The usual, please

This Christmas I went running.

It’s tradition.

I don’t know when exactly this custom of mine started, but for the past five or so odd years I have found myself pounding the pavement – sometime betwixt the hours of nine and five – come the twenty-fifth of December.

And I love it.

Many of you who read this blog know that I am a bit of a nut when it comes to running.

For those of who don’t, running is my meditation, my calm. It allows me to bring focus and clarity to the busiest (and most bonkers) of days; it allows me to both greet the morning sun, and to bask in the late afternoon dusk.

When I run, I am life.

I am love.

And on Christmas –  a day that marks so much love and life, that is chock-a-block full of bustle, and laughter, of wrapping, and lace – I like to sneak away for a half hour or so.

I lace up my runners, and slip on a toque, and run, run, run, until my lungs fill with fire, and my eyes cry wind-swept tears, and my cheeks burn from the sun, and the fine sea salt spray – and I can feel my blood rushing from the top of my head, to the tips of my toes.

And with each stride, with each step, I feel this love and life.

So yesterday I ran.

From my mother’s house I flew – across park, road, and path, buoyed (or blasted) by strong gusts of wind, I raced up to the top of the Halifax Citadel.

My breath strong, yet steady, and my legs felt weightless (although that could have been the cold.)

And there, at the top, overlooking all of the city –

I felt on top of the world.

2012-12-25 12.39.01

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Vanessa Woznow

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27 thoughts on “The usual, please”

  1. Beautiful! You make me smile, you wild running woman!! It sounds blissful and makes me want to pull out my runners and take off (but today’s it’s the spin bike at the gym for me). :) HUGS!

  2. So important to make time, amidst all the excitement and (good) bustle for the things that leave you nice and centred and calm. Good move! That reminds me, I should be doing some yoga…

  3. Though many people don’t believe me, running is my stress relief; it gives me energy, life, and satisfaction. More often than not I run without music just to allow my mind to wander in the rhythmic cadence of my feet. Keep that running spirit alive, sister, I’ll be pounding the pavement along with you! And I hope you had a splendidly merry Christmas!

    1. Yes! A runner sister in arms! I love it. It’s very hard to communicate exactly what it does for me to people who don’t run. It’s nice to know there are others out there that just get it.

      Thanks you! And a very, merry Christmas right back to you and yours. xx

    2. NOW, i like that! me too! i think i/we/you gotta feel sorry for those deloodid souls with the earpieces in their ears out pounding either the dirt or pavement!

  4. liked the foresty-trail pixure. i’ve been (as i complaind) a bit under whatever weather, but, as always, plan to get back runnnningating (w)regularly whenever and often. prob’ly tamarrow. wif da dorgz.
    in the early 1970’s i drove from boulder to 4t collins to run a christmas day 10k. now that i ponder this, WHO does a christmas day run anymore anyweigh?

  5. I did a little running myself on Christmas. I ran from the car to the movie theater entrance because it was so frikkin’ cold. We saw “Lincoln”. LOL.

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