Like sand through the hourglass

Holy frick on a stick it’s been two week since my last post.


I don’t know about you folks, but here in Vancity it is frozen like a frozen thing. We’ve had big puffs of fluffy white stuff falling from the frigid grey heavens for two days straight now. I don’t go anywhere without my massive winter coat and big boots because goodness knows I wouldn’t want to end up stranded in a rogue snow drift unprepared!

Goodness knows.

Speaking of unprepared – can we hit the pause button so I can possibly get my act together and think about what needs to happen in preparation for the big December Two Five?

Everywhere there might be a feeling of Christmas, but there’s also a feeling of urgency and stress!


In similar news, Marc and I keep racing about like mad gophers, trying to keep up with all of our work and volunteer-related commitments.

I’m still doing the comedy thing, but definitely taking on less gigs than earlier this year, what with my sanity being held together by an all too fragile thread. I’ve also been hosting the Storytelling Show, running up a storm (up until the buckets snow started falling to the ground that is), and doing a ton of United Way speaking engagements.

We’ve also been knee-deep in DIY home repairs (Ms. Java can you hear me? I have foolishly followed in your footsteps!), repainting our walls, and installing new carpet in the upstairs.

I am pretty ready for our house to go back to normal.

Whatever that is.


Who knew what a difference a new carpet could make?  I never!

It’s seriously like walking on heaven. My little feets smile up a storm every time I get out of bed and step on that sweet, soft carpet-y goodness.



I promise to actually write a real blog post this week, not just this insane mish-mash of my life’s eccentricities plus a collection of photographs of all the delicious treats I eat.

But until that time!

Here we go…


A+ Snacks.
A+ Snacks.


Evil Nymeria.
Evil Nymeria.


Conspiring to murder.
Conspiring to murder.


Book LOVE.
Book LOVE.


My love.
My love.

Happiest of days to you my fab chaps!

I hope that everything for you is both merry and bright.

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Vanessa Woznow

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10 thoughts on “Like sand through the hourglass”

  1. Welcome Back – I have missed a great belly laugh in reading your posts:) It is cold here and already had an ice storm and then another storm that dropped about 8 inches of the white stuff, which then decided to harden into frozen snow chunks – YIKES! Happy Week and Put the Stress on Simmer if You Can:)

  2. Cute cat! I had a calico once before too, It sure has been cold and today I was having lots of fun getting ice off my wheel well from my car plus scraping, ugh can we have summer back instead pls?? :(

  3. Wish I could say “it” wuzzn’t cold here, but, yeah, we izz like everybuddy else. I WILL GO FOR A RUN TODAY regardless of the temp (seriously, I think I can tolerate 10-f now). HOCKEY SEASON has started! (“kidzatplay”). I got an “f” on my professional certification exam … (not-quite frantically) wondering what and how and what again to shore up my definitely sagging self-esteem. Uh, whut else? HOUSE REMODELING? Don’t tell Betty! She suggests stuff like that every weekend and so far I’ve managed to shirk.

    1. Lol! Betty and Marc should get together and compare notes – it sounds as if they are cut from the same cloth. That kind of thing just exhausts me to think about it. I am so glad we are finally down with all the rearranging, cleaning, etc.

      I’m sorry to hear about your exam – will there me another kick at the can? And holy smokes – -10 is HARDCORE! I think minus five if the most I’ve ever done.

      Good to hear too about the hockey – are you still in goal?

      1. R U f*-ing kidding? itsa shame, but the local teams axually want to win games! i might find time to show up for ill-attended ‘pick up’ sessions. nah… i’m OUT on the ice, azz hazz been the case for a while now …

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