Bits and bites


This is a very true story about a magic worm.  His name was Wimmiin.

One day he fell into a toilet and drowned.  Being magic, he thought he would be able to swim, unlike most worms.

He was wrong.

He just drowned.


I slept in my bed last night. 

It was good. 

After my conversation with you I went for a long jog along the track.  Then I came home and went to my haircut and colour.  My hair is now very black. 

This could be good or black. 

I will wear my hair to the airport when I come to meet you. 

What colors of paint did you choose?  And did the blueberries go down well with the water, on the sand?  I find nothing tastes as good as oranges at half time, so I do not fully appreciate your blueberries.   I probably missed the first five minutes of our conversation this morning as my mind was not yet awake, but oh it is so nice to start the day off by having a nice chat with you. 

I have also started a story for you:

Once upon a time, a gargoyle found himself made flesh and pale in the rocky world. I will finish it for you when we go away; when we lie in that warm place.

I’ll whisper in the shell of your ear the sussurus of a life – like a river bed, like a whirlwind. 


Semi-reclined, this skin sobbing salt water
Arid air agitated and abrasive against
that tallowy tan


For fabulous dusk’s cool silence and,
Her thirty billion twinkling eyes

In a dream you waited to drink.
In that heat you shuddered
(alone and uncovered)
In my dream you rose up, and met me
Waiting, and impatient, at Gobi

Published by

Vanessa Woznow

Writer, runner, ranter, reader. I write about all things.

4 thoughts on “Bits and bites”

  1. so laura duzzint ‘understand’ poetry, but more Mportantlee, ah susspect that poetry understands her. (she did get “lovely mental images”, so ! )

    and dean ethyl: nobuddy kin accuse you of NOT bein’ Xpeeri(de)mental!

    1. This may be one of my favourite comments ever. Your first sentence is a poem in and out of itself!

      And you are completely correct. Of that I can never not be accused!

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