Stock Footage

Hey you beauty cats –

I hope your Saturday and Sunday were lemon scented, and awash in sunshine.

Here are a few snaps from the boogie-fest that has been underway in our neck of the woods:


Spinach salad with fresh chèvre, blackberries, red onion, satsuma, and chopped walnuts. Vinaigrette.

Hail storm.

Hail the size of pennies. Thunder and lightening just off of our porch.


Staring contest + pine mustache.

Super moon.

Normally in our household, “super moon” means something else.

Dog friends.

Rosie and Frank.


Stepping into the unknown. Or my courtyard. (One and the same.)

Cat, redux.

Dragon cat.

Weekends just seem to fly by! But seeing as though I seemed to have blinked somewhere in mid-February and here we are the start of May, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated phenomenon.

The next month is going to be absolute madness in terms of work and other commitments, but as soon as we get into the meat of June, Mr. M and I can look forward to some adventuring of our own.

We have some pretty nifty ideas for both July and August – it’s just a matter of finding the time to sit down and plan things out.

I am so, so excited.

What did you all get up to this weekend? Any travel plans on the table?

I want to hear about all about them.

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25 thoughts on “Stock Footage”

  1. I know what you mean, time is flying by! In 33 days (not that I’m counting) I’ll be back in the arms of my fiance again, flying to the States, though only for 2 weeks, but it has come around so quickly! I can’t believe how much I have left to do and how quickly time is passing by! I am getting married next year and I know I won’t be prepared when it comes around because it will be here so quick. I hope you share some of those nifty July/August ideas ;)

    1. 33 days – so soon! You must be so excited :) Where are you two getting hitched next year? And don’t worry about it! In the planning stages everything seems like it’s all so much, but by the time you get to the big day everything is pretty much taken care of. You just need to concentrate of having a blast!

      And I will definitely be sharing the plans as they come together, I promise!

      1. April 2013! Rex had the date in mind when he proposed – I quite stupidly asked “why the 15th of April 2013?”, he replied “that’s the date we met” whoops! But he’s good with dates, I never have been ;)

        It will be the most awesome fun, and I definitely want to share more of my ideas and plans – there are so many things on my to do list that I need to actually DO them already – and then of course, blog about it lol!

  2. Love that last photo of the cat. He(?) really does look like a dragon! A really cuddly one. That appears to be threatening to tear my face off if I do even think about cuddling him(?).

    My weekend:

    1. Sunburn.
    2. Books!
    3. Hail here as well. WTF, spring?
    4. Can’t talk. Books.

    1. She – Nymeria. And she’s definitely a bit of a fighter! She’s fiercely protective of her turf, so everyone needs to bow to her will, or face the consequences. I’m madly in love with her though, so she gets away with way too much.

      Sunburn – oooh! Aloe, aloe, aloe. But at least the sun is here!

      The hail storm was amazing! Totally crazy cool.

      Glad you’re enjoying all your sweet reads :)

  3. I can’t wait to hear more about your summer plans! Yeah it’s starting to seem like time is passing faster and May has snuck up on us.

    My weekend included watching rugby (go the canes!), training for a volunteer position I’ve started, playing golf with some stunning scenery and then napping from being out golfing in the sun!

    Now for the week ahead! (Well Monday is winding down, some thai curry for dinner soon…)

    1. Mmmmm, thai curry. Yum!

      What’s the volunteer position all about? Ooer, I would love to watch some rubgy! (Or is it would I love to watch some men play rugby? Hah!)

      Sounds like a lovely weekend and have a great start to a new week!

  4. Wow, great post!
    In order:
    Spinach salad with fresh chèvre, blackberries, red onion, satsuma, and chopped walnuts. With vinaigrette. Looks beautiful, bet it tasted great too. have made a note to defrost some blackberries I’ve had in the freezer since… agh, about 2008…
    Hail! I know, Spring, WTF! LOL
    Cat in denial. “I. Do. Not. Have. A. Pine. Needle. Stuck. To. My. Nose.” LOL
    Lovely saturated colours on the super moon photo. Just grateful there are no shots of what it usually means!
    Rosie and Frank… so cute! (Frank’s the one with the moustache and the bandana, right?)
    And there’s you, rockin’ the lime green thing again. And mmm, lovely sunshine!
    Your cat really does have that dragon-sleeping-on-hoard thing going on there, doesn’t he? “Touch not the cat…”

    My weekend… uhhh, let’s see: As you saw from my last blog post on Friday, I’d picked up a load of fence rails because we needed to re-fence a small piece of woodland on my friend’s farm on Saturday. What a day! The worst bit about re-fencing is having to dismantle and remove the old fence first. So loads of wrenching out ancient rusted staples with my fencing pliers, levering at ancient rusty nails only to have them shear off and have to be whacked into the post. Wrestling with ridiculous lengths of pig-netting and barbed wire (always a pleasure and I have the scars to prove it). And then re-setting any posts that could be salvaged, or knocking in new ones. Top rails on – easy peasy – then a veritable ouch-fest of my least favourite bit, where Rob the Strongman hauls the pig-netting taut and I have to bang in staples to hold it in place on each post.Three or four to each post. Add to that the fact that staples are the Devil’s work and refuse to co-operate in being hammered in; add to that the fact that we only had the staples that we’d just salvaged from the old fence, so they were even less co-operative than usual; I was quite impressed that I only hit my thumb twice, actually.
    Indescribably tired by the end of the day.
    Sunday morning… washed my horse. Yes, I know. Someone’s coming to see him with a view to buy, and he had a winter’s worth of mud on him. So I brushed him, then warmed up some water and started sponging, then put whitening stuff in his mane and tail (he’s a Haflinger, palomino, so his mane is supposed to be creamy-white, not greenish-brown). I really failed in the popularity contest when I started rinsing the stuff off him! Deeply, deeply unimpressed, especially when I had to pour jugfuls of water over his head and face to rinse his forelock!
    Then last night, as a belated 21st birthday treat for my eldest DD, we went to a swanky pizza joint then to the cinema to see ‘The Avengers’ – wahoo! Great movie! Great pizza too.
    And crawled into bed and read a chapter of ‘Death Game’ by Jo Graham, the Stargate Atlantis tie-in book I’m currently reading on my Kindle.
    And slept.

    1. Dudette! “Touch not the cat bot a glove” is on my family’s crest! Yowza! As kids we used to kill ourselves laughing, trying to figure out that the heck it meant. Too cool!

      The salad was super tasty; the hail insane (but super cool!); haha, no, no flashing shots for the blog – I try to keep it PG around these parts; yes, Frank is the one with the bandana – these dudes pretty much melted my heart; and my kitty is the queen dragon! She will protect her turf to the death…

      Holy smokes, your weekend was crazy busy! And no doubt super tiring. You’re crazy inspiring though – if M ever asks me to help with some manual labour around the house or up at his parent’s cabin, I’m just going to think of you and give ‘er! Oooer, I must go see the Avengers this week – I keep hearing such grand things.

      Glad you had a fab night with your kiddy! And hope the start of you week is just swell too :)

      1. Oh wow, that ‘touch not the cat bot a glove’ thing was precisely what I had in mind, but I left off the ‘bot a glove’ bit ‘cos I wasn’t sure if it would make any sense!
        So you’re a McPherson! Here’s a handy explanation if you didn’t ever find out:
        “Motto: Touch not the cat bot a glove. ‘Bot’ means without. The ‘glove’ of a wildcat is the pad. If the cat is ‘ungloved’, its claws are unsheathed. The motto serves as a warning that one should beware when the wildcat’s claws are ‘without a glove’. It is a reference to the historically violent nature of the clan and serves as a metaphorical warning to other clans that they should think twice before interfering with Macpherson business.”
        ‘A reference to the historically violent nature of the clan’ LOL yeah, you’re a McPherson! Not just a beauty cat, but a wildcat too!

        1. We’re actually clan Gillis, which is a sept of MacPherson (goodness know there are enough MacPhersons and MacIntosh’ in my family too!) so we have the same coat of arms and motto.

          I remember when my mom sat us down and told us what it actually meant, we were a little disappointed – not sure why, I guess we just assumed it would be something absolutely crazy! I loved learning about all of that stuff though :) When I highland danced, my kilt was made with the dress Gillis. Boy did I ever love that outfit.

          We certainly are all wild/beauty cats in this fam!!

  5. Amazing, beautiful pictures! I saw a bad movie, which you already knew, went to my kids’ soccer games, and to a theme park. Busy, busy and left with a touch of a cold. Mondays…

  6. My weekend was less than spectacular, unfortunately, but I love that you’ll be planning your summer getaways with the Mister soon. That’s something I think I will copy…give me something to look forward to!

  7. you said: Touch not the cat bot a glove” is on my family’s crest!
    yoove gawt 2 B kidding. same here. one of the branches of the famblingrambling shrubbery is MacIntosh.

    i had to werk some of satyrday, but helped my wife buy a ROAD bike on Friday. uh… yardwerk azz yoozual.

    i like the turtley salad forks. we had card-playing frenz over for dinner sat. p.m.
    we went above the Colorawdough Nashunull Monument yestidday and she road (muontain, not road) bike and i jorgulated, and the dawgs (ah spoze) had fun. you might like a pixure of a cat on an inuk-thingie, and i don’t think one would have to be lost in my blorg for very long .
    c ya —

    1. Holy smokes! That’s so freakin cool! It’s always good to meet long lost relatives :) We are Gillis’ and I have many, MANY MacIntosh cousins!

      Glad you and your wife had a nice weekend – hopefully as the weather warms up there will be more chances to try out that new bike!

      1. tell me more about the saying: my mom proudly showed all of us A PIN, or a BROOCH (more like it, eh?) with that very thang. and i figgered it wuzz ’cause we were MacIntoshes. so… you wrote that phrase — is/was it a MacIn thing? or some other branch?

        1. Touch not the cat bot a glove. ‘Bot’ means without. The ‘glove’ of a wildcat is the pad. If the cat is ‘ungloved’, its claws are unsheathed. The motto serves as a warning that one should beware when the wildcat’s claws are ‘without a glove’. It is a reference to the historically violent nature of the clan and serves as a metaphorical warning to other clans that they should think twice before interfering with Macpherson/MacIntosh/Gillis business.”

  8. Love the photos! Sounds like you and Mr M had a most excellent weekend. The dragon cat pic is awesome – definitely has a Smaug feel to it, if Smaug was cute and fluffy. :)

    I got in tons of lovely time with the lady friends this weekend in addition to the run and packing. It was fantastic!

  9. Thanks…my weekend was just lovely. Love Love Love the teak turtle salad servers. Oh my!

    1. Aren’t they awesome? I love them too. They were a wedding gift – as a reminder that the only witness to our engagement was a giant sea turtle, just basking in the sand!

  10. Aww Nymeria looks so adorable in the pics! Love the pine’stache ^_^
    Btw, you always have such cool fashion sense in all your photos- it makes me wanna go shopping for new clothes!

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