Fish and chips and vinegar

Pepper, pepper, pepper, salt.

Anyone remember that old ditty from the late, great Canadian trio Sharon, Lois, and Bram?


Just me?


Here is what’s been kicking about our neck of the woods this weekend:

Dresser cat.

Flower bike.

Awkward t-shirts.

Shakespeare in the park.

Dream house.

Dream garden.

Bearded dog.

Otherwise it’s just another manic Monday.

And by manic I mean abso-fricken-fabulous.

What’s been knocking about your neighbourhood?

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

12 thoughts on “Fish and chips and vinegar”

  1. i’m not incinerating nuthin’, (nahh, not really!) but … okay, #1: your post cheered me up ’cause today is a typical, really typical, ubur-tippikill mundaneMunday. a glimpse into your day elevated mine .. which brings me to #2: you don’t complain about work much. hmmm? nor do you heap heavy platitudes upon and uh-mung the subject either. so, you invented something a few years back and are living off the royalties! and/or you’re a spy into from or looking into the/adjacent dye-menthun(s). or …

  2. You know that scene in village of the damned or whatever film it was where a bunch of creepy kids make some woman boil her hand and then terrorise a town with their alien mind powers? There’s a guy who thinks of the sea, and a brick wall; concentrating so hard on these images that his mind cannot be broken and manipulated by the malevolent alien tricksters…

    Well that’s what I was trying to do when I saw Dresser cat. I began to falter by the time I hit flower bike. The rest of the post was just a whirl. I don’t know what you’ve done but I’ve gone from wholly resisting the urge to be wowed, to thoroughly endorsing these monday purgers of miserability.

    Another punch (in the best way possible) in the gut that I could never have predicted and so have with any luck (though I now see it to be the opposite) evaded.


      1. Since deleting my own blog I’ve had to spend my words and thoughts elsewhere :) Glad you’re glad.

          1. I was writing “the cynosure of nowhere” blog and couldn’t believe mine eyes when I started getting abusive messages which I eventually traced back to my ex’s current dewd. Seeing as I’ve not contacted her in months and I’ve never met Mr “friendly doesn’t quite describe it” I was so angry and confused and actually sad. Only way out was to can the project.

            I’m missing it a lot but getting back to more private creative writing..which has been good I suppose. I’ll probably get back to having a blog in a few months time or so- I feel it’d be disrespectful to move on from the last one so soon.

            So BOTH; no more blogging AND taking a break.

          2. That’s great that you are writing more! Sometimes a shake up can be good. Sorry to hear that you were getting harassing notes – that is total bollocks and completely unacceptable.

  3. Great photos- you’ve uplifted my day :)
    And wow, dresser cat! I almost spat coffee on my keyboard. So cute and I love that in the second photo she’s just like, “Oh hey.” =^._.^=

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