We get those tongues wagging

Here are two conversations M and I had this weekend:

(P.S. I am still laughing)

[Scene One: Earls restaurant, patio. Saturday night, drinks and date night]

Me: You are a very good looking man.

M: [unintelligible gibberish]

Me: [laughing]

M/Me: [both continue laughing/trying to make each other laugh by making crazy faces]

Me: I’m trying to figure out what race you would belong to in Lord of the Rings. I used to always go with human – you’re a good shoe-in for Aragorn. But you also have quite a bit of hobbit in you. And elf. And dwarf.

M: What about orc?

Me. Yes, definitely orc. And uruk-hai.

M: Goblin?

Me: [thinking] Nah. Never goblin.

M: [nodding, playing with his wedding ring. Then, thinking to himself] Preeeeecccciiiooouussss….

Me: Oh goodness, of course. I have no idea how I didn’t think of that. You definitely, definitely have some Gollum in you too.

M: Hmmm…


Me: [pretending to be all nonchalant] So, um, what race do you think I belong to?

M: [not taking a beat] Sauron.

Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha…ohhhh noooooo….

M: Not what you were looking for?

Me: You know I wanted you to say elf.

M: I know.


M/Me: [continuous laughing]


[Scene Two: Driving home from restaurant. I cannot stop taking photos of the sky – the sky which I have been yammering on about all day long.]

Me: [taking a photo] ZOMG THE SKY IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

M: I know.

Me: The sun is SO huge, and the way the clouds are clustered that way is just magical. It seriously looks like the gateway to heaven.

M: It does look like heaven.

Me: I know I’ve been talking about it all day, but I honestly can’t get over how amazingly phenomenal this is. It literally takes my breath away. Even just looking at it is making me choke up…I really feel like I’m going to cry.

M: I have a feeling your period may be on its way.

Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha. [pause] That’s true.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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17 thoughts on “We get those tongues wagging”

  1. are you takin’ those sky/cloud pixures with … a camera or the camera feature on your (whuddooya callitt/them) –iPhone? device? all-purpose enslavement gadget? i ask as Betty and i are, of course, cave-people who probably will NEVER have a sophisticated ‘device’ and use our crummy little digital camera for whatever it is we do.
    re: ” . ” (period) — B and i yoosta say she was either in the semi-colon phase, or somes a comma ( ” , ” ) — NOT COMA. tho’ that’s not far off.

    1. I usually bring my camera with me whenever I go places on weekends – just a small digital. I would say that the majority of pics on the blog are from the camera with 1/4-1/3 taken with either mine or M’s cellphone. Ohhh technology.

      Lol! I love the semi-colon phone. And glad that you don’t mean coma!!

  2. “I have a feeling your period may be on its way.”
    LMAO! How true. I do the exact same thing – the last 24 hours before my period starts I go into emotional overdrive about EVERYTHING. Kids playing in the park, the night sky, two of my cats curled up washing one another (bwahhhh! They’re so sweet!), and so on…. and on! Mind you, I’ve always thought you had a touch of dark Lordette in your genetic makeup. It’s where the ranting comes from – I mean, can you imagine a High Elf raving about peanut shells on the stairs?

    1. ZOMG – Ms. Rann, I’ve missed you so! And I am so glad to hear that I have a partner in crazy emotional crime. LOVE IT. Also, it can be any day of the year EVER, and if I see two cats being adorable I am completely lost. And also smiling dogs – they kill me too.

      I am laughing re: dark lordette. You are completely right. I am much too bonkers and not nearly enough zen to be an elf. I’m much more of an Eowyn (or you know, Sauron) than Arwyn in the end!

  3. You guys are a really beautiful couple and you get eachother so much. I’m so happy for you that you have something so perfect with Mr. M. And that last one really cracked me up! I can totally relate, mind you I’m emotional enough at the best of times.

    1. Eep, just reading your comment is making me all misty! Haha, I am such a nutter. But thank you – this is such a lovely note.

      And yes, sisters with easily pulled heart strings all the way!

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