Say Cheese!

On Monday night Marc and I walked up to London Drugs to get some photos developed.

Can you believe this is actually still a thing?

I barely remember life before digital cameras – a time where you had “rolls” of film, that, once processed, were delivered in an envelope with a set of “negatives.”

How utterly quaint!

Now that we live in the age of the duck-faced selfie, you might be hard pressed to find someone under the age of fifteen (maybe even twenty) who would even know the definition of “negative,” let alone what one looks like.

Excluding, of course, hardcore hipsters, who walk around with their clunky Polaroid cameras, not-so-secretly wishing that real life itself could be viewed through a sepia tone filter.

I am, of course, just waiting for that one enterprising hipster who will start carting around a Rand Collins (you know, the cameras with the curtain, and the post-shot plumes of smoke), and who will always be yelling at their bored-looking girlfriend to “WATCH THE BIRDY!”

Because that will be great.

Anyways, to get back to my original story, on our way back home we walked past this hair salon:

IMG_20130603_194100This has got to be the most fun place to work, in the history of places to work.

If I wasn’t so suspicious of what actually consititutes LIVE DJs, I would probably have to go in one day and scope out the joint myself.

Although, any attempt at reconnaissance on my part would probably end poorly. I’d be there, waiting on an eyebrow waxing, all IF THIS ISN’T THE NEW DAFT PUNK I’M OUTTA HERE!

And they’d be all – WHO IS THIS CHICK?

And then I would end up having this done to me:




If any of you peeps out there are esthetically inclined, please, I beg of you, explain this “special effects” phenomenon!

Oh, and speaking of complete confusion –

The other day I was out on a lunch walk-about with my terrific friend Katie (she being in hot pursuit of a fab dress to wear to the many weddings she will be going to this upcoming summer) when we came across this outside of Forever XXI:

IMG_20130603_125027Now, individuals who have been reading this here blog for many moons will know that I have a long-standing love/WTF relationship with this store.

I have procured a number of lovely pieces from its many sales racks, but more often than not I am overwhelmingly mystified by the majority of the vestments on display within the store.


I mean, just look at this poster.


This woman is literally wearing animal-print diaper pants.

If someone asked me to name this garment, I would answer, “Depends.”

They are crazy and I don’t understand why anyone would want to walk around outside, in the daylight, looking like they had freshly filled their drawers.


I have no hard feelings either way towards this whole “bralet” trend, suffice to say that it’s not really my cup of tea, but heck if I will trample on someone’s rights to sport a seven dollar, studded bra top.

Unless, of course, it’s sags all the way down to their ankles.

Then we’ll need to talk.

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21 thoughts on “Say Cheese!”

      1. Hah! This is true. Like I said to Versi, I spell it both ways. Most of the time aesthetic, but when it comes to services performed in a salon it’s esthetic. Or esthetician.

        1. on a ‘regular’ keyboard, you (or i) press ALT down and type 145. i’m not very up to date on phones so i don’t know if the ‘more advanced’ ones have an ALT key?

    1. It’s weird, I spell aesthetic this way when speaking about aesthetics, in the “philosophical” sense (or whatever). But when I’m talking waxing and grooming and the what not, it’s esthetics.

      1. I guess I always see beauty in a somewhat philosophical sense so whether it is a painting of Prometheus getting his liver ripped out (that happens to be my favourite subject for paintings) or someone talking about getting their hair did; I see it in the same light though with varying degrees of worth. Also, I didn’t know that esthetic was even a word.

          1. I agree, but because I am mulatto, I am rather glad I was born into this one. Things would have been far worse if I’d been born even twenty or thirty years prior to when I was (unless of course one is Barack Obama…then it seems like it turned out alright).

            There is a line in Sin City (the comic) about how Marv should have been born a thousand years ago and would have been happy swinging an axe in battle. I feel like that a lot of times but for a variety of situations instead of solely the battlefield.

  1. When I saw the Forever 21 pic I instantly thought bringing back the 80s and 90s and what is with those pants – WOW WEE!!! I would love to know what special effects is too! Loving your post – Keeping it Real:) Happy Hump Day

  2. I’m a little proud/apathetic about the fact that I’ve never actually been in a Forever 21. To enter, I feel I’d need a younger, hipper spirit guide leading the way through what, from outside on the mall concourse, presents as a frightening forest of fluorescent, polka dots and stripes.

    1. That it is, that it is. I took Marc inside the one at Metrotown and he pretty much had a panic attack. While most stuff is just awful, there are some $20 dresses if you can find them!

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