And all through the house

Happy Christmas eve beauty cats!

After a good twenty-eight hours of traveling, M and I finally made it to Halifax safe and sound.

We had a long wait at SeaTac, so we enjoyed some wine and dessert at one of the airport’s lounges.

2012-12-22 18.25.58
Wines from Spain, Argentina and Chile. We liked the Chilean the best.

It’s a hard life, but you know, we’re happy to take one for the team.

(It’s pretty nuts knowing that it’s cheaper for us to drive to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY and then fly back to Canada, than to just purchase tickets out of YVR, BUT! That is a post for another day – I am too relaxed, and the house smells too good, and I am wearing too sparkly of a skirt, and I have a too sleepy cat in my lap to care all that much.)

I am warm, and happy, and snuggly, and fab.

The city here is cold, but beautiful, and our house twinkles in the glow of tea lights and fire light, and the snow flurries wink as they dance past the windowpanes.

ALSO. We have big, BIG news!

My sister and her long-time partner Mel just got engaged!

This fills me with so much happiness it’s practically impossible to communicate just how truly chuffed I really am. They are a brilliant couple and I cannot wait to see them declare their love for one another in front of family and friends next summer in New York.

We’ve only been here but a day and things are rolling like rolling things.

Here are some snaps for the past twenty-four hours:

2012-12-24 12.23.23
Fireplace mantel decked to the nines.
2012-12-24 12.25.32
Snoopy skating about the place. An all-time favourite ornament for all three sisters.
2012-12-24 12.27.33
Beauty sister.
Basement cat Simon. Getting pats from Mr. M.
Basement cat Simon. Getting pats from Mr. M.
Monsieur Rufus doing his own thing, despite our pleas for him to get off the table.
Monsieur Rufus doing his own thing, despite our pleas for him to get off the table.
Cousins are doing it for themselves. In flannel.
Our tree trimmed with care.
Our tree trimmed with care.

Wishing you all the merriest of merries, and a Christmas filled with laughter and love, friends and family, peace and joy.

I toast to each and every one of you! xx

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26 thoughts on “And all through the house”

  1. As I’m reading this blog, it strikes me that we may have a lot in common. I’m currently living in Vancouver BC, but grew up in Sackville Nova Scotia. What are the odds of that coincidence? I hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Cheers.

    1. Oh my goodness, that’s amazing! Talk about coincidences. What brings you to the west coast? Happy (belated) Christmas right back Ms. Christine. I hope it was just brilliant. xx

          1. I’m studying at Vancouver Acting School right now, but I received my BA in English and Theatre from UNB in Fredericton. If you’re in Vancouver, I would love to get together to discuss blogging and what not.

    1. Thanks Ms. Liz! Nothing says Christmas in Canada like a good old fashioned flannel Christmas party. (I started writing this comment thinking it would be hilariously silly, only to realize, no, that’s actually the truth.)

    1. The fat man spoiled me rotten. Good thing, as I was extra good with a side dollop of delightful this year. Hah! Hope the fashion mister treated you like the queen that you are! xx

      1. The Fashion Mister is getting pretty clever and did a good job this year. Of course having a glass of bubbles waiting for me when I got home from worked sure helped! :)
        Cheers and Happy New Year to you!

          1. I have not, but my sister has… raves about Nova Scotia in general and Halifax in particular. I am sure I would love it :)

  2. Oh my goodness, lady your Christmas looks blissful and so so cozy! Glad you two made it safely and get to enjoy precious time with family. Congrats to your gorgeous sister and her beau!! I’m sure the mirth with continue through this week and hope you get to relax, rejuvenate, and rejoice with loved ones!

    When do you get back? Do you get spend New Years with the fam?
    Sending big hugs and much love from Washington!

    1. Hey sweets,

      Thanks so much for the fab note :) We really are living it up down here on the east coast. It’s cold, but we make do! I will for sure pass along your congratulations – the two of them are just on cloud nine. It makes my heart smile like a smiling thing to see!

      I am back on the 31st, just in time to ring in the new year. Happy, happy day to you, your love, and your bro. I’m sure you all had an absolute blast! Do you have plans for New Years?

      Big love and hugs,

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