Take me home, country road

Do you ever get homesick for the different places in which you have lived?

I do.

Edinburgh 226
Marc’s and my hostel in Edinburgh.

Last week I was chatting with our interim receptionist, a lovely young lass named Louisa. She being a native-Londoner, and myself a self-professed anglophile who lived in Jolly Ol’ England (BAH) in 2009, it was natural that our conversation turned towards the things that we missed most about life in the UK.

That morning we lamented about how much we missed GREGGS, a British chain bakery (and the place to procure the BEST 3 for 1£ egg tarts you will ever sample in your ENTIRE LIFE.)

As I walked back to my office I thought about all the things that I miss most about the different cities, that at one point or another, during my short twenty-eight years, I have called “home”.

Here are two of them:


Cheap groceries.

Oh how do I miss thee! Three big blocks of (GOOD) cheese for five pounds? A massive box of cereal for ninety pence? A dozen free-range eggs for one pound? Organic veg for all but nought?


Ease of travel.

Oh hey! Want to go to Bath today? How about Edinburgh next weekend? What about Switzerland for Christmas?

“Hmmm, I don’t know…”

“It will cost us next to nothing, and we will be there in a matter of hours.”


All the candy.

Seriously, walk into a Tesco and IT IS EVERYWHERE. Aisle, after aisle of just the most amazing junk food you have ever encountered.

You can buy different flavoured marshmallows.

And if you like marshmallows as much I do, THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

And it is glorious.


I sure do like me a professional sportsman with cute bum.

Birmingham Adventures 125

Or as Marc was one to say, “Could you stop taking photos of that guy please?”



Friendly people.

Seriously, the nicest people you will ever meet (I should probably say SOME of the nicest people) live on the east coast of Canada.

Sometimes I miss the easy, everyday interaction with people who just want to really, truly find out how you are doing.

Bars that have live celtic music.

This point needs no elaboration.

Also this:

Halifax and Anniversary 048

Ease of travel.

A little different from Birmingham, in Halifax proper you can pretty much walk anywhere (weather permitting, of course.) In the dead of winter is it unlikely that you want to be on foot going anywhere, lest you freeze to death, trapped in a massive snow bank, or get carried away in a hurricane.

But in the summer?

It’s glorious.

On a completely different note, I feel like I’m going slightly mad from watching so much MI-5.

I was taking the skytrain yesterday, and there was a half-drunk frappacino under my chair, and all I could think was, “I’M SITTING ON TOP OF A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON.”


I should probably give it a rest, and allow my life to be influenced by other things.

Although I sure do want to be spy.

I also find it weird how just watching this show totally ramps up my homesickness for the UK, despite the fact that it regularly rips out my heart, and gives me massive anxiety over the course of both episode and series’ arcs.

What about you dudes?

Do you folks watch MI-5?

And what cities do your hearts call out for?

I want to hear all about them.

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23 thoughts on “Take me home, country road”

  1. b ‘n me are hix in th’ woods (‘cept its the desert) and haven’t even heard of MI5. and she DO LUV many television things Brit (or am i, as is freekwentlee the case, toadully awph the mark?).
    i’ve lived (livid) half my beatle’s-birthday-life in the present town, and have little “sense” of former “homes” — except there are some brief so-journs i’d like to re-journ: e.g., Hornby Island between V Island and the mainland; my parent’s house on the Sea of Cortez BEFORE the surrounding area got “Club Med’d; and the FEELING and sense of place w/respect to the yooniverse, etc. at a few basements (usually) which were ‘home’ in Boulder (Colorawdough) during the wacko years of 1969 – 1972. sigh.

    1. You do dudes have Netflix? Check it out if you do – it’s the greatest!

      As always, your comment had me cracking up. I’ve never been to Hornby Island, but can imagine that it’s beautiful (as so many of the Islands around Vancouver are!). And the Sea of Cortez must be beautiful!

      Most of the times, home is just where Marc and I happen to be in the world – be in in our “home” or just the two of us bopping about the world, visiting new places. I imagine that is how it is with you and Betty (and the menagerie of course.)

  2. Loving your post – thanks for sharing your memories:) I sometimes miss the clothes shopping back in the Midwest – not very many options here at times – dress alike at work at times too – not so cool:( I have one place that calls to me and that is Mendocino in Cali – something about that place that draws me in body, heart and spirit:) Happy Monday!

    1. It’s funny the places we visit/spend time in, and how they stay with you. We were only in Edinburgh for four days, but that city really impacted me! Must be all the magic. :)

      Happy Tuesday Ms. R! x

  3. I was missing the place I grew up in until I realized that everything changes and the past may not be as good as we remember. Of course I was only a child there. I think I sort of miss a quieter peaceful time.

  4. I absolutely can relate—especially to the “ease of travel” phrase of yours. I love the UK as well. Studied at the University of Exeter (in the 90’s) and traveled on the weekends all over the country, and to Wales, Scotland. If only the trains could be like that here in the US too. It’s completely pathetic that they’re not. Favorite memory from that trip was taking a train to Cardiff, Wales to see Bob Dylan sing. He was wearing a purple suit.

    1. I too wish we had trains here in Canada. Alas, our countries are just so large, it would be impractical to try and replicate what works in the UK.

      Bob Dylan in Cardiff would have been phenomenal!!

  5. Anywhere one can hear LIVE Celtic music sounds wonderful!

    You make me want to travel! (I’m not big on traveling — I hate the whole being transported thing!)

    I watch MI-5. I have to admit that it often confuses me, LOL! I try to pay close attention, but my mind ends up wandering, I lose the thread, and then BAM!, before you know it — I’m irrevocably lost!

    1. It really is the absolute best of life. Nothing getter than a good pub with amazing live celtic music. It makes my heart flutter just thinking about it!

      Yeah, MI-5 is one of those shoes you have to watch watch, lest you lose the plot. Currently I have the BIGGEST crush on Lucas North so I, you know, REALLY pay attention.

  6. I always find myself missing Trois-Pistoles. Not a city by any means, but a great place to spend the summer. And the best place to buy poutine and chocolatines in the universe. No joke.

      1. Do it up! Also, the second best sunsets in the world after Hawaii, according to National Geographic:)

      1. Unfortunately, no. Unibroue is in Lennoxville. But they do make EXCELLENT beer:) Check out their website for all the stories behind the beers: http://www.unibroue.com/ I actually wrote a paper about their use of folklore once.

      1. Prospective title? Why not! Can it be an adult’s book, but in the style of an illustrated children’s book?? This may have to be a summer project. I’m a big fan of watercolor illustrations.

  7. Were you just traveling to all of these places or did you work/go to school? It’s so great that you have had these experiences! I definitely miss Venice so much. I really felt right at home there. I haven’t ventured upon MI-5 but will have to check it out!

    1. I lived in Halifax in the summers between my undergrad years, and the UK in the second year of my Masters. They truly were phenomenal times!

      Venice must have been absolutely amazing! What an incredible experience. :)

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