Take a deep breath, and jump right in

Home again home again, jiggity jog.

Our short sojourn up the BC mainland has come to an end – much too quickly (as always), but we have many hilarious and brilliant memories to keep us content and warm until our next hop to paradise.

The mercury has dipped like a salsa chip here on the west coast – if I had to wager a guess, I would say that it dropped at least ten degrees Celsius over the past few days, from sitting comfortably in the low-teens on Thursday, to flirting with just above zero this morning.

Something shifts when the weather changes.

Just this morning, out on my run, my interactions with nature seemed both comforting and slightly stilted.

Like my environs were a dense wool sweater – protection against the frost – that I hadn’t yet grown into.

I swear I could hear ever rustle of every leaf, every gust of wind winding its way through every branch of every tree. The piercing call of a steller’s jay, the haunting call of a loon, the unsure bark of a dog – everything somehow magnified and yet muffled, overwhelming but also out of reach.

The rhythm of my breathing, a friendly, reassuring constant, despite the slight discomfort in my little lungs, adjusting to those first big gulps of frigid air.

My favourite route – high hills, blind curves, douglas firs. The sea salt air tickling my (red, running) nose.

Sometimes I run so fast I cry; tears streaming down my face, propelled by the wind, the cold, my speed.

Sometimes I don’t want to blink.

Because if I blink, it will be gone.



Morning sunshine.

Afternoon fade.


Into the woods.






So there you have it beauty cats.

Memories, for another day.

We are now back at home, hunkered down. The fire roars and the fat rain drops coat the world a cool, slick, black.

What did you all get up to for the weekend?

Hang up those wet coats, and rest awhile.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

26 thoughts on “Take a deep breath, and jump right in”

  1. I love this post. I feel so close to nature too. Nothing clears my mind and puts me at peace than being out in the woods. That picture of the trees with that deep orange floor of dried pine needles makes me feel like home :)

    1. I love that you feel this way too. There really is something about the woods/nature that can make you feel completely centered and at peace. All of your senses are heightened and you really feel alive.

  2. You sure live in a beautiful place. I love that you so enjoy it!

    Thumbs up on your record collection! I think I, too, own every one of those albums (on vinyl)…the difference is that I probably bought them when they were new, LOL. You are an old soul, as my Grandmother used to say!

    1. LOL. I certainly am when it comes to that music. We listened to Abby Road like, three times on repeat and I keep yammering on about how “NOTHING WILL EVER ME BETTER THAN THE BEATLES. EVVVEEEER.”

      Seriously, nothing better than a fire, some sweet tunes, and a bunch of board games. Heaven!!

      And thank you!

  3. i don’t know wear to begin, but(t): that series of photos of how the outsighed looked during the day –> mo(u)rning ’til sunset, almost had my head reeling (it could be that i’m malnourished and on a “cheap sugar/coffee high”). the way you (frequently? ALL the time? get the words flowing, interestingly, like a quilt, weaving, threads intertwined)
    and, yeah, NOW I KNOW: how you describe the “change of the season” (1st) run. “ME, TOO,” tho’ i struggle to even begin to describe and say it so well. (you may soon note a pale and thin attempt to copy you in ‘my area’ shortly — 1st SNOW RUN! of the season)
    do you and M OWN a time-share/place up there? consider that this kid is a land-loct desert dweller — scenes such as coastal PAC NW are MAGICAL. trubbul izz: i like that area, B duzzn’t.

    1. It’s M’s parents place. They so kindly let us go up there every so often (sometimes it’s a fam jam and everyone shows up!) I would love to own there one day – it is my favourite place in the world!

      Maybe you could get B to come up in the summer months? It’s warm AND beautiful then!

      And thank you for your lovely comment! I too know that cheap sugar/coffee high too well :)

  4. What did I get up to on the weekend, you ask? Nothing compared to what you did, based on those photos! Captivating. I’m jealous.

    I too have all those albums, with the exception of the Rod Stewart one. He and I have never gotten along really. Oh, and by the way, “quo” on a triple letter score? Niiiiice.

    1. Might I suggest a fam jam on the Sunshine Coast? I think you all would love it :)

      I really, really love Rod Stewart, to the point where I don’t know how to properly explain myself. It’s definitely bizarre that one.

      That scrabble game was epic! Something like, 390 to 379. Also bizarre seeing as though we had just finished a bottle of wine :/

          1. It may be grown over, I just remember seeing a large rock face in the distance that had a hole in it. That was the old mines that ran under the mountain. It was once the town’s primary source of wealth, though that might have changed.

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