap, crackle, pop

Happy mother’s day to all the beauty cat mothers out there!

NY Momma!

I’ll be working on my posture all day in your honour.

We have been all sunshine saturation and balmy breezes out here on the west coast.

Mostly importantly, it is finally, FINALLY slurpee weather:

Cream soda + NYT crossword = love.

And BBQ weather!

Meat for M. Veg for M and I.

And patios!

Noms for all.

And road trips:

Drive it.

And long walks!

Walking up and down, all around town.

So let your shadows dance!

I hope you all have a great Sunday.

If you can, hug your mommas extra tight.

And for goodness sakes, sit up straight!