18 thoughts on “New York State (of mind) PART I”

  1. From the perspective of a flexitarian and former vegan, pastrami is, in two adjectives, salty and frightening. Can’t wait to hear more about your time in NYC!

    1. Salty and frightening. That is just terrific! I never did find any, but then, I wasn’t looking too hard (as a pescetarian – so many wonderful “ian” words!)

  2. Ha! I laughed out loud about “coming for Tina.” If you find her tell her I’m a big fan;)

  3. Oh so much awesomeness in these photos!! LOVE! What a fabulous trip! Just seeing all the great photos has awoken my inner globetrotter… Can’t wait to hear all about your time there!

    1. Dudette, I have made it a goal of mine to get my butt down your way by the end of September. I want to swap stories more than you know! Hope you’re just swell, and enjoying that beautiful new abode of yours! x

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