Come on baby, strut your stuff

It was the Hyack festival and parade today in New West.

After completing our morning training session, M and I sat out on sixth street and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the different cultural and community groups that are alive and kicking in our little city.

I really love going to parades, but for some reason I always have a really hard time not crying while I watch all the different floats and parties go by.

(I understand that this is really strange.)

I’m not sure exactly what it is, and like I said, I am the first to confirm just how weird this affliction of mine may be – it’s just that every time I find myself lining a parade route – BAM!

Like clockwork, I choke right up.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I cannot ever see a procession of elderly war veterans without getting a huge lump in my throat.

I immediately start to think of my granddad, and that folks, that  just destroys me.

So you can imagine I was working extra hard to keep it together when these dudes walked by today:

I also have a HUGE thing for pipe bands, so the fact that I was treated to three different groups over the course of two hours – cor. I was happy as little Scottish clam.


No. 2

No. 3

Although, I have to say, nothing brings on the waterworks like the bagpipes.

I was a highland dancer for many, many years and nothing stirs my soul quite like ye olde cornemuse.

But I digress.

My favourite group was the Bangladeshi society who carried these absolutely beautiful bird puppets in their procession.

Check it:

I also met this guy:

The weather around these parts of late has been completely off the charts. I really, really hope it stays like this for a very long while.

All day today M and I bopped about our neighbourhood – walks down to the Quay for french fries (me) and beef brisket sandwiches (him); sushi down at the old Met hotel; wine and the NYT crossword out on our balcony; training runs in the park.

Oh, OH! I also bought a long (a little past knee length on me) forest green pleated skirt – actually, it is a skirt with a sheer pleated overlay – and believe me when I say that it is darling and a half.

I will wear it to work on Monday and be sure to take a snap to show off it’s gorgeosity (yes, I did make up that word, but I love it so moving on.)

I have been really quite stressed at work for the last little bit, and one giant project (it has been in the works since the beginning of February) is finally coming to a head at the end of next week. I cannot even begin to communicate how happy I will be to have closure on that part of my work year.

Today was a really nice way of putting my job on the back burner, if but for a little while. Though I cannot wait for the day when it will not even be on the stove (July baby, you are not coming quick enough!)

I hope you all have had a terrific first half of your weekend.

And that your stove tops remain clear of any employment related activities.

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11 thoughts on “Come on baby, strut your stuff”

  1. As I was perusing the photos (beautiful as usual) one by one, I got so excited to see the one of you and a bread-man! Soooo classic! :D
    Glad to hear you are closing in on the completion of a work project. Sounds like it is quite a feat! I find assignments hard enough at the moment with my attention span, let alone if I had serious work projects, haha.
    And in reply to your last comment- 6 days to go! But who’s counting…not me…even second of each day.

    1. Ooooeerr, I believe the day is here (almost) for you to fly away. How fabulous! Take many snaps please to share :)

      Haha, the bread guy cracked me the heck up. There were some really, REALLY random mascots in the parade and I tried to get a photo with them all.

  2. Oh man, I just can’t get enough of pipe bands. Something about their playing style is just too awesome. And you got to see some with your own eyes! Too jealous. Anyways, you’re not the only one. Speaking with veterans from wars past, it’s amazing to know what they gave in their nation’s time of need and hearing it from their own mouths. I once had the honor of speaking to a WWII bomber that dropped the final bombs on the Gestappo and Schutzstaffel HQ’s in Berlin. It was amazing to actually talk to someone that lived it.

    Anyways, don’t get too stressed!

    1. Thanks my good man! I’m trying to keep everything in perspective.

      I totally know exactly what you are talking about. The bagpipes are so hauntingly beautiful I really find it hard not to shed a tear or two whenever I hear them.

      My granddad stormed Juno on D-Day and it always gives me pause whenever I think about what he must have witnessed on that day.

      Moving stuff!

      1. Haha, no problem! It’s good to see things from another angle at times. That’s pretty sweet stuff. Props to your Gramps for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow in that kind of example, going into the AF. Great post as usual!

  3. so THAT’s hooittwuzz (the bread man). i wuzz in mexico once (well, just once, when) the BIMBO (bread) man was out. he (she?) would-a hadda harder time up, say, in the middull of the USofA prancing about.

  4. The Scottish Highland Games were at Hovander Park over the weekend and I took my youngest bro for his birthday. Was totally thinking of you when I watched some of the highland dancers!! Wondered if you had made it down for a visit but it’s a bit of a trek. :)

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