His and hares adventures

Ooof. I did not sleep well last night.

The rubbish combination of McDonalds for dinner, strong tea before bedtime, and unusually warm spring temperatures ensured that the couple of Zzzzs that I did catch were restless, and even worse, non-consecutive.

(Normally I would never begrudge a meal of fries and a McFlurry because 1.) they happen so rarely, and 2.) DID YOU KNOW THAT MCDONALDS MAKES DRUMSTICK MCFLURRIES?)

However, waking this morning, dehydrated and exhausted, I lamented like hell over my choice in food stuffs. Dinner of champions it was not, especially because I just crammed the whole thing in my mouth on my way to meet with my Little Sister.

I’ve also been rocking this really sweet eye twitch for the past week now, so I can’t imagine that my thirty-two minutes of rest will do much to help out with that.

(If anything, I think it’s gotten worse, EGADS.)

I kind of feel like bugs bunny in the below cartoon (clip starts at 40 seconds):


It actually blows my mind when I think about how much of my life is influenced by the cartoons, books, and movies I watched and read as a child.

There probably isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t reference or quote (or ever just think about) Looney Tunes, or Kit Pearson, or Shel Silverstein, or The Simpsons.

I think my favourite is when I think I’ve over done it with the make-up, I like to ask Marc (or whomever is around) if it looks like I’ve “set the make-up gun on whore.”


I’m laughing just thinking about it.

This weekend should be a sweet, sweet mix of soaking up all of the sun rays I can get, (seeing as though I currently look like a specter, this is a VERY good thing), Mother’s day brunches, and hopefully a date night with that long-lost husband of mine.

I tell you, we are two little worker bees he and I, so much so that it’s hard not to fall into a rut that I like to call: “two highly productive, yet sleep deprived ships passing in the night.”


It might also be nice if I could find a dress or two for the weddings that I am attending (and participating in!) this summer.

Honestly folks, time is passing at such a speed I cannot believe that we will soon we welcoming the arrival of June. I’m not sure about you, but I need to buckle up tight, and grab hold of the OH CRAP BAR because –


Things be moving fast.

Alas, I cannot complain because at the base of it all is such boundless awesomeness that I feel a little nuts sometimes – I really am too lucky for my own good to be surrounded with such beauty.

My friends, family, fantastic (ship of a) husband.

Our little cat.

Adventures a plenty.

So let’s put on our dancing shoes and boogie the night away.


Happy Friday to you all!

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Vanessa Woznow

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16 thoughts on “His and hares adventures”

    1. Dude, YES. I never in my life understood the appeal of disney, especially all my girl friends as a child. (In fact it pretty much drove me nuts, and now when I see this love manifesting itself in grown-ups I get totally squicked out.)

  1. You know what’s funny to me? You write as though time slips away and you cannot believe how it passes, yet your written word shows how deeply you enjoy and love life. You are a special kind of person; noticing the things around you and taking the time to let it effect and change you. We would be legendary friends if distance permitted.

    I do pray you sleep well because I know exactly the feeling of inadaquate sleep. My dreams get pretty crazy when I’m deprived.

    Vanessa, you effect and touch more people than you know; your words are life-giving, encouraging, refreashing.

    1. Dear Rachel, this note is so wonderful and has my little heart smiling like crazy. I too wish we lived closer – your energy, passion, and grace is something that I admire and try to emulate in my everyday life. I am so glad that we have connected (even if through the world wide web!)

      You bring up a funny juxtaposition = the fleetingness of days, vs. living in the moment. I think there is definitely a balance to be had between the two, and I try my very hardest to remain present in the “now” each and every day.

      And your prayers definitely worked! It has been two nights in a row that I have slept like a rock. :)

  2. I know this is not the main point of your post, but I’m with you in the eye-twitch department. Can’t seem to make it stop. It’s super annoying. Maybe the next time I’m deathly ill enough to go to the doctor, I’ll mention it. Maybe.

    1. Lol! I think the main issue is lack of sleep (at least here on my part.) It is super, super annoying though, isn’t it? We can battle this thing together! x

  3. FRIKKEN FRAKKEN, MS. MAKKENDAWNULLDZ! (“they” could just as easily Phrashedly-Pressedly this 1 too, as you just zip along from a. to zeee carrying us awl awlawng 4 the wride!)
    what movie is “set the makeup on whore”? i definitely mist that, and would yoozzitt phreekwentlee.

    b ‘n me, ‘n sunny boy, and sumtimes the others, could do an entire conversation with moovy dialogation. to wit, and just this afternoon: i wuzz thinkin’ of all the FAMOUS CIGAR LINES from movies and i should collect and post. maybe.

    i may subsist heavily on tobacco and alcohol, but in my defense, have abstaind frum McDux and BoiggerKKing and that ilk for many many years. Subway and TacoBell are acceptable, though.
    we do simpsons a lot … so WHEN is this FREE weekend? and how much does this FREE WEEKEND cost? (and, i think, simpsons is THE ONLY TEEVEE which T Pynchon (with paper bag over head) has appeared on. their “guest list” is HUMonginormous!)
    R-C-L …

    1. Dude, your effusive praise always makes me smile. Thank you! The make-up quote is from the Simpsons when Homer was inventing all these terrible inventions. Here is a Youtube clip for awesome evidence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2WmZDP3kIY

      Isn’t it awesome to do the movie dialogue conversations? And you should totally write that blog post!

      The first sentence of your last paragraph actually made me laugh out loud. McDonalds truly is the worst, but I can’t seem to break the 1-2 times a year I go. Burger King I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been to one? I do like A&W onion rings though.

      I cannot even imagine a free weekend, let alone how much one costs…but I have a feeling that one will come up before I know it.

      1. (sad ( : ( ) (looks like a munkee, duzznt it?) that you haven’t pictupp R C L, but perhaps it ain’t there yet,) whitsch, (w)reminds me: i am sincere in the effusiveness!
        one of the better cigar lyings at the end of IndependenceDay: in which Will Smith hands Jeff Goldblum one, and the JG character sez sumthing like “and i always thought these would kill me”
        R C-L,

        1. That does look like a Monkey. I know that the R is for Rosco. I just need to figure out the last two…

          And I love Jeff Goldblum. That is all.

  4. I apologize for being so far behind on reading blogs but like you said…things are moving fast! I tend to only read when I have a clear head so I can focus better! Man, I know a thing about the eye twitch…I’ve had that a time or two myself! That is an absolute sign you must slow down! How to do it though? I have no idea. I know we have conversed on this subject before and I believe we made promises to meet up when we are little old ladies over a cup of hot tea! Please set your make-up gun to whore that day…there is nothing I love better than a cute little granny with loads of bright make-up on!

    1. You have nothing to apologize for! Life is bonkers, truly! I have no idea how to slow down either…we’ll have to figure something out. And I totally, totally will set the make-up gun for whore that day! I will be painted to the nines, and I CANNOT WAIT! x

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