A peep through the curtains

Good morrow friends!

Well that weekend absolutely flew by.

M and I keep saying that one of these days we are going to have a laid back, solitary fin de semain – but until that day, we seem to just jam pack our Saturdays and Sundays with as much activity as humanly possible.

On Friday night I made a massive batch of mint pea soup, and parmesan toast and just barely managed break away from the beckoning comfort of my pajamas and the cozy heat of the fireplace, and instead ventured out into the rain to meet up with a bunch of M’s colleagues.

Two of them play in a ridiculously awesome surf band, so we enjoyed a drink (stout for M, white wine for me) and listened to the sweet sounds of what can only be described as a live rendition of a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack.

(Which, to be honest, is pretty the only way I can stand Tarantino – his music, or otherwise.)

The rest of the weekend was a blur of house hunting, runs in the rain, meet ups with friends, runs in the sun, pumpkin carving, shopping for birthday presents, family dinners, and a couple of episodes of Top Gear, just to keep things fresh.


At one point this weekend, conversation turned to bucket lists, and I began to ponder what events or achievements I may choose to populate my own list.

Without spending copious amounts of time thinking it over, I did come across three things that I would really like to achieve within the next year.

They include:

1.)    Dying my hair blonde. This was only further exacerbated by my friend Tracy’s e-mail which read:

Wow, imagine you a blondie!!! Doooo it! It would look so hot :) And it’s just fun to muck around with hair colour.

I cannot argue with this logic.

2.)    Run a half-marathon in under 1:30:00, a 10km in under 40:00, and just run a marathon PERIOD.

3.)    Send at least five separate pieces of writing to publications in the aim of getting them published.

It’s good to have goals right? And now that they are out here in the interwebs, there’s no going back. I expect all of you brilliant chaps to keep me to my word, okay?

No faffing around allowed.

In the interim, let’s have a dance why don’t we?

Aaaaaaaaand SNAPS:

Hallo pumpkins!
Paddington Bear coat.
Homemade pasta and garlic bread.
Sunday sky.
Amazing veggie burger.
Post-run badassery.
Adventure cat!

What did you cats get up to this weekend?

And what’s on your bucket list (yearly, or lifetime?)

And if you’re looking for a hair dying partner in crime, well then, I’m your gal.

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Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

19 thoughts on “A peep through the curtains”

  1. My weekend consisted of work, cake baking (so many birthdays!), and readying for Hurricane Sandy. Yours sounds like loads more fun!

      1. Just a few, but I am the official cake maker at work, lol. Miraculously we are unscathed by Sandy. Not so for our surrounding communities. It’s going to be a long haul for lots of folks!

  2. 1. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blonde, but I’m chicken. Do it!!!
    2. Adorable pumpkins…I carved one about two weeks ago, and then it got all fungus-y and imploded. Quite sad.
    3. Bucket lists…I’ve had one for many many years, and am slowly crossing things off. I like to have goals laid out plainly so you can see them and not forget. It’s like a giant to-do list.
    4. The food you make always looks so delicious! And it always makes me hungry. Off to the kitchen!


    1. Haha, I have to get my courage up too! Maybe we can challenge this goal together? Strength in numbers!!

      Thanks :) We carved them this Sunday so hopefully they can handle one more rain soaked day before we send them to the bin :)

      You are doing so incredibly well with your bucket list! I love reading about each time you cross something off.

      Happy Tuesdays Ms. L!

  3. Are you guys house hunting to buy or moving and still renting? That’s very exciting in either case!!

    I don’t know if I really keep a “bucket list” – I try to just do things when I want to do them and not let it take too long! haha. However, we have been having a grand ol’ time using this bucket list joke Dustin made up a little while ago:

    “A guy at work keeps talking about how it’s on his bucket list to head down to Bluff during oyster season.” And all variations related to putting shellfish into buckets! hahahaha…

    1. We own our townhouse, but we were just out on a reconnaissance mission, just to get a feel for what we could afford in the New West area if we ever thought about moving down the line (nothing set in stone as of now :) There certainly is a lot of variation out there, let me tell you…

      Ahhh, nothing better than a good bucket joke (as long as there aren’t any holes in them…) wah waaaaahhhhh.

      1. Oh, sorry I for some reason didn’t know that you owned there! Yes I hear the market is getting a little less crazy over there…? Or at least is slated to calm down slightly? I bet it’s interesting to see what types of places you can move to! Always fun to imagine the possibilities of a place :) Well, hopefully you got some good intel to make the mission a success!

        Haha, yep bucket jokes are highly underrated these days.

        1. No worries! Yep, for just over three years. We really love New West and were just scoping out the area a little bit :) The market here is always so nuts, I have to laugh anytime I read about it “softening”. But even a small drop will be appreciated!

  4. So many good, wonderful, beautiful things in this post!! Your bucket list is awesome – so very you and so very cool! Seriously, the timing for the 10k, dang woman! And you’ve got to love all those photos – you are gorgeous, without a doubt!! I’m nursing a pang of jealousy seeing that cozy fireplace, the amazing eats, the fun pumpkins, and your sweet kitty cat! So much good stuff, and I’m so glad you had a fantastic weekend!
    P.S. You WOULD look hot as a blondie.
    P.P.S. What’s this about house hunting? Are you guys starting the search??

    1. I want to sit with you, with a bottle of wine, a fire and gab until the night is long!! (We could probably get Nymeria to join us too!)

      We’ll see how I do come the race at the end of November…maybe I can get the 10k off the list right away?

      Haha, I need to get my courage up for the blond! It’ll be a spur of the moment thing I’m sure. :) As for the houses, we were just curious as to what was available looking much further down the line. We’re happy where we are for now. But window shopping can certainly be fun!

  5. 1. i’d hafta grow hair back! (but i’d like to get rid of it in the ears, the nostril hairs i could braid, make the eyebrow-fruitbats less fruitbattery, etc.)
    2. YOU WILL DO @ LEAST TWO OF THOSE: 1/2M under 90, 10k — should be imminently DEWABLE.
    3. you should have NO TROUBLE. bad writer azzeye-am, i had an “okay” year, with 2. (i’m counting the “letter to the editor” in the MountainGazette).
    4. sum day i’ll ask about the veggie burger, but do you axually make the pasta itself?

    1. Lol – hilarious! Once it’s grown back you can die it blond :) I certainly hope you are right about #2! I just have to get my courage up for #3 – once I start, hopefully it will be much easier going forward. And you’re a terrific writer (in my very humble, non-biased opinion :)

      That time I did (it was a bit of a process…) but normally I just use stuff I bought at the store. If I can I always try to get the fresh stuff!

  6. I have no idea how you managed to tear yourself away from pea soup to go out for drinks while it was raining! You are my hero. I wouldn’t have the will power to get out of my pajamas, period. And really, is that Paddington Bear coat the most adorable thing, or what! I want! Love the “badassery” run photo! You make me laugh, lady! :)

    1. I am so happy to bring the lols! And believe you me, I still look at it like a miracle of miracles that I managed to get out of the house that night. Talk about out of the ordinary. And thank you! The coat is my absolute fave – I cannot stop wearing it :)

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