17 thoughts on “I was just going to see your boss. Tell Jabba I’ve got his money.”

  1. You had me at the title of this post – bahahaha! Love it!!
    And seriously, that is some tasty chocolate. I hope you indulged like crazy for the rest of us jealous folks. :)

  2. Why do you have to mess with the original, for crying out loud? Dagoba Organic Chocolate was just fine in its original 1977 version, before you had to update it with your hifalutin CGI. You crazy Hollywood types and your sophisticated special effects … what are you doing to the films of my childhood!

  3. At first I was like, “OMG! She travels with a light saber! Now that’s some thinking!” Still a great photo, though!

    1. Lol! Yeah I know? What with the giant CCTV sign right there? It was the visitor entrance, but I’m sure whomever was in charge of the security tapes got a kick out of us.

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