Up in the clouds

We are currently in Exorcist central, out here on the west coast of BC.


The fog rolled in last Friday, and since then we’ve been completely socked in, up to our eyeballs in mysterious mist.


Every so often we are tantalized with a small sliver of blue sky, but before we have a chance to relish in its splendor, the fog rolls back in, engulfing us all.

Tonight M and I are wrapped in our comfiest clothes, sitting close the fire. He is doing work and I am reading one of the most brilliant, beautiful, and hilarious poignant pieces of YA I have ever read.


Please, please check out: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.

You will not regret it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in gloom:

Dinner parties.



Nerd nights.




Winter walks.



What did each one of you get up to for the weekend?

I want to hear all about it, as I wait for this fog to lift.

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Vanessa Woznow

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18 thoughts on “Up in the clouds”

  1. I spent the weekend in the glorious sunshine of the Fraser Valley, itching to get into the garden. Then, after sunset (maybe before – but only my hairdresser knows for sure), I cozied up with a bottle of wine exactly as pictured in your blog. Moonlight Harvest reds are the best at any time – fogged in or not! :)

    1. Totes McGotes nerds unite! I love nothing more than a night in with a board game and good nerds. Although I do get pretty competitive. I almost cut a jerk when they derailed my line playing Ticket to Ride.

    1. Thanks misses! That dinner was absolutely delish. Company was fab too :)

      Settlers of Catan is amazingly fun! Check it out if you have the chance. It’s addictive! x

  2. grate kat pik! stuk (rite naaow!) in a (sch)motel rhume in (lookitupp, itz @ the edge uv the urth, then go 2 more steps) CRA(i)G colorawdough, sittin’ awn a drill rig with temps Xpect(orayti)d to be sub-zero (f). the dinnur pardee looks reel inviting, even duzz nerd nite. heck, the fogg looks UP to me! (sigh)

    1. Are you there for work? Haha, stay warm and dry (and out of the fog!)

      Nerd night is pretty darn good. If your fam likes board games, I can recommend Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan. Highly addictive stuff!!

  3. I realize this is quite a late response, but I had to say:

    I’m jealous of your dinner parties. I’m having one immediately. And forcing all my friends to come.

    Catan!!! Too much fun. Y’all should get the expansion pack. It’s also too much fun. And you get to pretend to be pirates, which, if you’re like us, means you’ll speak all piratey for three straight hours.


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