The sky’s the limit

Hey chickadees.

I cannot believe that it is already Friday. The mind boggles.

I took this snap of the sunrise yesterday morning:

I seem to have developed a rather large obsession with the sky, in all of its variations, which has manifested itself in an insatiable need to take dozens and dozens of photos of everything from mid-day cloud cover, to startlingly brilliant sunsets.

But in all honesty, my favourite will always be the sorbet coloured striations that divide up the early morning, and patch together the early evening skies.


Fry-Up Time!

Tom Hanks.

So I watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time the other night and I have to say it wasn’t half bad.

Despite never really warming to Meg Ryan, I’ve always loved Tom Hanks – in particular 1980s/1990s Tom Hanks.

Sure, I haven’t been that a big fan of his work post-Y2K scare, but nothing will ever take away from the majesty of his early stuff.

(Except of course, for Joe vs. the Volcano. What broke acip trip was responsible for that hot mess?)

Erm, right. So what I’m trying to say here is that while I don’t go to see any of his newer stuff, I certainly do love to dip my toes in his more seasoned pool of material.

For instance, I always, always laugh my face off while watching The Burbs. Yes, I understand that this movie is completely daft and terrible, but nothing will ever stop me from falling over during the scene when the weirdo neighbours drive their garbage to the bottom of the driveway and anytime Mr. Hanks goes absolutely bonkers.

(Which is pretty much the entire film. See the below video for details.)

I will never stop laughing at pretty much every scene in Splash, I LOVE That Thing you Do (and still know every single word to that song), and A League of Their Own is, well, in a league of its own.

Remember kids: Avoid the clap.

It’s sound advice!

Anyways, I was thinking about ole’ Tom as the end credits to Sleepless were rolling, and I was trying to figure out what it is about this actor that I like so much.

M put forward the hypothesis that so many women (and dudes too) love Tom Hanks because he’s a normal human being. He’s not stereotypically “hot”; he’s not ripped, or suave, or an Adonis in human form.

He’s attainable.

Women (and men) can actually see themselves with him.

Men (and women) can see themselves being friends with him.

While I’ve never thought about Mr. Hanks this way, I can see his point.

However in my case, what really does it for me, is the fact that Tom is the absolute master of the hilarious angry yell.

Even when he’s pissed off, he’s bloody entertaining as heck. Seriously, check it out:

Ohhhhh, I die.


Elevated discourse.

So it’s no big surprise around here that I am massively in love with my cat and will pretty much do anything for her because of how nuts I am about her.

However, of late I’ve really started to notice just how barmy I sound when I talk to her.

(And just how barmy I sound even typing out those words.)

But it’s true. I’ll be walking around my house, jabbering on like a monkey in a tree, regaling Nymeria with details of my day, when I’ll just start telling her over and over again how beautiful she is.

Eventually I’ll transition to complimenting her on how good of a job she is doing of cleaning her paws, how awesome that last yawn of hers was, or how impressed I am that she jumped up on the windowsill with such grace and agility.

Sometimes I’ll just pick her up and do nothing save mutter “beauty cat” over and over and over again. (Sometimes for variation, I’ll make those words into some sort of three syllable nursery song.)

I’m seriously waiting for the day when she’ll turn, look at me and say, “Look lady, is it possible for you to stop talking to me like I’m some kind of simpleton?”

But until that day…

Ten kilometers go!

So I made the executive decision to sign up for the Fall Classic 10k race.

It’s on November 19th, so it’s bound to be raining, and freezing – but I think I have managed to coerce a number of my amazing pals to also run, so I am really looking forward to a massive post-race hang-out fest.

(Hopefully somewhere warm, and dry, where people won’t be turned off by our non-stop laughter.)

When I signed up to race, I had to enter my estimated finish time, as the two individuals with the closest guesses will win a New Balance prize pack.

I submitted a conservative forty-two minutes, but I’m hoping to run it faster than that. However, I don’t know how the rain or cold will affect my race, so I figured I would rather be safe than sorry.

My comedic genius of a friend Alannah just entered: I’m done when I’m done.


Also, I think she may have made herself an automatic shoe-in for the prize!

Humour and brains, folks.

Humour and brains.

(If I was a zombie, this is what I would put as my “ideal match” in the zombie classified ads.

So that’s all she wrote folks.

A very merry weekend to all of you fab chaps!

I hope it’s absolutely smashing.

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31 thoughts on “The sky’s the limit”

  1. 42: ?? well, if you plan to “jog” and also maintain a modicum of conversationability, oh-keh. however, (due in largePart to yer 92-for1/2M) i know yer capable of a bit faster. hmmm… say 39? Nterrrestingly enuff: “we” have our annual turkey PREDICT 6-mile on sat. 11/17. always interesting …

    1. LOL. I said it was a conservative estimate! You never know though…I will try to best it for sure :)

      Are you running in the turkey trot? What will the weather be like in CO around that time – snow? Icicles hanging from the beards of all the runners?

      1. 1st of all, i’ll spare you what could be a long short-story of my history with “turkey trots” and the local (w. Colo.) one in particular. we are “so big” that we have TWO! one is a ‘serious’ 5k which raises fund$ for the local fire-fighters and the other (original) is the “prediction” race. i’ve won turkeys frequently (e.g., in 2009 was TWO SECONDS off my prediction), but quite often get “skunked.”
        oh: one year there were, seriously, icicles on runner’s faces as a blizzard was concurrent, but it can be 50 – 60 (f) as well.
        two nights ago i was hiking in the first snow of our season (chronicled in the in-progress “dozeneye encounter the wombat cow-skull shrine”. hm. just like an indiana-jones sorta thing).

  2. I say pretty ridiculous things to my cats all the time. You’re in…well, not good, but company nonetheless.

    There is a show called Wilfred (I’ve only seen the American version which airs on FX in the States; not sure that exists in the Great (calling it White would be racist) North) where Elijah Wood is friends with a talking dog, the eponymous Wilfred, who is both real and a manifestation of his psychoses. The show is hilarious and except for the bits where Man and Dog get high together, it reminds me so much of my conversations with my dog; even down to the Australian accent (my dog is about a quarter dingo). I think it is probably a must see for anyone whose pets respond to them or just people with a slightly off sense of humor (both of which describe me).

    1. Bloody hilarious. I’ve actually heard great things about that show, and I do love me some Frodo Bagginses, so I should really check it out. I’m also glad to hear that I am not the only weirdo hanging about the joint, chatting up my pet. By the by, is your dog actually 1/4 dingo? If yes, that is pretty fab.

      1. I think I probably have the exact percentage wrong but he is half Aussie Cattle dog, which are a breed created by breeding various European shepherd dogs with dingoes. Something I haven’t yet mentioned on my blog (don’t really know how) is that my wife is pregnant; so I make a whole lot of jokes which are in very poor taste about how we will have to watch Orion when the kid is born.

          1. She thinks they’re funny too; but my Elder Brother and his girlfriend won’t let him near my eight month old nephew. Could be cause he is half pit bull and pit bulls get a super bad rep.

  3. I talk to my animals far too often – all of them, two cats, a dog, and a horse – and I’m pretty sure I sound crazy doing it. But they just have such personalities, it’s hard not to, you know?

  4. Oh my gosh, this post was hilarious! Had me smiling and laughing the whole way through.
    YES, Tom Hanks is the bomb. No doubt. For me it’s that he really is such a good actor: he’s believable, convincing, dynamic, and endearing all at once. Ever seen “Catch Me If You Can”? Love it, he’s brilliant. And his son, Collin Hanks, has won me over too.
    Lady, you are my hero for doing that 10k! Way to go and I’m so glad you found some amigos to run with and hang with post-race.
    And if I may be so bold, I’d like to answer that zombie ad, we’d be two peas in a pod, you and me. Hysterical!!
    Have a fab weekend and can’t wait to hear about the lovely adventures!

    1. Yes! Spot on. I really, really liked Catch Me If you Can. And of course Forrest Gump is one of my all time faves. I think you’ve described Mr. Hanks acting to a T. :) I haven’t seen too much of his son, but I’ve heard good things, especially from the season of Dexter that he starred in.

      And yes, please do respond! We can be two zombie peas on a zombie pod. :)

  5. I literally have hundreds of pictures of the sky in a folder on my desktop. I’m weird, I know. But, in mine and your defense, its something that so many people ignore, but can be one of the most magnificent things to witness. I should post them somehow…

  6. Interestingly enough, my husband, who barely speaks to anyone human, chats up the cat like he’s hosting a talk show.

    I love “A League of Their Own”. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I use the “There’s no crying in (fill in the blank)” ALL the time. LOL.


    I, too, recently watched this awesome movie. And then I watched You’ve Got Mail. I can’t believe you’ve never seen Sleepless!! It’s one of my favorites. I tend to watch all Tom Hanks old movies when I’m sick, when it gets cold, or when I’m without internet or on vacation. I’m so weird, but it works!

    1. Heck yes!! Tom Hanks movies are probably enjoyed at the very least 72.4% more on days when you’re feeling under the weather, or the temperature has dropped significantly. I too couldn’t really believe I had never seen it (even the man had seen it more than once!)

  8. I am a big fan of Big.

    I think we all like to think animals can understand what we’re saying. When we do our dog walking at the SPCA I’m always talking to these dogs even though they are strangers. I’m trying my best to be the alpha dog so they listen to me but can never avoid letting a few “aren’t you a pretty dog?” kind of comments slip. Which is funny because most of the things we say to pets would be pretty funny if we used the same approach with people! “Why yes I am a pretty dog, thank you for noticing.”

    1. You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Big. (I’m coming to realize that I missed out a few important childhood movies.)

      SPCA dogwalkers!! Seriously, best thing ever. I bet you get to spend time with some very cool pooches.

      “Why yes I am a pretty dog, thank you for noticing.” Laughing…so…hard…

      1. Oh boy you’ve got to get yourself to a video rental store! Er, just find a way to watch Big! Such a good one – you get to see Tom Hanks playing a 10 year old or 12 year old or something. Fun and cute!

        Yes there are lots of awesome dogs, last week a Lassie-twin that was so well trained! They come and they go though but we enjoy them while they’re there.

        1. Maybe I will see if they have it on Netflix…it’s pretty gross here today, we could put on the fire and watch it tonight!

          Oooer, Lassie dogs are one of my fave kind of pooches! So cute :)

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