Shine bright like a diamond

Hey you beauty cats.

Holy smokes, today I am le tired.

Last night was stand-up comedy fest 2012 – aka my first time at the microphone in front of buckets and buckets of people – at it was AH-MAZE-ING.

Seriously, it one of the most brilliant nights of my life.

I ended up being the de facto headliner of the evening (as I was the last comic to perform) and I kind of want to say that I killed.

The audience laughed at all the right places (and at some bits that I never really considered all that funny), and even better, they laughed loudly.

I also had a number of other comics approach me after my set and ask me if I had ever done stand-up before (some actually thought I was a performer that my teacher had booked to close off the night).

So fair warning, I’m about two steps away from quitting my life and becoming a professional runner/stand-up comedian (although I should probably remain an amateur because that way I can compete in the stand-up comedy/running Olympics.)


Fry-up time!

Shine on you crazy diamond.

So if you’ve been paying attention to any of this year’s holiday fashion trends you would know that sparkles are currently all the rage.

And as such, I feel like a crazed attention deficient hummingbird every time I enter a clothing store.

Everything is shimmering and glittering, and I want to try on each disco-ball inspired piece.

Just yesterday I was at Joe Fresh in hopes of procuring a sparkly skirt (one that I could wear to the myriad of Christmas parties and get togethers I have coming down the pipe over the next month) and I was near blinded by an absolute deluge of sparkle.

Talk about sensory overload.

I did end up purchasing a lovely little number (I am kicking myself for not snapping a photo, but will be sure to take one this weekend) that is absolutely perfect, with just the right amount of glitz and glam.

In the mean time, check out these nails:


Oh baby.


I’d stop the world and melt with you.

I don’t always cheese on toast.


But when I do, I cheese on toast with two kinds of cheese.

Sharp cheddar. Parmesan.

Oh baby.

Out of a canon.

I spent the summer after my second year of undergrad in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It’s an absolutely brilliant city and I urge you all to go should you ever get the chance.

One of my jobs was working the front door at a fab little bar/restaurant down at the waterfront, on the nights they had bands or performers playing.

The nub and gist of my position was the more people I could convince to stay and pay cover, the more money I would take home at the end of the night.

Now when I say I loved my job, I am not lying. Above and beyond the fact that I made a crap ton of money (due to my oustanding powers of coercion), I got to listen to amazing music pretty much every night that I worked.

In particular, there was always one musician who – week in and week out – continually knocked my socks off.

Ladies and gents, may I present to you –

Matt Andersen:

Most of his stuff is much bluesier, but I cannot tell a lie, I’m digging this foray into the country tunes.

It gets me fired up.

Oh baby.

So there you have it you crazy loons.

I will post the link to my stand-up set on Youtube as soon as it is uploaded.

In the mean time, enjoy your weekends, eat some cheese and toast, and be your brilliant, beautiful, bonkers selves.

Because goodness knows, you’re what makes the world go round.

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Vanessa Woznow

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26 thoughts on “Shine bright like a diamond”

  1. Are you looking for material on the surreal society they call America? I am building a collection. Congradulations, glad you broke a leg. can’t wait to see the video. Love dad

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Congratulations on the comedy night!
    I would have loved to be there.
    Naturally you would be great, because all good comedians are rather smart and great people watchers…which sounds like you! :)

    1. Lol, is that just a nice way of telling me that I am a creeper? Hahaha! (It’s totally true too!) But thank you so much! This is such a lovely comment that has me smiling like a loon. x

  3. So so glad your stand up night was a hit!! Would LOVE to come up for a future performance and cheer you on. :) Sounds like you’re hooked, and then some! How you find time to do everything, I will never know.
    Yes, yes, yes, the glitz, the shiny – it’s all so much fun. I’ve been soaking it up too and trying to stick with buying Christmas gifts instead of awesome clothes. Ah temptation…
    Brilliant idea with the cheeses, it’s such a good blend!
    And your old must have been a blast. I could imagine you being in your happy place there. :)
    Have a lovely, happy, and adventurous weekend, amiga bonita. And we need photos of that hot number you’ll be wearing to the parties!

    1. Oh my goodness, I do that all the time! Set out to purchase gifts and then get completely sidetracked looking at all the gorgeous clothing on display. I am terrible, but I cannot help it! I have a wandering eye (for beautiful clothes!).

      Definitely do the cheese blend. Nothing better – soooo delish! And thank you SO much! I would love, love to have you come up to a show, but I should also tell you that my friend Damien who works in Bellingham is trying to get me to come down and do an open mic there sometime soooooo YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW IF THIS HAPPENS! Haha…

      Love, love to you misses. Hope you’re smiling bright :) x

  4. great/grate gowowing, kid!
    now: CLONE yerself: 1 for whatever it is you yoostadew, and the other is the potential podium occupant for the stand-up/biathlon/runnnin olympix.

      1. no, not the pinnea gig, no. i mostly kinda really mintitt: if you could be TWO, the one could continue “as before” and the other embark on this (apparently?) new path which seems to be open(ing) …

  5. OMG….I am so proud of you!!! Cannot wait to see your stand-up! I’m going to put on my glittery sweater, toast some cheese, and prepare to be entertained.

  6. Congrats on your stand-up! I’ve always heard you can’t just be funny to do stand-up, but that one needs a certain edge to make the cut. Bravo Ms. Edge!
    Rather ridiculous the shimmer and sparkle has become. I mean, an accent shine here and there, great, but I’m somewhat disinclined to dazzle the retina off those who look my way. Call me old fashion.
    Cheesy toast – bomb. Two words: tomato soup.
    Judging from how much you dig Matt Andersen, check out Robert Randolph & The Family Band. He’s got the same upbeat blues feel you might like!

    1. First, Robert Randolph and the Fam is so awesome! Thank you for such an amazing tip. I will be listening for days. Second – OMG tomato soup YES. The best combo of all time. I think I know what I’m going to be eating for lunch today…hah!

      Third, retinal damage totally made me laugh, because it’s true! It’s quite bonkers out there. And thank you! It was such a rush, and I really look forward to doing it again! x

  7. Kick ass ethel!! So happy to hear you rocked the stand up! Must have been such a rush. Cannot wait to see some of it!! Good thing you live close to a comedy club – you can be on-call when someone doesn’t show ;)

  8. Yay, you were funny! ;) But I had complete confidence that you’d kill it. And make every other comedian there feel very inadequate.

    I, too, have noticed the extreme amount of sparkles everywhere. But I can’t complain, glitter and I have been supertight since I was small. Besides, the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without something red and glittery. Fact.

    And now I want some cheese toast…this desire is complicated by the fact that we have no bread. And no cheese, either. Bother.

    Happy Sunday, friend, and I hope your week is lovely!

    1. I so love that you are a glittery fan yourself! It puts such a wacky grin on my face :)

      I’m not sure about the inadequacy part, but I sure had a blast myself. I actually performed at another show last night (for a much different audience at that) and had just as fun of a time!

      Must get some cheese and some bread and then all the goodness will belong to you.

      Have a fab, fab week you beauty gal! x

  9. That’s so cool that you did stand up. Congrats and I’m glad it was such an awesome experience for you. You are such an inspiration whenever I come back and check out what you’ve been up to. Always so confident and sparkly <3
    I want to go to there!

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