Sale, sale, sale!

Yesterday M and I braved the elements and suited up to do retail combat with all the other Haligonian boxing day shoppers.

Little known fact – here in Halifax, everything remains closed on December 26th and the shopping extravaganza doesn’t start until the 27th.

(I like to refer to it as Boxing Day Part II – Box Harder.)

When we first left the house it was bitter cold, but the air was clear of any snow flurries (or cloud debris if you will). However, about ten minutes into our walk downtown, the white stuff started in earnest and didn’t stop for the next couple of hours.

I’m pretty sure that between the time we left the house, and by the time we pried our boots off our feet upon our return, it had snowed a good ten centimeters.

Ch-ch-check it:



Mr. M bought two new pairs of shoes – running and dress – and I bought this little green number:


(Please excuse the rumpled state of this dress – I haven’t had a chance to iron out the creases. Rufus also refuses to take part.)

(As does Simon.)


We were so cold walking back that we had to make a pit stop to warm up. We chose a little Vietnamese cafe and I ate this delicious coconut curry tofu soup:


Good grief that broth packed a punch – hot, spicy, delicious.

Elsewhere in the cosmic kitchen, we’ve been playing games like the game nutters that we are, eating delicious and decadent food, running like Forrest Gump, listening to great music, dancing about the kitchen, and watching movies late into the night (and sometimes into the early morning. I officially don’t need to watch another Bond flick for the rest of my days here on this here planet.)

We even suited up and worked a shift at my sister’s butcher shop and storehouse. (Stay tuned for a much longer post on this incredibly business venture.)

Here I am in full shop regalia:


This was pretty much one of the most fun things EVER – talk about fam jam teamwork (although I was pretty adement working the cash, as handling large quantities of meat isn’t exactly my bag.) We even had a family photo taken in the store last night.

I cannot wait to see the final results.

What’s been happening in your necks of the woods? Did you purchase anything on boxing day?

I’m so sorry that I have been lax in keeping up with all your brilliant blogs. I’ll be back to normal soon – at present I’m just soaking up all the family time I can get.

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18 thoughts on “Sale, sale, sale!”

  1. Looks wonderful! Ah, the snow, the cozy house, the fab outfits- it looks like such a fun day and quite a happy outing!! An excellent post and I had to smile the whole way through. :)
    Enjoy the rest of the week with your lovely fam! I get my little bro back from my grandma for the weekend and tomorrow his bestest buddy arrives too. Full house!
    Wishing you a very happy weekend, my loveliest!!

    1. Hi hi! Ahhh, just reading your notes puts a massive smile on my silly little face. You are such a doll! I am so glad that the holidays have been treating you well (you deserve it all and more!) Have the best time with your brother and friend – rest up, party, eat, dance, and make merry!

      I cannot wait to make plans with you to meet up in the new year. EEP! Excitement! xx

  2. Love the dress! I have yet to venture forth into the terrible scene that is the post-Christmas shopping extravaganza in Miami. I am likely to be run over or worse… My bravery only goes so far.

  3. ahhhhh…… all that snow…white xmas eh? Here we call it “wet” Xmas. people are growing gills in Vancouver. It is our way of adapting to the whole climate change. Hugs to all of you!

  4. I cannot wait for the post about the butcher shop. Cannot wait.

    I am so glad that you had the opportunity to enjoy your family, work for your sister, and buy a new frock. I bought three new shirts after Christmas. They’re flannel. I bought them in the Men’s at JC Penney. They were $8 each. Talk about your bargains! Fangette has begged me not to wear them outside the house, but I love them and will be sporting them as often as possible. I don’t care what she thinks. So, there!

    1. Coming this Monday!

      It was so, so fab to spend the time with them. I miss them buckets when we’re apart, so we really treasure the time we have together.

      YES! Flannel shirts are the bomb. Fangette has yet to release her inner hipster (unlike her cool mum it would seem.) You are also an honourary Canuck whenever you sport your flannel – I’ll send the maple syrup over shortly. x

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