Just one second, I’ll draw you a picture

Hey friends,

M and I have just arrived home from four days spent out and about, bopping along the BC coast.

Here are some snaps from our travels:








So there you have it kidlets, a brief look at the last four days spent running, hiking, boating, cooking, and building (woodsheds!).

I got some pretty serious sun on my face (M told me that I should probably stop wearing those sunglasses for the next while because it’s starting to look like I have a wicked goggle tan!), watched the meteor shower – so amazingly beautiful, and learned that a cow has six teats and that the UN General Secretary during the Cuban Missile Crisis was was U Thant (oh Trivial Pursuit…)

Now we’re watching Star Wars and eating blizzards after a simple, delicious dinner of garden grown beans, squash, and local Island gruyere cheese.


What did you cats get up to for the weekend? I want to hear all about it.