On a hot tin roof

Hello humans.

This is Nymeria writing to you today. My servant, or “Ethel” as she asks you to call her, is otherwise indisposed this afternoon, and as such is unable to write her usual Monday post.

Are any of you familiar with the term brain melt?

Symptoms associated with this affliction often include stress, loss of sleep, fits of unstoppable laughter, and a much hindered ability to just roll with life’s little punches. I’m sure she is exhibiting a myriad of other signs, but my vocabulary is limited, and my aggressive cuddling regime has already calmed many of them.

So don’t fret too much.

I’ve seen her like get like this many times before in the time that we’ve shared a home together, and I’m happy to report that she has always managed to recover – and quickly at that.

(Also, let’s hope that she remembers to feed me on time tonight. Last night she was late by at least six minutes! It if hadn’t been for my continuous, obnoxious mewling at the food cupboard door, I’m not sure if it would have ever happened.)

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

Things should be back to their regularly scheduled program soon enough.

Now if you excuse me, there is a chair I need fur up.

The sight of hair-free upholstery unnerves me. 

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Vanessa Woznow

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18 thoughts on “On a hot tin roof”

      1. I can’t tell if you mean you just googled the emoticon, or if you actually haven’t seen this – so it’s linked, just in case. And is also the thing I have said in my head EVERY time I see a really cute cat since first seeing that comic.

  1. Why hallo there my feline friend, do you happen to know about that cocoa mix Milo? You be a good kitty and tell Ethel that it works excellent with some evaporated milk, stir it up and you get a quick-fix homemade chocolate.
    I use it all the time, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Baskin-Robbins is her friend.
    Oh, and I hear removing hair from a certain domestic critter from the sofa (and whatever else they stick to) with that tape-thingy they roll around is very recuperative.
    Nice kitty :)

    (Ms.E, you are too funny! All the best:)

    1. All hail the tape-thingy! That, and our hoover are pretty much the only two things that keep us relatively hair free around these parts :)

      OMG Baskin-Robbins mint chocolate chip is basically my nectar of the gods. I could eat it until it ran out of my ears! And I never pass up a sweet new hot cocoa recipe.

      Thanks for the super lovely note Ms. D! You never, ever fail to bring a huge smile to my face. You are a light my friend!

      1. Mint chocolate chip, not that’s a flavour I haven’t tried … yet. We don’t have BR over here and I’ve only tried a few times before, that sucks big time.

        You’re welcome! Putting smiles on faces is one of my purposes in life and I don’t think you know how super happy am I that I was successful :D

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