Let’s give them something to talk about

It’s Friday friends! Put on your smoking jacket, pour yourself a snifter of brandy, and take a load off. Today’s fry-up will take care of the rest.

Dancing queen.


Do you have gangnam style?


No joke, I love this song so much it is destroying my life. Because you see, while I cannot STOP listening to it, I also cannot JUST listen to it.

Oh no.

Whenever I hear the blasted tune I must, MUST boogie down for all of my life.

A couple of days ago I actually tried to make a video of just me dancing to the song, but then I scared the crap out of my cat during the first take and then on the second realized I looked CRAZY breaking it down.

So no video folks.

JUST KIDDING – I would never do that to you! Here it is:

So now you can take my word for it when I say that I am a dance maniac and no one can stop me.


Further proof:  when I was in Russia partying my wretched vodka infused-butt off until 5 in the morning every night, I had a Russian chick come up to me and ask me: “Excuse me, but – where from?” “Ya Canadka,” I responded. “Potomu?” (Why?) “Ohhhhhh,” she replied back. [motions to my dancing] “VEEERRRY interesting!”

And I thought her country men and women were the craziest dancers I had ever seen!

So yeah. MANIAC.

Fall is here. Ring the bell.

Autumn is nipping at our heels here on the West coast of Canada. And it sure is lovely.

Last night the sun was a ball of flaming red fire, and the sky was a melting mixture of pinks, oranges, and yellows – like a solar Shirley Temple for the thirsty space traveller.

Because the weather in the morning has taken a turn for the cooler side of things, I was forced to call my bluff and finally go and buy some tights.

In the process, I picked up some other fall must-haves, including these sweet, sweet kicks:

Joe Fresh baby – it is a truly wacky (said in the voice of Michael Kors) store at its worst, but goodness knows if it doesn’t know how to score me a deal at the best of times.

I am also crunching fallen leaves like a loon – going out of my way to get every last one of them. A man walking to skytrain a few paces behind me this morning actually burst out laughing after watching my manic trajectory down the sidewalk.


There are worse things I could be doing than stepping on crinkle-cut leaves.

Goodness knows.

Clean eating, clean living.

I have cut out all processed foods from my diet, and most grains and sugars.

Urg, I feel like such a broom admitting that for the next eight weeks I will be paleo-ing it (with the best of all the other paleo brooms) but alas, it is the case.

So remember – NO JUDGING.

Now, I must stress, this isn’t anything to do with losing weight.

This is an attempt to regulate my (pretty well documented) sugar addiction, and I figure it’s a pretty good way of making sure I cut out all junk food from my diet.

Now, the paleo diet traditionally means no grains; however, because I am running a half-marathon on the 30th of this month, there is no way I can do this, as that would be ridiculous and foolhardy. So instead, I am eating less than what I would regularly consume, and then will cut them out completely once I am finished the race.

So far I have completed four days and I am surprised at just how easily it has been. No chocolate. No candy. No chips. No brake-down.

What’s even better is I have been cooking up a storm, and I am so, SO excited about coming home and preparing amazing meals. This, along with curbing my sugar intake, is definitely the best result so far of the program.

So bring on the next fifty-six days – I WILL OWN YOU ALL.

What’s shaking in your neck of the woods lately? Let’s dance and you can tell me all about it.

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Vanessa Woznow

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30 thoughts on “Let’s give them something to talk about”

    1. Ooooer, I like the idea of good herbal teas. Even though I am total sucker and have a hard time drinking tea without milk (herbal or no). I’ll keep you posted re: recipes!

  1. lmao! Love your moves and so jealous that you have time to cook all the wonderful things you are cooking! Looks Yummy. I, too, am going on a “sugar cutting out” thing… AGAIN…. if you come across any healthy QUICK meals that you would like to share please do. I am always looking for something new and QUICK to make during the week. Thanks Eth! Shake that thang!

    1. I am excited about the cooking! Finally getting back into the kitchen groove of things. I will DEF keep you posted regarding the quick and easy meals (are there any other kinds, especially during the work week!?)

  2. FOOD PORN. That salad looks sooooo good!

    also, you rock. Thats what i look like when i dance! hahahaha espescially to that song.

    1. Thanks! I had a few bumpy episodes this weekend – a little hard to go dancing until 2am and not want to eat all the junk food in the world. But I managed to stay strong – I do eat a lot of nuts though. Feeling a little squirrel-ish!

  3. I love, love, love the line “like a solar Shirley Temple for the thirsty space traveller”. So much so that I almost choked on my Snickers bar I was laughing so hard. They are some pretty cool kicks!

  4. unfair! looking at photos of food RITE NOW when i’m vulnerable and too lazy to cook for myself! well, there’s leftover. last time B ‘n me danced she said that the bridesmaids were looking on in horror (and other adjectivial adverbs ‘n such). i can’t help it.
    i wuzz ridin’ my bike two daze ago, where the pavement ends up Main Elk Creek and the autumnal potential energy was nigh on ready to burst. beautiful place. wild toikeez crossing the road.

    1. No way, they were probably wondering how you two learned such moves. And at weddings, anything is fair game.

      Man, the weather these days has been so completely off the charts I feel like I need to carry a defibrillator around to restart my heart from all the gorgeousness I see one a daily basis. Glad you’re sharing in it too!

  5. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I’m so glad you do, too. I found the video online and showed it to the boy with the disclaimer: “This will be the best thing you’ve ever seen. The best. Ever.” Indeed, it was, and now we go around preaching the Gangham Style gospel.

    And yay for you on being healthier! I’m about to start a new job, and with that, a new diet. Low carb? I’m excited to see how much better my body will feel. Happy new week, friend!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!? Ahhhh, totes the best. I love it so. Did your fellow end up liking the music video? You two can get your gangnam on together :)

      Can’t wait to hear more about your job and happy low-carbing it!

  6. I dance just like you – like all the time. Best workout ever and I must say, I’m happier than a kid who leaves school homework-free on a Friday. Those who don’t dance like us don’t know the meaning of life. Period.

  7. “Last night the sun was a ball of flaming red fire, and the sky was a melting mixture of pinks, oranges, and yellows – like a solar Shirley Temple for the thirsty space traveler.” <—brilliant (:

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