Love is all around me

Hi kitty cats!

My lovely man snapped this bonkers photo of me late Saturday night (actually now that I think about it, it was more like early Sunday morning) after returning home from two shindigs with our lovely friends.

I shouted down from upstairs that I needed him to take a photo of my skirt and as I raced downstairs this is what happened:

IMG_2667 - Copy

I kind of love it.

Almost as much as I love this skirt.

Either way, ho hum, pigs bum.

And elsewhere in the cosmic kitchen –

Kitten love.


Fondue festivities.


All the noms were enjoyed in this photo. Oh yes.

Also, in cool news on the comedy front, I was invited to perform at an open mic in Surrey on Sunday night (and I did it! HUZZAH!)

This turned out to be excellent fun times. I brought a rad posse of bad-ass friends to keep me company, as I was a little nervous about being the only girl comic there – as I imagine this position to be one with some inherent loneliness.

I can only imagine how nuts it would have been had I showed up and just proceeded to read some Brothers Karamazov while waiting to do my set.

Actually, I kind of want to do that next time just to see the reaction.

Good grief.

I am also going to be performing at a Pro-Am show on December 20th.


So things are happening! Funny things are happening!

In the meantime, I am actually dead alive on my feet after a weekend of madcappery and brilliance.

On Friday night I met up with a fab friend for a post-work drink, and goodness gracious was that ever a laugh and a half.

Seriously dudes, when I say that all the laughs were belong to us, THIS IS NO JOKE.

We also might be clinically insane.

As I rode skytrain home I kept trying to read my book but couldn’t because I just kept giggling like a bloody loon. People were looking at me like I was absolutely mad.

(Not a heck of a lot different from my everyday experience, but hey, at least I’m always enjoying myself, right?)

When I got home M had prepared for us an amazing fondue feast and we gorged ourselves on gruyere before retiring to our newly transformed Christmas den (aka living room) to watch Love Actually and drink scotch (him) and tea (me.)


Don’t think I’ll ever be able to do the scotch thing, but it seems as though Mr. M is turning into el suavo extraordinaire.

Such a total, total, stud.

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of parties, runs, cleaning sprees, gift shopping, and catch-up brunches (are there any other kind?)

Goodness I hope not.

What did you all get up to this weekend?

I want to hear all about it.

(And that’s no joke.)

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20 thoughts on “Love is all around me”

  1. I too watched Love Actually this weekend. I enjoyed the incredible crassness where Billy Mack shoved an extra syllable into the line “so if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow”. Scotch is pretty great; you just gotta find the right ones and learn to add the right amounts of water and change the temperature just right to bring out the right flavours for your palette.

      1. best skotsch (axually two) i ever had were 1. my daughter brought a bottle from Gnu ZEEEland (so it can’t rightly be called ‘scotch’). i still have the bottle. could furnish the name if anyone’s interested, but i’d hafta go out to the garage. 2. suntouri … from Japan! (so it can’t be called …) and yes, can. club w/canadaDry ginger ail is all right w/me (and ‘betty’)

        1. I love how you’ve spelled new as a water buffalo! Suntori was really good when I had it. I have a bottle of Japanese whisky I’ve been saving for the birth of my first child and I am hoping to open it very soon in celebration. I’ve had a few phenomenal Scotch whiskys but mostly at tastings and bars and cannot remember most for the life of me. I think Balmore or Balvennie were in my tops; Red Breast being my favourite Irish.

          Wish I had more time and money to obtain more and more whisky experience but sadly that isn’t in the cards for me.

  2. No madcappery here, that’s for sure!

    I must watch “Love, Actually”. I’m putting it on my Netflix RIGHT NOW!

    I think it’s great that you are doing the open mic comedy stuff.. good for you!

  3. So much awesomeness packed into one post!! First the skirt rocks my socks – you are smokin’, lady! Second, Nymeria has got to the fuzziest, cutest little kitten girl. And the fondue – sweet nectar of melted cheese, that’s what it is!

    I’m so excited for you, sounds like the stand-up is taking off like mad for you!! Seriously, if you’re coming out to B’ham, please please let me know. And your cozy, Christmas-y den is wonderful. Perfect for tea and scotch (I hear they’re great mixed together…). :) So glad it was a fantastic weekend and hopefully you can recover this week because knowing you, you’ll be doing it all over again next weekend!
    Much much love and big hugs to you!

    1. Isn’t she the cutest? I think you and I could win hands down for cutest pets :) And thanks! I loooove the skirt too, and am pretty sure I’ll be wearing it everyday over the hols. Eep!

      I will TOTES let you know as soon as I get the chance to do a show in your home town. It will make me feel so international. Hah! Our Christmas den is basically my favourite place to spend time these days, although I have yet to try scotch and tea together. I can only imagine that combo…!

      Big, big hugs to you! Hope you and Mr. J are having a lovely Tuesday! x

  4. oh (whiskey, sheeesh!) whuddiddwedooo the weekend? we wuzz (& still are sick-ish! — tho’ i’ll post a chilly snowy forest hike whenever). thass why i’ve been teeeripping? (not ‘ripping’ mesupposses) down mesmoree laying some …

  5. Wow- I love your new skirt!! Makes me want to shop before Christmas :D And very cool Christmas den. I haven’t decorated anything this year because Delilah broke the tree- 2 years running. Poor Christmas tree. It snapped. In half. Maybe I will throw some tinsel around later because your pic looks so pretty!

    1. OMG, this comment made me laugh (it might have been more of a guffaw actually.) Kitties are such, such scamps at this time of year! Nymeria certainly does love her a bauble that’s for sure.

      And thank you! I really love it too – will probably wear it out by the time the new year rolls around :) xx

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