Go long. Go very long.

Okay friends.

Some things.

What a sports nut!

Yesterday Marc and I watched A LOT of football.

Now, this is great because I really like football, and I really like Marc, and because both teams that I wanted to win ended up proving victorious.


Also, after watching eight million trailers for what I can only assume to be crappiest TV shows ever to grace the face of this planet, I am fairly certain that all programming on network television is just the crappiest dreck of life.

Oh my sweet goodness.

Seriously when did CBS (and its ilk) become vessels for such unbelievably epic crap?

Has they always been havens of television garbage?

(I am beginning to think yes. Yes they have.)

Also how many pseudo-serial killer crime shows can one world possibly sustain?

And who is naming these programs?


Anywho, to get away from that on to what I really want to talk about – as we were watching the Broncos dismantle beautiful Brady and the New England Patriots, I started to feel some weeeeeeiiiiirrrrddd feelings.

Mostly, (and I really don’t know how to feel about this) I started to feel grown-up lady feelings for Peyton Manning.


I have had some strange crushes in my time, but I really feel like this one takes the cake.

My favourite thing to come out of this whole grim fandango is the following exchange between Marc and I:



And what can I say?

I am who I am.

And I like what I like.


All of us ladies.

I just started watching the first season of Girls (HBO programming for the win!) and I really, really like it.

I thought that I would hate it because everything that I’ve read about Lena Dunham has left me with a fairly sour taste in my mouth, and people just love to dump all over her and her writing, and her white-washed, privileged interpretation of what it means to be a young woman making a life for herself in Brooklyn (not to mention the fact that I feel like this is something we will continue to hear about ad nauseam even long after the show has left the airwaves) –

But again, what can I say?

I think it’s pretty darn hilarious.

Luckily for me, I cannot relate to much of anything that these four ladies are going through, but I am sure that there are some young women out there going through similar trials and tribulations suffered by Hannah and her posse each episode (and sweet Buddha help them all).

Are any of you folks watching?

What do you think?

Drop me a line and let me know.

Our voices, heard loud and clear.

So last night my great friend Chelsea co-hosted the Storytelling Show with me and we discussed a whole manner of things, including Youtube, smoking, house purchasing, novel publications, and Liam Neeson (amongst many, many others) and it was just such a rad, fun show that I would love to leave the link for you all if you care to have a listen.

At the very top of the page click to listen to the episode from January 19th.




So that’s all she wrote for this late-January Monday.

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend, and are facing the next four days in earnest.

And don’t worry.

It’ll be Friday in no time.

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15 thoughts on “Go long. Go very long.”

  1. YES! So glad you and the hubs got to watch football. And Marc is so right, Manning is a total nerd QB – haha, I love it! My Hawks have made it to the Super Bowl so I’m quite pleased. :) If you want to come down for a big Super Bowl party in 2 weeks just let me know!!

  2. I tried to watch Girls, but just cannot relate to the show to enjoy it – it is funny though. I will check out the Storytelling Show – thanks for sharing. Yes, there needs to be more crime/cop/fire shows on TV – NOT?!? Happy Week:)

  3. Yeah: mostly crap (TeeVee, thattizz). Betty does like downton, NCIS, Bones, the Mentalist (tho’ w/redjawn finally capturd (yes, capped turd) is it over?), burn notice but not “the current crop.”
    Now with Green Bay out, sheez rootin’ for her Bronx. But I think she has a thing for champ bailey, and the kicker dood (Prater), tho.

  4. I’m not on board with this Peyton (or Eli) Manning train. Something about him seems so arrogant yet backwater folksy. I’m not exactly sure what it is. Plus, I was hoping to see Brady win as I’m recently on the Tom Brady train after taking a trip to the Dominican Republic for a family wedding and a bunch of people at several bars thought my one brother in law was the Patriots QB. He was not but we had more than a few rounds of booze ordered for us because of the resemblance (odd since my brother in law is about 12 years younger than Brady) although as I think of it, all the booze was free.

    But if my team (The Bears) isn’t going to the Super Bowl (and they’re not) then I’d prefer a team from the Northeast to go so I have someone to sort of root for.

    I enjoyed the first season of Girls quite a bit but still haven’t caught up on season 2 or 3 yet. I guess it isn’t as much of a priority as watching old episodes of Jeopardy!.

    1. Have you heard about that new contestant that’s winning through game theory? Makes for some boring episodes, so I hear!

      Are you delighted with last week’s outcome? Have a gong show, and so incredibly dull at that! You will be happy to hear that any grown-up lady feelings I was, ahem, feeling, dissipated pretty darn quickly (oh, hello safety in the first 30 seconds of this game.)

      DA BEARS.
      (Are who we thought they were?)

      Sorry. Had to!

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