I only wanna be your one life stand

Warning: excessive use of hyperbole ahead.

Also, falling rocks.

(Just kidding.)


And yet I feel tongue-tied trying to communicate how absolutely earth-shatteringly awesome this experience truly was.

As such, everything inside of me is screaming USE YOUR SWEARS USE THEM ALL USE ALL THE SWEARS.

But I won’t.

So it’s hard.

But the question remains – how do I get you, dear reader, to feel that same exhilaration I felt stepping into that club?

How to make you feel that same energy, coursing the length of my body?

Tingling the ends of your fingertips? The dips of your earlobes?

Tickling the backs of your knees, slipping down into the folds of your shoes?

To hear the murmur of the crowd, a beehive of anticipation?

A vibration.

How do I make you crackle and snap with the electricity of it all, the flash of the lights, and the intensely, indescribably, intoxicating sounds careening off of the stage, permeating every last crook and cranny of the sweat-slicked, pulsating room?

How do I make you dance until your blistered, blisters cry nay command you not to stop, never stop, your mouth a perma-grin, a high school smirk stained with salty secrets, and the knowledge that all of this is so good, and all of this will never be so good.

So if I cannot do this, I will just say – GO TO HOT CHIP.


Elsewhere in the cosmic kitchen:






Tell me where you’ve been to
Nowhere that you shouldn’t do
Tell me what you’re good for
I can tell you something too.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

19 thoughts on “I only wanna be your one life stand”

  1. I feel ya. I absolutely love that band. When I joined a band years ago one of our guitar players sent me home with some records and one of them was a hot chip LP. I think I borrowed it for a year, at least. Spun that shit proper. I havent met many people that are into them or even know who they are. I have the hand bill for the show on my wall. I’m glad someone went. Kudos.

    1. SO GOOD. Seriously, they blew my mind. I’ve loved their music for a while now, but nothing compares to them live. Out of control – definitely go see them if you ever get the chance. Also, I’m glad that someone knew who I was talking about!

  2. So glad the concert was awesome! Those nights are the best. Trying to describe music always makes me think of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and him saying the song made him feel infinite. I haven’t found a better way to describe good music/concerts yet. haha. Although your words and all your swears put together probably manage it! I liked this part: “Tingling the ends of your fingertips? The dips of your earlobes? Tickling the backs of your knees, slipping down into the folds of your shoes?”

    Looks like you had a nice sunny weekend :)

    1. That is the PERFECT way to describe it. Spot on. (p.s. should I read this book? I know that a movie adaptation is coming out v.v. soon…)

      The weather here has been off the charts – so beautiful! Has it started to warm up at on down your way?

      1. I quite enjoyed the book back when I read it. It had a Catcher in the Rye-esque feel to it for me but just a little more modern. I haven’t re-read it for years but I was definitely in love with it for a while. I gotta say I’m skeptical about the movie though, kind of one that I think is best to just be a book. We’ll see!

        Yes we’ve had a glorious sunny day today and it’s about 15 degrees as the sun is starting to leave us this evening. So not too bad at all! And to think it’s all getting warmer from here is sweet!

        1. I will definitely check it out. I’m re-reading Barney’s Version right now, but after I’m done I’ll see if maybe I can snag it from the library.

          Oooer, that sounds lovely! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be there once it starts to get warm.

  3. Did you say hyperbole? Touchdown! lol I can only begin to imagine the knee-back tickling action. By the way, I love the pics (esp. the scenery), but you were mean about the brunch one for I all looked so pretty :) Was that Nymeria? I didn’t notice she had brown spots before, maybe the shot I saw didn’t show them, anyway she should have a portrait of her taken.
    It’s nice to hear you had a great time!

    1. Thanks Ms. D! It was truly a night to remember. That is Nymeria – she actually has really cool brown stripes all down the back of her head. I’ll post a photo where you can see them in all their glory!

  4. (i previously hinted the, um, potential for (other people’s) Mbare-ass-ment (no, no posterix hibbitttid!) when the banned and the myeeeyoozik gits goin like that)

  5. That Zen Pic is fantastic – so much colour and pattern and light and shade and mmmmmm….. The brunch looks scarily nice. But how does it work? You have 3 kinds of sweet cakey stuff, and what looks like spare ribs, fruit salad and bombay potatoes – is this some strange Canadian custom, to just hoy it all in the same big dish and chow down? Could work for me….

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