Working for the weekend

So I received a lovely comment the other day from an equally lovely reader (and one who seems to have fashioned his own form of English – reading his phonetic language is at time akin to deciphering some kind of code) asking me if instead of toiling away in employment obscurity, I am living off of the royalties of a amazing invention or product (seeing as though I don’t talk all that much about my place of work on ye olde Rant and Roll.)

Alas, as much as I wish this were true, it is in fact not the case.

At least, not yet.

I do work, and while my experience with my job doesn’t require me to write long-winded diatribes about the injustice and inhumanity of it all, it certainly isn’t all satsumas, rainbows, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (cut out in the shapes of owls and otters.)

Sometimes I stampede about my office, ready to rip out my hair and the vocal chords of whatever poor sap who just happens to be shuffling by with the printer paper refill order.

Sometime I am all rage, all the time.

But honestly, when it comes down to it, I like my job.

I get to research and write policy recommendations to the provincial government. I write news releases, speeches, and editorials, ghost-write and edit for professionals who need help with their pieces, conduct interviews, manage social media, and do some pretty large scale event planning.

And when I say that I bloody-well love some of my co-workers, there isn’t one kernel of untruth in that statement. There are four ladies with whom that I work whom I love dearly, and I can honestly say that if they weren’t there for me day in and day out, I would have packed up my bags (and Mr. 8”X 11”s vocal chords) one heck of a long time ago.


But despite all of this, there are times when I feel myself getting restless.

On the surface, everything is a-okay. My head bobbing above the water, I am the spitting image of perfectly calm, perfectly collected.

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming.

However, peer a little closer – down, deeper into the depths of the lake (or whatever body of water it is in which I am swimming) and you’ll see me limbs thrashing about every which way, desperate to propel my body into a new direction. I crave to be constantly on the move – doing new things, making new plans, setting new goals.

Which is why outside of work I take on as many ventures as I possibly can, pushing myself to do as much as possible, driving myself to the brink of sanity and exhaustion.

I have been a Big Sister with Big Sisters of the Lower Mainland for almost four years, and since January have been working as a media ambassador for both their mentorship initiatives and the organization as a whole. I volunteer with Vancouver Co-op radio as a co-host of the Storytelling Show, a program dedicated to the telling and sharing of women’s stories and I’m constantly in the process of training for a new competition – my next race is the Fall Classic Half Marathon taking place November 18, 2012.

My next big goal is to finally, FINALLY give stand-up comedy a go.

And of course I have my blog (my baby!)

Rant and Roll is one of my most favourite projects and because I am so darned in love with it (and even more so with all of you gorgeous jerks) I want to make sure that every time I push ‘publish’ the product I am putting forth is as brilliant as it possibly can be.

Writing so much every week has been such a phenomenal exercise in getting me back into “writer” mode, that I believe when the time is right I will be able to make the full switch from writer-in-training, to Writer (capital W – no training wheels, no manager looking over my shoulder making sure I’ve memorized all the correct produce codes.)


But back to work.

Currently I have been in my position for a little over one year. This is the longest I have ever been in a full-time position.

Going from undergrad, right away to grad school, I never had the time (or attention span?) to stay in one specific place for long.

Grad school grad-u-meation.

I live day to day with a very serious affliction: I have an incurable case of nomad-itis – it’s  the way it’s always been, and the way it will always be.

But for the time being, work things are good. And all my extra-curriculars are fabitty fab, brillo pads.

I don’t need to complain here because whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, I take comfort in the absolute brilliance of my love, my family, and my friends.

Because those are the things that I focus on. They are the things that make my heart sing.

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19 thoughts on “Working for the weekend”

  1. I made peanutbutterchocolatechipcookies on Monday! After giving a big bag to friends who just had a baby (cookies seem better than the traditional casserole) The Wife and I are almost out and I wanna make more. Now to find an owl cookie cutter.

    In other news; wow are you and I different! I’ve been at one job for 13 years and my full time gig for about six. When I am not working; I am looking for ways to be as lazy as possible, a stark contrast to your busy schedule!

    1. YUM. They are seriously my favourite cookies of all time. Did you use crunch peanut butter? Extra points if you did. Actually at the Whole Foods I occasionally (who am I kidding – RARELY) shop at, they have a machine that just grinds whole peanuts together with chunks of dark chocolate, making the world’s most delectable spreadable treat. Good grief, I’m drooling just thinking about it. I think I may go get some at lunch today and just eat the stuff with a spoon.

      What’s your full time gig? I’m actually jealous that you’ve found something that you love enough to stick with it for such a long time. That’s rare indeed! Also, you make sweet, sweet bonfires with your awesome menagerie. If that doesn’t count as a terrific extra curricular than I don’t know what does.

      1. Actually, to be more accurate; the cookies I made were a combination of peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. It would be fair to deduct ten points from Ravenclaw.

        My full time gig actually is pretty boring. I work for an insurance companies admin department. I am dying to sellout and do just about anything that isn’t admin work. My part time gig at the movie theatre is awesome though. It is where I met The Wife and most of my best friends; including my comrades in blogging.

        1. You definitely win a free internet because I too identify as a Ravenclaw.

          That’s very cool about the theatre. Shit man, it sounds like you guys could have a sweet 90s sitcom based off of that setup. I AM JEALOUS.

          1. I never quite understood why Rowling basically wrote that house off. Hermione was probably actually Ravenclaw (she was the smartest kid in school and Ravenclaw was for the intellectual elite).

            If you ever find yourself in South Jersey; you are welcome to guest star!

  2. This has got to be relatable to so many, including myself! There’s always that hope for the dream job, but until that blessed moment we are the weekend warriors. Living out our dreams on the off hours and having full lives in addition to full-time jobs.

    And reading all of this, it makes so much more sense why our weekend adventures look so much alike. That’s our time to play, live, and make a difference in the world. :)

    Thanks for posting on this!

    1. Hey! Glad it resonated with you (and hopefully others!) You are seriously my spirit other-half (sister from another mister?) Have a fab day you beautiful lady you!

  3. hm. i better wah-chout. whuttaheckuva response to my ¿ innocent ? kwestyun as to … um, how (basically) you keypupp with the KWAWNITAYTIVE & KWAWLITAYTIVE blogs and posts you do. i figgyerd yew wuzz the witness (or izzit witless?) protexion program recipient for south-of-the-bore-durr relatedivlinessinesses of drug lowereds (narcotrafficantes gigantes) … in ordurr to phureeee up the cerebral legions to conjure up such quantitaviness with sustained and eeek!walleee Mpressive quantitaviness of postings.

    berleave it oar knot, you are an inspiration, and my goal is to try to ratchett up my quantity (with some attenshun to kwalitee) to a double-digit percentage of yours.

    i would LOVE to try to sit anonymously in the awed-eee-ance when you do some stand-up comedy.
    whah dah fuh are satsumazz?
    g’luck with the upcoming half-M. i plan on jorging thru our local INTERGALACTIC DESERT RUN CHAMPIONSHIPS with as many as 4 dawgs (we will probably be “dog-sitting”) and not lose any nor have any of them pee on anyone else (Yes, THAT has happened). i used to win the 10k portion in about 38 minutes but that was 30 years ago and i do indeed puzzle where the 2 minutes/mile has gone. i run just as hard, and it hurts more ( i can’t talk to anyone around me quite like i used to … except to yell at the dawgz

    1. LOL, satsumas are like tangerines! OMG hilarious…

      Well, thank you! Seriously, what a lovely comment. I guess I just have too much to say, and it all just comes bubbling out of me.

      Intergalactic Desert Run Championships sounds absolutely brilliant. Especially when you factor in the four pooches. (The cuteness level will be off the charts). 10km in 38 minutes is fricken fast man! When you talk to the dogs, do they talk back? :)

      I will send you an invite as soon as I know the day/location of the stand-up!

  4. wish i could edit the above: i meant “conjure up such QUALITATIVENESS … (with quantity). also, i left out a ) (right paren) at the very end.

  5. Wow- you’re like Wonder Woman. That’s so cool that you have a job were you get to do professional writing and get all that practice. Hoping to do something similar when I finish up uni (soon!) You always write about your weekends with so much vigour and excitement it is contagious! In a good way, of course ;)

    I also loved the Dory from Nemo quote on your swimming photo- perfect. It is my mantra for when stuff becomes too much and I’m restless too. Plus it is just an awesome movie to have an excuse to rewatch. Hehe.

    1. I love that movie so much it’s a little silly. Watching it will never get old :)

      And thank you – we do have fun outside of work, and I really try to keep everything in perspective. Let me know if you’d like to talk a bit more further down the line once you start thinking about applying for jobs. I’d be more than happy to help if I can!

      1. Thanks so much! :) I’m feeling all confused about my future at the moment (with 1 and a half months left till completion). So, I’ll definitely be asking you some questions later on. Sorry the reply is so late- I did read it earlier but I wasn’t near my computer.

  6. Wow stand up!! I can’t wait to hear about those adventures :) The other night on a weekly comedy TV show 2 of the guys conned an audience into not laughing once during their friend’s stand-up set. Poor guy was winding it up in less than 3 minutes… until his mates came running in with a stretcher saying someone died on stage. Stand up must be such a rush!

    I think you have a wonderful attitude when it comes to life and work. Sure you work hard and it can drive you nuts, but it’s great to see you write with such colour and love for the things you adore in life. You’ve got it right. Why focus on negative things?

    Hope the next few weekends of summer allow for much more extracurriculars!

    1. Oh my goodness, I would have been absolutely destroyed!! Talk about anxiety to the max!

      It’s pretty much the only way I keep sane – got to take the great with the notsogreat :)

      How has the first week of work gone?

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