Worth one thousand words

Well, another day, another dollar.

How are all you fab chaps doing of late?

It’s a bit bonkers to think that we’ll knocking down December’s door in but two days.


Where is the time going?

Let’s take a breather and assess what’s been going round the cosmic kitchen over the past few weeks:

Soccer matches.

Canada v. Mexico

Family fun.

We are not awkward only incredibly good looking.
photo (8)
Do we look fourteen?
Mustachio. Pistachio.


Looks painful!
The remedy for a beter sex life? Thank goodness!

My love!


Le chat.

The BIGGEST eyes!
Politician cat and bodyguard.

Selfie fun.

Snow day.
IMG_20131123_124115 (1)
International spy.




IMG_20131124_095119Cookie monster.

I will eat these until I die.

New friends.

I told him to act natural.


There ya go. My brilliant little bonkers life on film.

And I, as always, encourage all you cool cats to share a snap or two.

Or two.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

10 thoughts on “Worth one thousand words”

  1. I don’t understand the internet. Consequently I am unable to share pictures with you. If I did the internet wouldn’t understand them. Because I am a very very bad photographer. I like your pictures though.

    1. This comment actually made me laugh out loud. I don’t really understand the internet either, but mostly I really don’t understand Reddit, and I feel as though that site basically runs the internet these days…

      How are you dear Sarah? I hope that you’re well!!

  2. sabìa, es un poco que cuando el barìsta dijo a los amigos: ‘el alemàn dijo ‘espere aqui’ ‘ … y los amigos murmullo “hmmmmm”
    y otro vez: (o cosa) sì vd. leer todo de mì relato de mi ultimo carrera — vd. habrìa comentar algo de mì correr. “hmmmm”

    1. regardless of the vague-ish españglisch, your post be-tells a fun day. sunrise to sunset. dat chat is a beeyooty, azzizz awb vee (de) vious. fun, flippant, succinct, told in pixures, a lawtuh thingations goin awn. thanx!

      1. Isn’t she just? Mad, her eyes just melt right through me (which is bad, because she gets away with murder she does!)

        Phew…I often have to read your comments out loud, but when I get them I feel all weirdly proud of myself. Hah!

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