Making it all bearable

Hey kids.


IMG_3219 - Copy

Seriously, I near but froze my toes off, tip-toeing around my balcony yesterday morning trying to get these shots.

But are they not oh-so worth it?

And then, because I’m one who can never just leave well enough alone, I had to take a second round of shots as I walked to the metro (plus one final snap when I arrived at the skytrain station.)


Honestly, I’m surprised that I don’t catch more people taking snaps of the sunrise. I mean, am I the only sap left in the world who’s moved by this kind of thing?

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I was some kind of high-flying migratory bird, or climatologist, or Greek god in one (or all of) my previous lives, what with how pathologically OBSESSED I am with the sky.

P.S I’m calling dibs on Athena, here and now and NO SWAPSIES ALLOWED! That badass gal is my homegirl through and through, ya dig?

Anywho, I can only hope that we continue to have good weather so I can carry on getting all shirty over cloud striations, and the way the early-morning horizon looks like a giant space toddler’s blue and orange finger painting project.

(p.s. I think I’ve been reading too much Drew Magary, hence the current love affair with CAPS LOCK. Do not be alarmed. As with all crushes before it – both written and otherwise – this too soon shall pass.)

In the interim, fry up time!

All that glitters is not gold.

So my fabitty fab sister in-law Vanessa is engaged to be married, and her wedding day is coming up daisies (or within the calendar year if you will). As such, she is on the hunt for a gown in which she will be fit to wed her dearly betrothed.

Now, I love weddings like the wedding-mad fool that I am, so I readily agreed to accompany her shopping the second that she asked. We spent last Saturday afternoon together, along with my mother in-law (or CAPTAIN C as I like to refer to her), visiting the various shops that line downtown New Westminster, perusing their incredibly diverse wares.

Now, my sis is a lady of discerning taste, and to say that there were some stores that didn’t quit fit the bill is a bit of an understatement.

For instance, I managed to covertly snap this picture of one of the prom dresses available for purchase at one of the shops:






Seriously, somewhere out there Rumpelstiltskin just rolled over in his grave.

(Also, that pink number isn’t anything to write home about either.)

Needless to say, we didn’t last long in that shop, and quickly moved on to a store where everything Ms. V tried on brought tears of happiness and joy to my eyes (and not, you know, a panic attack.)

Different strokes and all that, but my capacity for completely gaudy get-ups is limited, especially outside the confines of an H&M dressing room.


To a Tee.

Remember when I wrote about how awesome my little sister’s butcher shop is?

Well, check out these smashing Highland Drive t-shirts HOT OFF THE PRESSES:

photo 1

photo 4

Don’t you want one?

I have already placed an order for both M and myself, so you should probably think about procuring some of your own. All the cool kids are doing it!

Find out how you can get your mitts on these sweet things by following my wicked sister on the FACEBOOKS HERE.

(And while you’re there, you should probably stop by Ye Olde Rant and Roll and like that too. SHAMELESS PLUG Y’ALL.)

Techno queen.

Sometimes I feel as though I am overrun by gadgets.


(This overwhelming sensation definitely played a leading role in what kept me from getting a cell phone for so long.)

I mean, I go to work and sit at a compute – writing, reading, researching, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, e-mailing, scheduling, etc., etc.

Then I come home and use my laptop or tablet, like some Asimov inspired cyborg.

And it is because of this that I make such a concerted effort to make sure that I unplug at every available opportunity. I read like a reading thing as much as I can, go for walks with my husband, take endless photos of my cat (and the sky), cook, listen to the radio (what would I do without the CBC!?), talk on the phone with my far-away loved ones (ACK! I have just realized that most of these things are gadget related!), or just sit and think my madcap thoughts, all alone and on my own.

However, on this last point I really need to get better at “just being.”

Growing up, we used to always call it “bear by yourself” time. I want to re-learn how to be bear by myself.

That’s all she wrote this Friday my loves.

Wishing you all a very fabulous weekend, whether it is adventure filled or quietly serene!

Take each moment, and enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “Making it all bearable”

  1. Well, I just think you’re the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow! (two of my favorite phrases no longer used)
    I, like yourself, am inclined to notice the sky more than most. Isn’t it a shame cameras cannot truly capture the beauty? Try as I might, the human eye wins every time.
    Anyway, I hope your weekend passes swimmingly, whether it be plugged or unplugged!

    1. D’awww! Well I think you’ve absolutely swell yourself :)

      You are too right about cameras. I am always disappointed every time I try and capture nature’s jaw-dropping beauty. Nothing ever beats the actual experience.

      Happy Monday misses! x

  2. The sunset a couple of nights ago was spectacular where I live too, but we had it at sunset, however I missed the whole show. In our paper the next day there was all types of photos about the pink sunset we had, but I was too busy doing the laundry to get any photos.

  3. I have to agree with you on the gold dress – wow-wee!!! Love your captures – been locked in the fog and freezing fog that causes black ice for days now, so love seeing a different landscape:) I am trying to really unplug in the evenings and on the weekends – a half hour to an hour tops and no more if need to use technology. Happy Friday:)

    1. The dress was too nuts to be true. I kind of loved it in a crazy perverse way (even in my shock!!) The fog has arrived here too – cannot see an inch in front of my face!

      Enjoy the start to your week! xx

  4. U & clouds, me ‘n clouds, yea.
    so weave both noticed.
    space shuttle material for weddingding dresses, heh.
    i’ve been too busy? (am i kiddingding?) to post. am thinkin’ about the yoozyool last-minute pot-pouri. with cat pixures.
    oh! about a year ago i pict up a copy of THE ONION with the headline (sumting like) “85% of all Americans spend 76% of their waking time staring at glowing rectangles.” (your techno kween/gadget photo, e.g.) a co-worker of mine looked on in disbelief and tried to tell me that THE ONION was not a real newspaper. “What?!” i exclaimed … “Look at this headline! they’re on to something … i’m not sure what…” i quipped, stealing a quick glance up at the ubiquitous monitors in the corner of every office. John looked on a few seconds more in disbelief, then left without a word.

    1. Looking forward to your next opus!

      And seriously, sometimes the Onion is too true to life. Which I suppose is pretty good commentary on just how bonkers our world truly is…

  5. Too funny that we both did this, but seriously the sky was stunning that morning. How could we not?! It was totally worth getting a bit chilly for those shots. And there is so much goodness in this post. You are most certainly a sky goddess! Hope you weekend was wonderful!!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the unplugging. I’ve been consciously unplugging since Christmas and finding the escapes to be well worth the effort.

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