All dressed up, with somewhere to go

So yesterday on Facebook I was tagged in a friend’s post that began, “Calling all my fashion-forward friends…”

Wait, what the – ?

I nearly fell off my chesterfield.

ME!? Fashion-forward!?

How utterly dumbfounding, and, if I’m going to be quite honest, pleasantly flattering.

It’s not that I don’t think of myself as “fashionable” (I think I have the capacity to rock an outfit every now and then), it’s just to be singled out as such gave me pause. I couldn’t help but wonder – how much of my identity, or self-perception to I take from my outward appearance, and the clothing with which I decorate my body?


And I thought, “YES. YES I AM.”

Cool your jets there Judith Butler.

I then opened my laptop and what would you know? The brilliant, beautiful, amazing, and totally fashion-fabulous Laura from As Time Goes Buy had tagged me in a wonderful post she had written about her sartorial and shopping preferences, and I thought – THIS MUST BE A SIGN.


(Don’t tell my husband.)

But before I leave the house to go bankrupt myself at Club Monaco, I will first answer a series of questions, because as a professional question answerer, that is what I do.*

*A girl can dream, can’t she?

Would you consider yourself a shopoholic?

I would not. I would however consider myself a try-it-on-aholic.

I am one of those rare weirdos who LOVES trying on clothes – of ALL kinds. I don’t care if it’s wackier than a three dollar bill, I will shimmy into that velour onsie and then pee myself laughing at my reflection.

As much as I get a kick out of modeling totally nutty clothing,my true favourite thing to try on is a beautiful dress. Sometimes it busts my heart into ten thousand little pieces knowing that I cannot bring every frock home with me, but alas, that is just the price that I have to pay when playing these dressing-room games.


How would you classify your style?

A real mixed bag. I love incredibly feminine pieces (see: my love of dresses), but I also love wearing suits with ties, men’s pants, and my husband’s cardigans.

I also (mostly) subscribe to the fashion philosophy that says if I am showing off my legs, I’ll probably cover up my top half, and vice versa.

Of course, I’m also one for breaking the rules.

Otherwise, the beach would be exhausting.

What store can you NOT leave without buying something?

Hmmm, tough question.

I would say Joe Fresh.

Mr. Fresh and I are VERY close.

Also Dairy Queen, but that is for completely different reasons.

Where do you find the best deals?

Hands down, Joe Fresh and H&M. I’ve scored some amazing deals at both of these stores, and I would say that the majority of the clothes currently populating my wardrobe were purchased from these fashion emporiums.

I also do well at Forever XXI, and Club Monaco (but only from the sales rack, for the latter, unfortunately.)

What designer are you willing to splurge on?

I would say it’s less of a designer, and more certain pieces. For instance, I paid good money for my Fidelity jeans, and four years later people are still asking me if they are brand  new. I also bought Timberland boots three winters ago and they are amazing and keep me sane through the coldest of months.

If I could actually buy any designer wares, I would be all over Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu.

All over them like a bad rash.

Do you have a “go to” shopping outfit?

In the summer – an easy, breezy, beautiful sundress.

CIMG7422 - Copy

In the fall – jeans, a t-shirt, and thick cardigan.

In the winter – thick tights, a short skirt, a warm sweater, and good boots.

In the spring – long dress, light sweater, and a trench coat.

What is your “guilty pleasure”? (not including clothes)



Hmmm, I’m not sure. Maybe my ever-growing lipstick collection?

And 7/11 apple fritters.


What is one piece of clothing you can’t live without?

This is so tough!

My fashionista answer? A really great pair of jeans.

My real-life answer? My running shoes.

Who is your style icon?

This is also a terrifically hard question.

I’m really not sure.

I absolutely love Jenna Lyons – JCrew’s president and official fashion badass. She mixes feminine and masculine looks so well, and always looks absolutely immaculate.

Carey Mulligan is also fabulous, and I also really, really want to be her friend.

Hopefully after this happens she will lend me much of her wardrobe.

Because stealing from her is going to be bloody hard.

So there you have it! My fashion sense in a nutshell.

Thanks to the lovely Laura for tagging me – do check out her site. You will be inspired.

And I also encourage all of you to share – what makes your wardrobe tick?

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16 thoughts on “All dressed up, with somewhere to go”

  1. I’m not sure if it is the latent 90s rock star or the dormant Scotsman in me but my style is a lot of plaid. Pretty much every shirt I own is some form of plaid and a couple actually come close to my family’s tartan. I do not wear jeans; haven’t since I was 14. I only ever had one pair I liked and when I was 14 my mother threw them out because they were torn to shit a decorated with a dozen different Sharpie colours.

    I too wish to be Ms. Mulligan’s friend, ever since I fell in love with her in An Education. So if you become her friend, tell her I said “what’s up”.

    1. I think a right hang-out will be in order. I’ll run it by her and then send over the plane ticket (I assume this will be happening in the UK).

      Plaid shirts are so great – you are an honorary Canadian! And that’s too bad about your pants. Maybe they will resurface – one day!

      1. That sounds good to me. As long as the ticket to the UK is on her dime (I hate to impose on new friends but she can afford it and I cannot).

        I’ll take honorary Canadian. I pinned a maple leaf badge to my backback when I traveled out of the country for the first time. Just in case…

        Not worried about the pants. In the nearly sixteen years that I haven’t worn jeans, I’ve only grown to hate them more than I did when I wore them. Besides, they wouldn’t fit me now. I’m almost ten inches taller than I was at 14 and probably a hundred pounds heavier.

  2. I love your fashion sense – plus you have the body for trying on just about anything:) I live in two worlds – professional business and active wear – polar opposites at times. I love to bargain shop – never like to pay full price. Happy Friday:)

  3. I fully agree with the “You could be a model” comment. You have a great body for clothes! However, I’m glad that you are Queen of the Comedy Castle who just happens to look fabulous! :)
    Great answers misses, thanks for playing along.

    1. I would so much rather be a comedy queen than a runway agent! (I don’t think I have the poise to pull the latter off!)

      Thanks again for tagging me, it was super fun. :)

  4. Jeans, flannel, cashmere, UGGS, flip-flops (but NOT UGGS flip-flops) — I almost never wear dresses or skirts unless I’m getting married or going to a funeral! There’s a GAP outlet near where I live — I practically live there. And JC Penney has recently stepped it up a notch (even your friend Mr. Fresh has a boutique there!) — I’m a new convert.

    1. OMG I cannot wait to do some shopping once we get stateside this summer. You guys seriously have the best stores.

      JF is basically my mecca. I feel like they should pay me I talk them up so much! We need to get you something “rogue-ish”. I’ll keep my eyes peeled the next time I am there!

      1. With you as my guide, I have no doubt that even I could pull off “rogue-ish” (whatever that is, LOL!).

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