You’ll listen to it twice, on the radio

Hi kids.

Do you ever get the overwhelming urge to just shout out: “What do you mean constantly talking about it isn’t going to make me any less tired!?”

It’s been but a four day work week and I’m totally ready to pack it in for the next seven.

Good grief.

However, fab happenings this weekend include running the Fall Classic 10k on Sunday, and then later that night hosting the Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio.

If you cool cats wish to tune in as yours truly burns up the airwaves, please fix your dials to 100.5 fm (if you live in Beautiful BC) or else surf on over here to catch an earful.

Nine p.m. sharp!

Also, tomorrow I have two talks with the United Way, and then later that night, the man with whom I share my home (but so rarely see outside the hours of 11pm-6am – if you wish to equate “drooling quietly while asleep beside his comatose body” with “seeing”) are going on a date.


We are finally going to check out Skyfall and see what all the fuss is about.

I actually really like James Bond flicks – whether they’re old-school cheese-fests or Jason-Bourne-only-in-a-tux (as I like to say about the Daniel Craig iterations) – so I’m looking forward to watching Mr. Broccoli’s latest release.

In the interim, Fry-up time!

If you think I’m sexy.

So in my post this past Monday, I published a photo of just some of the sweet records M and I listen to whilst up on the Sunshine Coast.

One of the singers highlighted was Rod Stewart, and as I mentioned to one of my lovely commenters, my love for Mr. Footloose and Fancy Free pretty much knows no bounds.

I bloody well adore him.

Just last night, I was driving home from my weekly meet up with my Little, and this song came on the radio:

OMG this tune absolutely slays me.

For instance, I can remember the exact moment I heard it for the first time.


I am dancing to this song at my grandparent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.

I am twelve years old.

At one point everyone – all of the aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, my grandparents – join hands and start dancing as one big group, moving to the centre of the circle and then back out again, whooping it up, laughing, smiling; just having an absolute blast.

The love I feel in that moment is so overwhelming I feel as though my heart is either going to burst from my chest and or leak out of my shoes. I so badly don’t want to cry, so instead I smile so wide that my cheeks ache and I swear I can feel a softball wedging its way halfway down my throat.

So even though they are good tears, I don’t want to make a scene, as I am sure no one would be able to understand the myriad of emotions that are running rabid about my body.

In the end, I actually have to go to the bathroom to gather up my wits, as eventually no amount of nutty smiling could keep my tears inside of me any longer.

My body is wracked by deep, guttural sobs, and I desperately blot at my eyes with scratchy paper towel.

It’s a strange (sense) memory, I know, but I will always, always long this song.

And Rod.

I will definitely always adore him.

You talk to a log?


Twin Peaks.


I just watched the first episode on Netflix last night.

M kept explaining how he thinks the show is a blend of a Kids in the Hall sketch and how he wishes he life could be.

I don’t know how to take this. Like, at all.

Anyways, I know that the people who love this show, love it like I love a Rod Stewart song, so I definitely don’t want to alienate any rabid David Lynch fans out there.

Suffice to say that I haven’t watched nearly enough of the show to formulate a decent opinion, so I will hold my tongue until I have the chance to immerse myself further in the program.

The one thing I will say is that so far is – V.V. WEIRD.

(But, again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

Just a v. v. weird thing.


Sweet, sweet charity.

If one of you could please purchase this and send it to me, boy would I ever be thankful:

(I don’t even need the hat.)

Also, I can repay you in excellent shrimp fajitas and apple-blueberry crisp.

I have references.

What are you mad hatters up to for the weekend? Are you Twin Peaks fans? Also, let me know if you need my mailing address.

Finally, please pray for mojo that the downpour stays away and I’m not washed down the drain on the course come Sunday.

Because if I’m not running like the wind, I’ll be streaming by like the rain.

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22 thoughts on “You’ll listen to it twice, on the radio”

    1. i suspect yoove dunn a 10k, a fast one. i didn’t merely set, i SHATTERED my 6-mile PW yesterday! it was a PREDICTION race, they gave out 6 turkeys, i was 7th. i’m still grumpitty and feelin’ sorry fer mice elf, but it’ll be BEER-&-CIGAR shortly, and i think i’ll make an inukthingy sumwear whilst (w)rambleengbling wif da dawgz.

      1. I ended up running it in 42 minutes and came in 13th of all the women – 57th overall. It was freeeeezing! So windy and rainy, bleurgh. But it was fun anyway!

        You seriously never fail to crack me up with the whole PW thing. But hey, a beer and cigar, inukshuks and your awesome doggies, in your beautiful backyard (aka all of Colorado) sounds like a truly fabulous consolation prize! I look forward to reading all about it!

    1. Guess what? We went to buy tickets and they were all sold out! Ahhhhh!

      Silly us. We’re going to try again this week, maybe cheap Tuesday? Hope you’re weekend was just fab :)

  1. I LOVE that blazer! Skyfall was very good. I loved all the nods to classic Bond and Javier Bardem was a great villian. Judi Dench has tons of screen time which is always great!

    1. I know right? I die. Plus I want those pants like the dickens.

      So, we were totally fandagled out of the flick – we showed up and it was already sold out! We are going round two this week.

  2. Thanks for the link to the radio show you do! I will listen back to the show when you’re done! How cool! What other dates did you feature on it? I know you’ve mentioned it before.

    That memory is amazing. I love those moments of emotion that stick with us so strongly!

    This weekend I will be living it up at the ER where they are training me on reception… but it’s not like the old TV show. Plus they call it the ED here so it doesn’t have the same ring to it. More of an old-man problem comes to mind…

    And this rainy morning before I go to work I think I will cast on a new knitting project! haha. How old am I?

    Hope your weekend is great fun and the talks are awesome and the movie is fun and the run stays dry! :)

    1. I love that knitting is enjoying a renaissance among young women. It’s totally cool and wish I had the patience/skill for it, but alas, I am complete mess when it comes to needles and wool.

      How was the ER? (Or should I say ED? – LOL. I really love the that it sounds like you work in the viagra ward. Hilarious!)

      I also hosted September 16 and 30, July 1 and April 15. :)

      Stay warm and dry my lovely friend!

  3. Skyfall is on my to do list and, being that I’m in beautiful BC, I think tuning in to your alighting of the airwaves at nine just also made the list. Sounds cool.

    Good luck on your run!

    1. Ooof, the show ended up being a bit of a boondoggle at the beginning. Tech issues and a late guest, but we persevered. I am quite OCD about things going on time/in order so I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience. :)

  4. Ms. E! Long time no see! You’re up and busy as always, I’m not nutters for Skyfall but I won’t miss a chance to see it though.
    I love Rod Stewart too! If you could ask my mom, she’ll tell you. The man is awesome, more than even. I never heard this song so I took a hint and got some tissue. It is powerful. Dang. There are only a few people that can really make words touch us to the core, Rod is one of them.
    Nine sharp, right? I’m already tuned in, I think I’m hearing French singing :)
    I’d love it if someone got that for me too.

    1. Devina! So nice to see your beautiful face around these parts :) I will let you know how Skyfall is, once I get a chance to see it, because alas, it was all sold out by the time we got to the theatre.

      I’m so happy that you too love Rod! He really is an amazing singer. So happy I could introduce you to my favourite of his songs.

      Hope you had a brilliant weekend and are recovering from an onslaught of exams. :) I will send you the link for the show asap.


  5. Good luck on your run! You will destroy!

    Going to see Skyfall tonight too. I didn’t see Quantum of Solace though, oops.

    I hope you end up liking Twin Peaks, it’s def. weird, but I think it’s a great blend of quirky comedy with darker undercurrents.
    But be forewarned: The network forced David Lynch to solve the central mystery in season 2, which I believe resulted in a big dip in quality… I didn’t even get that far, I stopped watching partway through season 2 because I lost faith that it would keep up the quality from season 1. Also: keep an eye out for Zooey & Emily Deschanel’s mum…I think their dad directed a few episodes too.

    Also Is that outfit from Club Monaco? <3!

    1. No worries about not seeing QoS – I thought it wasn’t all that great. How did you like Skyfall?

      I’ll keep watching Twin Peaks – it seems like a good show now that we are in the bowels of Fall/early Winter.

      And YES! I loooooove it!

  6. Is it just me? I haven’t heard anyone else say this yet, but I think Daniel Craig is the homeliest James Bond ever. I know we don’t expect men to be pretty, but jebus!

    1. Absolutely hilarious! I remember when he was picked as the next Bond and the uproar was fast and furious. I like his eyes, and his cool demeanor. But definitely not my “type” either :)

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