At the speed of light

Do you remember that Madonna song – Ray of Light? You know, from the 90s?

It had the lyrics:

Faster than the speeding light she’s flying
Trying to remember where it all began –

Now, normally I’m not one to go around quoting the Big M, but this – this pretty much sums up my life at the moment.

(Except I’m pretty sure the girl she’s singing about is happy about her ride, whereas I am blinkin’ excited to get the heck get off mine.)

I’m feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and completely creatively zonked.

I am also pretty sure that I am now part human, part almond butter, because that stuff has become my life force extraordinaire over the past few weeks. I’ve been eating it like a eating thing.

(And yet somehow I’m still as white as I ever was. What a raw deal!)


Add in the fact that M and I are still trying to complete our compulsory Tough Mudder training, and I’m basically a walking zombie that has been shot with insane amounts of adrenaline and caffeine to keep her momentum going.

Thank goodness for all my amazing co-workers – J, L, A and S – seriously, these ladies are pretty much the coolest dudettes a girl could ever ask for.

(If it wasn’t for them I would probably have taken off for the wilds of the BC forests long, long ago.)

And there are lights at the end of this bleak-sauce tunnel! Like I said, after this week I will be down one major project (and only have to deal with the tail end of another.)

In other thank-goodness-this-alone-is-keeping-me-semi-sane news, M and I are putting the finishing touches on our travel plans for the end of June. We will be heading down the Oregon Coast for some sweet, sweet anniversary camping times, and going to see Henry V at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.

This will be my state of mind once I am on vacation.

We are more than a little excited.

We are the most excited.

(It seems as though I cannot write too much more on the subject because when I get this excited I waste much of my precious energy resources on being excited, and not, you know, on other more pressing – but nowhere nearly as brilliant – ventures.)

So what’s shaking in your neck of the woods friends?  And how do you deal with insane work commitments?  Your tips and tricks are always appreciated around these parts.

p.s. I’m sorry I’ve been such a crap blogger-gal, not visiting your rad spaces and responding to comments. I’ll be much better in the next couple of weeks once I am human again.

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14 thoughts on “At the speed of light”

  1. Good luck on your race! Also, Ashland is fantastic. I saw Richard II there when I was sixteen and it was quite satisfying, particularly for a play that doesn’t get a lot of…play.

    1. Richard II! I love it. I have been to the festival twice before, but we’re talking like nine and twelve years ago. It will be wonderful to go back.

      Thanks Ms. Oolalang! (Seriously, your name is sweet as heck. It always brings a smile to my face!)

    1. This is probably the best comment I have ever read. Bloody hilarious. Have fun, and don’t get arrested!

      And remember: Stan Lee insulted me. But in bizarro world, it means he likes me…

  2. Alcohhol! That’s how I deal :)
    It used to be shopping but I can’t do that anymore!
    Seriously, making the time for a walk or some kind of exercise helps to clear the brain and allows the log jamb of work c*&p to flow.
    Hang in there!

    1. BRING ON THE WINE CASKETS! I am seriously looking forward to my porch and a crisp vino verde come Sunday. It will be glorious.

      Thanks Ms. L! I’ll make it :)

  3. Yo Eth. Take a breath for crissakes! Sorry you are stressed but happy to hear you have a nice vacay to look forward to. When’s the mudder? I know you’ve been running a bunch, but what else are you doing? And who Or what was that bread looking thing in your last post (or the one before that)? Is that an “oh Canada” thing? :)

    1. The bread thing – who knows that the heck was going on there! It probably was just a really random supermarket float in that parade (which perhaps IS a Canadian thing? I’m unsure…) Anywho, it totally cracked me up so I just had to get a photo with him.

      I’m much mellowed out – I mean, after tomorrow it will all be over one way or another sooooo, let’s make the most of it and have a great time! And then, come Sunday, relaxation central.

      Mudder is June 23 – so soon! So excited! I’ve been doing a ton of strength training – pushups, pullups, monkey bars, burpees, free weights, all that awful, awful stuff. But like Buckleys, it works!

  4. NO! No, your state of mind is all wrong! Don’t you know what happens to people who say “I am a leaf on the wind”??? BAD THINGS. VERY BAD.

  5. I’m impressed that you’ve still kept up the blog with how busy you are at work and then with TM training! Lady, you rock! I’ve been behind too, it feels like another hit to the social life, doesn’t it? Anyway, so excited for you to be done with the crazy work projects and on to fun summer plans!! Hugs!

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