Let’s sway, while color lights up your face

Well, first things first.

A nor’easter blew in early yesterday morning, dumping snow all over Halifax. As it was also winding like a winding thing, many flights ended up being completely cancelled – including ours.

2012-12-25 12.41.08

Ho hum, pigs bum.

So, as a result (and because US Airways has only been able to get us on a flight tomorrow night), Mr. M and I will be spending New Years with the fam.

Honestly, I haven’t rung in a new three hundred and sixty-five days with my mom and sister for many, many moons, so despite the fact that I am a little bummed about not being able to be with my friends tonight, I am so looking forward to spending a few more hours with these amazing, brilliant, hilarious, and completely bonkers women.

Games will be played, oh yes.

And movies watched, and good food eaten.

A glass of bubbly may be imbibed at midnight.

I don’t know about you cats, but New Years is a always such a peculiar celebration to me.

I’ve written before how I don’t actually celebrate a new year come January 1, but on September 1 (because that, for me, is when the new year actually begins – having been brainwashed by years and years of back to school shopping, and labour day long weekends) so I never really know what to do with myself when this time of year rolls around.

I also have this weird belief that as soon as Christmas is over, spring should be just around the corner, almost as if Boxing Day should herald the arrival of cherry blossoms and blue skies.

2012-12-25 12.52.57

Knowing that we have three more months of winter to plod through is always just a little bit discombobulating.

I don’t really make resolutions, because throughout the year I am constantly making new goals, and revising old targets and expectations.

(But I sure do love reading all your posts about your objectives for the next twelve months.)

There are, however, many things that I am looking forward to next year.

Running the Sunshine Coast and Whistler half-marathons; being a part of three (three!) weddings next summer, and visiting New York in July; more stand-up gigs, speaking engagements, and radio shows; celebrating five years of marriage with my soul mate; and taking on new adventures in all avenues of my life.

All of these things actually give me goosebumps just thinking about them.

Talk about exciting and invigorating.

(Okay, okay! I would be remiss if it I didn’t say that I REALLY want to run a sub 1:30 half, and I REALLY want to do forty push-ups in a row.)

Can I say that those are my New Years 2013 resolutions? Are those resolutions? Either way, I’m going with it.

I will continue (to work on) keeping my anxiety in check, and my body issues at bay.

I will keep ranting, and keep rolling.

I will, also, continue to run, and write, and dream, and love – I will love my life with the fire and ferocity that life should be loved.

And I so much look forward to sharing this love.

2012-12-24 14.47.42

Happy New Year to you all!

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20 thoughts on “Let’s sway, while color lights up your face”

  1. … and I will keep reading! I’m so glad I found you Mrs. E-the-D. And HA on the September 1 being the start of the year… I hear you… it definitely took me a few years OUT of the school year schwing of things to reset my head on that one. But as Chloe is going to start kindergarten in just a few short years I suppose I’ll be thrown back into it. =) And OMG you’re coming to NYC in July? I would totally take off the day from work to meet you. If you don’t think that’s weird, or stalk-ish. =)

    1. Ummmm, YES! Of course I would love to meet up! That would be super, super fab.

      I too am so happy that we have met each other. I look forward to reading more about yourself and your brilliant fam! xx

  2. Love this! I’m sorry your flight got cancelled but no doubt the festivities with your fam tonight will be of epic proportions!! Enjoy the time. You are looking so fab by the way – great photo! There are so many good things ahead in 2013 for you, plus I’m super stoked that we FINALLY at long last will get to hang out in real life – eeeeee!
    Big hugs to you. I’m so excited for you with the year ahead and the joy and life you’ll bring to it! Happy New Year, Love!

    1. Happy New Year to you too miss! I hope you had a rocking night :) It was fab to spend a bit more time with the fam, and I’m missing them something fierce this morning.

      Let me know what your schedule is looking like for the coming month and we can work something out. Ahhh! Exciting!!

      Big hugs right back :) xx

  3. One extra resolution from me is to keep enjoying the wake of your ranting and rolling. Stay happy and healthy. Maybe we’ll even see you in next year’s tough mudder. :)

  4. where do the post/blog/entry titles come from? practically invariably, they are superb! (and the post which follows ain’t bad, either)
    fondest regards w/r the year to come, and thanx for the cyber-companionship for the year about to be swept downstream — r.b.

    1. Most come from books/music/movies that I love. This is from Let’s Dance by David Bowie (big time fave he is.) And thank you! What a fab comment.

      I too look forward to another year of cyber-friendship. Great imagery of a year being swept away with the flow of things – love it!

  5. Happy New Year, friend!

    I feel, too, that once the holiday bustle is over something different should happen. It seems odd that the Christmas lights are taken down yet it still feels cold (well, as cold as a southern winter can get…so jealous of your snow). However, I try to find things each month to look forward to, so 3 more months of winter isn’t too terribly depressing. For instance, on Valentines Day, we go eat barbeque and this tiny hole-in-the-wall that also has live blues music. To me, it’s a great way to chase away the long winter blues.

    And I’m liking more and more this idea of continuing to live the way you’ve been living instead of making silly resolutions that no one keeps anyway. Let’s start a new trend. :)

    Safe journey home!

    1. Ms. Laura! We arrived home so very late last night (actually, it was more like early this morning) and I woke up today to your beautiful Christmas card. So, so cute!

      No snow here in Vancouver, but it is cold and there is all this amazing low-hanging fog. It looks pretty rad indeed. It’s funny because I am jealous of your heat!

      Valentines Day for sure is something to look forward to, and goodness would I ever love to join you for some live blues. I love, love that music so much! Happy New Year to you too – wishing you brilliance and beauty, always. xx

  6. Bring it on 2013! I’m glad you’re able to spend more time with the fam, and I hope you and your hubby’s travel home is flawless and exciting; let’s ring in the new year with a little spice!

  7. You are the cutest thing EVER! I hope that you meet or surpass all of your “goals” for the year!

    This New York in July thing… will you be in Manhattan?

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